Weight loss

  1. Hi everyone this is kind of nursing related. I have recently started a weight loss program. I was wondering if anyone would like to join me . Maybe some of you are already doing it and need a buddy. I thought I or someone else could post on the just converstation bb, say once a week? I am doing a high protein diet, so far I have lost 7 pounds. It has been 9 days since I started. I do aerobics for one hour every day. I have only missed one day so far. My weight is my business for now. I just thought I'd ask. Like I said I want this to go to the off topic bb as it really isn't nursing related. I will try and check on the weekend and I think a good day to post the post will be on Sun or Mon.
    Any Takers?
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  3. by   Hooligan
    Hey Rhona...I just pm'd you about this
  4. by   JillyT
    hey rhona ! i'm not enrolled in a program, however, i belong to a gym and have been doing slimfast. it would help me to have a support group though and someone to report to. cuz i need a spankin when i'm a bad girl! :chuckle
  5. by   RNIAM
    great one is better than none!
    Whoever gets to the Off Topic bb first on Monday please start a post. or anytime you need a kick. I will be sure to get my boots ready!!
  6. by   subec
    I'm in. I think a buddy system is a great idea.
  7. by   JillyT
    Sounds great!! Thanks for the suggestion
  8. by   kittyw
    Oh yea Rhona I'm in!! I'm on a diet too ... lost 9 lbs so far!!!

    Hate to say how many more to go!! :imbar
  9. by   JillyT
    Here I am already munchin on carrots instead of those cookies my roomie has. WILLPOWER!
  10. by   Lausana
    I'm game Rhona! But I probably won't be able to start til next week...My moving date was moved up to this weekend But accountability sure does help!!

    I'll check with you guys next week

    (and how much I need to lose, will be my secret for now :roll )
  11. by   babynursewannab

    Slimfast and gym here too! In fact I'm enjoying a delicious strawberry shake as I type!

    I'm there.

  12. by   JillyT

    Haven't tried the Strawberry -- afraid of the "fiber" taste. Glad to know it's yummy, I'll have to give it a try. I usually stick to the Milk Chocolate or Chocolate Royale.

  13. by   lindagio
    I am in. I have been doing slim fast. Chocolate and the Banana are the best. I am trying to go to the gym everyday but usually only get there once or twice aweek. Muscle is the best way to lose fat so I need to get working on the gym thing. School usually consumes most of my time. BUT now I am ready to study for the NCLEX so I will have plenty of time. Hopefully the gym will help calm me down a bit. It is great for any stressful events. I am also taking the metabolife. This stuff takes about a week to kick in but it decreases my apetite and gives me more energy.
  14. by   USA987
    Great going girls on the weight loss. I've lost 45.5 lbs. since last year. I lost the first 25 just trying to eat healthier and walk. In May I joined Weight Watchers and I've lost 20.5 more....only 20 more to go!!!

    I've really made a firm commitment to exercise...especially being in school...and good 45 min. brisk walk is a huge stress reliever!!!
    Have a good day,