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I am a senior nursing student in Ga. Hopoing for my associates degree in May. I will continue my educatin to get my Family nurse practitioner. I have 2 boys 3 and 7.

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  1. lindagio

    IV therapy

    I am confused. I am a new grad and asked the question of " How can you tell if a patient is getting too much IVF?" I know it goes by kg. I tried to look this up and had no luck. I believe it is for a bolus 5cc/kg and for maintenance something like 3cc/kg. I asked my preceptors and nobody knew the exact formula. they said they can tell if it is too much but they do not know the exact formula. Can anybody please help me. I don't want ot be an ignorant pediatric nurse ,considering IVF is the most common intervention.
  2. lindagio

    DRG Stethoscope?

    Where can you buy a DRG scope? I am a new grad and I am not sure what scope to use. I was told alot of them like to walk away especially if it is a nice one but this scope sounds great . I work in a pediatric observation unit.
  3. lindagio

    Critical Thinking: need help

    The NCLEX books are excellent. It took me 2 semesters to get used to critical thinking. I always said if I knew what I know now I would have done alot better. Don't overanalyze the quesstion or add stuff that is not in the question. I found the Kaplan book great to help with test taking skills. Best wishes
  4. lindagio

    Say a prayer for me

    Thank- you all for the prayers. I PASSED !!!! I am so excited. Keep the faith. God Bless. remember things always happen for a reason and I am meant to be nurse YEAH.
  5. lindagio

    Say a prayer for me

    ok I know you are all tired of hearing this BUT, I take my NCLEX on Wednesday the 18th of September and I would appreciate any prayers said for my knowledge and sanity while taking the exam. I am going stir carazy waiting. I study all the time even when I say I am not going to I always lean towards the books. I plan to go with confidance but I can always use a few extra prayers. The good lord helped me all through nursing school and I have faith he will guide me throughout my career. I always believe things happen for a reason, We might not know why at the moment but they do happen according to GOD's will. Thank - you all for some great conversations, I find some to be real enriching.
  6. lindagio

    Camp Nursing In Retrospect

    I think I would do camp nursing just for my boys to enjoy a good camp while I actually earn a paycheck.I am a recent grad and need to get my feet wet. I want to try school nursing along with camp nursing. I know th money will really stink but the experience might be worth it. Did you actually get time off or was all your time consumed withthe campers?
  7. lindagio

    Status of the ATT- part 2

    How long did it take for you to get the ATT after you found out your state recieved your transcripts? i am going stir crazy waiting for my ATT.
  8. lindagio

    Best Study Tips Please!

    I used to always read a chapter, go back and outlkine , then form there take notes from the underlines protion. My calsses had objectives but I might as well rewrite the entire chapter and then some with those objectives. If your objectives to the class are not 4 pages long and repeating stuff over and over again, than I highly recommend taking notes from them. It is definately not easy. It took me two semesters to get use to nursing exams. Critical thinking and all. Good luck
  9. lindagio

    "C" Students

    Well, I actually got mostly "C's" in nursing school. Our average was 75 whichwas considered a C. I recieved two clinical exellence rewards while in school and I was also the president of my student nurse association. I don't know why Ialways got a C but I found it to be an enriching experience because I learned from my mistakes on exams. I am definately a hands on learner. I also have two children 5and 7 and a husband that was somewhat supportive but not always. Throughout my core classes I maintained a 3.5 GPA but nursing school dropped it down. My last semester I did get 2 B's so I think I finally grasped how to take nursing exams and I am waiting to take the NCLEX, which brings another topic as to everyone needs to pass the same exam so they must be compitant enough to practice.
  10. lindagio

    Impact in ED of hospitals closing psych beds

    While in school I had clinical in an ER in Georgia. I was surprised to see how the staff and physicians reacted to psych pt's. The doctor was freaking out and wanted the patient out of the ER ASAP. Control was a major problem. Not many nurses felt comfortable working with them. It is not a quick fix except with Haldol temporarily. I am talking about Schitzophrenia and Bipolar patients. The ER sees many psych patinets but minor ones. We had an aggressive schitzo patient that scared everyone. I think your state needs to make sure ER nurses are well qualified to deal with aggressive sitiuations and therapeutic communication.
  11. lindagio

    Eat, sleep, breathe nursing program???

    I just recently graduated. The best advice someone gave me and I would love to pass on is to consider school a 9-5 job mon-fri and spend the rest of the time with family and for yourself. I did great in nursing school and stood by this rule. If i got out of clinical early or had no class I would spend that time studying in the library. I always went to the library because it was easier not to be distracted from kids and husband. Best wishes let me know if you need any help.
  12. lindagio

    Weight loss

    I am in. I have been doing slim fast. Chocolate and the Banana are the best. I am trying to go to the gym everyday but usually only get there once or twice aweek. Muscle is the best way to lose fat so I need to get working on the gym thing. School usually consumes most of my time. BUT now I am ready to study for the NCLEX so I will have plenty of time. Hopefully the gym will help calm me down a bit. It is great for any stressful events. I am also taking the metabolife. This stuff takes about a week to kick in but it decreases my apetite and gives me more energy.
  13. lindagio

    Pay Scale

    In georgia as a new graduate specializing in pediatrics the pay is 18.64 an hour plus $5 more an hour for weekends and I am not too sure about how much more the shift differencial is. The average starting salary is $18 an hour. I hope I can get more eventually. How about Massachusetts? Does anyone know about their pay scale. My sister in law is telling me about 10 thousand dollar sign on bonuses and 24 dollars an hour to start. I know they are unionized there. Is there a big differnce with unions? Georgia does not have a nurse union. I am unfamiliar with unions. Canada sounds good.
  14. I know Georgia Perimeter College is the cheapest in Atlanta. I was able to get through school without many loans. The most i paid in tuition was 540 dollars. I am an instate student but from what I understand the tuition is still cheap. Give them a try. I know Emory is way expensive that is why I did not attend there. You can easily bridge rn to BSN or even RN to MSN at Emory. Best wishes. Also try going to the NSNA web site for other colleges. I am unsure of the website I believe it is nsnsa.org. Good Luck
  15. lindagio

    What is the real difference between ASN and BSN???

    I believe ADN programs recieve more clinical experience. I went to an ADN( graduating in 2 weeks) We take the same board. I never understood the major discrpancy between the two. I plan to work a year and do the RN to Masters program. I will skip over the BSN. I need more core classes.
  16. lindagio

    Help! psychology rotations

    I just finished my psych rotation. I found it mentally draining. Not physical. The first day I actually had to go home and sleep which I never do. I survived. Alot of the patients have schizpphrenia or depression The Bipolar patients can be interesting and fun to talk to and do papers about. One strong suggestion is: If you have a nursing process paper to do on a patient. Ask their permission before you start asking questions. My nursing process paper was the worst part of my clinical experience. Most of the part I found my psych rotation difficult because you are not working with patients stuck in their rooms and doing assessments can be more difficult. It is fun to attend group therapy if they have some available. The psych unit I was on was not therapeutic. The patients basically watched TV and read old books all day with far and few group meetings. I would be more depressed in this unit. Good luck it is not that bad. I am sure your instructor will not put you in any harm.