Night shifters who flip

  1. On the day before your first night, do you try to take a nap? I have tried this, but can not fall asleep! This means I just stay awake for 24 hours, then come home and sleep during the day. Any tips or tricks? I would love to get a solid nap before my first shift, but so far it's a no go!
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  3. by   WSU_Ally_RN
    I don't flip shifts at work, I am straight nights, but I do flip to a "normal" schedule on my days off. What works for me, as I have no kids or family to worry about, is that the night before my first night, I try to stay up as late as possible. I get up around 5am the morning of my first night, then go back to bed around 10 or 11 and sleep till 4 when I would normally get up. I don't always sleep that long, or well, but I usually feel well rested enough to get me through my first night.
  4. by   beeker
    I work nights, I can't flip or I am a mess for a week or two following. Trying to take a day off to go to a wedding or anything is awful, I can't enjoy it and then I suffer after. I am starting to feel like a recluse trapped inside at night alone and bored.
  5. by   NightOwl0624
    I work nights and do flip back and forth. Naps don't work for me... I try to stay up late and then sleep into the day as much as possible, usually 12 or 1 pm. I love sleeping in, but I'm still staying up about 18-19 hours by the time the shift ends.
  6. by   johnny depp23
    Ya just gotta tell ya internal clock who's boss if ya know whatta mean. Am I right fellas?
  7. by   Lovelymo79
    That first night is the hardest. I usually sleep in to around 10am and then try to lay down around 3pm. I'm usually not sleepy enough for a nap but I do force myself to lay down. After the first night, I'm back on my night schedule. I also sleep "normal" hours when I'm off.
  8. by   R!XTER
    I work 3 nights/week so I like to be awake and functioning on my days off. What has worked for me is sleeping late (11-12) the day before my first night on. Then It's not a full 24hrs awake. I like to work my 3 shifts back to back, and then the day after my last shift, I try to only sleep about 4 hours, So I am still able to have a day, but by night time I am tired enough to sleep at a normal time and get back on a day schedule. It's taken me a while, but I've finally figured out that this is what works for me. Good luck!!
  9. by   DreamyEyes
    I work anywhere from 4-5 shifts a week on 11-7.

    If I get out of work and I'm off that night, I'll only sleep until 12 or 1 and then get up and go back to bed that night.. usually before 2 am and get up the next morning. When I have to go back the next night, I take a nap before I go in. Usually I'll lay down around 7 or 8 pm and sleep a couple hours. It works for me, but everyone's different. Listen to your body.

    Some of my coworkers, when they get off of work and they're off that night, they just stay up all day long and go to bed at night. I cannot do that.. I've tried that, but I'm so exhausted and cranky, even if I take a mid-afternoon nap.