How many of us recently given up caffeine and drink mainly water now.

  1. I know this is a little off topic but in another way I might be going the withdraws for the first couple of weeks of the new upcoming semester.

    I am ready to give up the soda pop. Probably the main reason why I gained nearly 20 pounds in a 9 month time frame besides fast food. I was seriously thinking about going cold turkey starting today. However, my biggest concern is the withdraws and fatigue associated with it. Has anyone here recently given up the habit cold turkey if so how long did you go through withdraws and the fatigue . I should have been thinking about this when school ended last semester. Does anyone have any success stories. I usually have one cup of coffee every morning and about 2-3 12oz-20oz size pops a day. So far today I only had a cup of coffee and that is pretty good for me so far today and I had 16 oz of water so far, which is also pretty good because I usually don't drink any water at all. I can't put this off any longer.
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  3. by   KristaB
    I'm down to one caffeinated beverage a day (down from 5-6). I wouldn't recommend going cold turkey -- the headaches and fatigue are atrocious! I cut back slowly, taking one out about every 4 days and replaced that beverage with water.

  4. by   StudentSandra
    about 4-5 months ago i gave up caffiene. i knew i should drink more water, i just never did. one day i just stopped drinking coffee, diet coke, or tea and made myself drink water. i can't believe i did it, but about 2 months ago, i went back to having a couple cups of coffee, but only first thing in the morning. i find that if i have anything carbonated i get real bloated. also since switching to mainly water, my feet quit swelling.
  5. by   GPatty
    WHEW!!! Thanks for the kick in the pants! I started to drink more water, but I'm afraid I don't do very well. But at least I know I'm not the only one who suffers this delimma!
    I'm going to work on more water starting today! Right now as a matter of fact! I'll go get a glass!
  6. by   carlalogan
    Hi! I agree with the person above that you need to wean yourself every few days until you are down to zero. Cold Turkey is rough...i remember I did it last semester and then ended up with the worst migraine in lab...cannot remember what we did that day! I've since tried to keep it down to one or two pepsi's a day but it is hard when that test comes rolling by and you need to do an allnighter Good luck to you-you will feel better eventually once you get through the first couple of weeks.
  7. by   annies
    I've always heard you need to drink twice as much water as the caffeinated beverages you drink. When I decided to give up caffeine I would drink the 2 glasses of water first, before allowing myself the coke or tea or coffee. I rarely made it to the coke, tea or coffee. I had a headache the third day after I stopped the caeffine, not debilitating enough for an aspirin, but annoying enough to b****.

    I really believe the added water helped my ability to concentrate. I also dropped a few pounds and noticed my energy level went up. I'd like to say I continued to abstain, but I really have a hard time turning down an iced tea in the summer. If I drink coke though it is decaffienated
  8. by   essarge
    Yep, drink only 2 cups of coffee in the morning and then on to water for the rest of the day (room temp, deer park spring water). Great for carrying around to classes and on campus too!
  9. by   pkmom
    tea has always been my stress manager, but since college, i started turning to sodas more. My hubby freaks out if I drink three sodas a week (he's scared I'll get breast cancer or something). I would recommend coming off the drink slowly. I have a friend who quite cold turkey sucessfully though. Good luck. That two glasses of water before a soda idea sounds good. I did that one day and felt oh so good about my willpower!
  10. by   old-master
    I went to one coke a day, and drink 2 liters a day of water. I felt better when I did that, however I suffered no cold-turkey withdraws! To replace the need for the caff, my Aikido master got me hooked on green tea and honey!
    old-master has spoken......
  11. by   MRed94
    Must be why I am so bi**hy....I haven't given up the caffeine, I have upped it by about a gallon....... nuts.

    Can't give up smoking and the caffeine at the same time.....

  12. by   semstr
    one cup of caffee, two glasses of water.
    Only drink coke or something like that when I've got the s..ts, normally once a year, when on vacation in Greece.

    I drink normal water from the tab, we've got great water here, directly from the mountains or these 1/2 L. bottles of mineral water.

    NO ICE! (always have to fight with the crew at Mac's about that)

    Take care, Renee
  13. by   Lausana
    I have to begin the day with some caffeine or else...

    I don't drink coffee, have to have a coke or mt. dew, then I'm set for the day--but I don't drink enough water! I have gross water at home, but not bad at school so I need to start drinking more.

    When I don't have any caffeine, I look like someone propped up a corpse in a chair!! Its so sad. After a while a terrible headache starts Out of pity, I get a free pop on occasion, if I haven't had one yet!

    Luckily, I've steered clear of fast food-don't have to money to eat fast food anymore, its amazing how much you can save, of course that means lots more cooking. I've decided to let my son grow up thinking they are only for "treats" and try to keep him healthy-unlike me!!
  14. by   CherryPez15

    Good luck in trying to decrease your caffeine intake. I've been trying to do it for a while now & it is extremely difficult - headaches, nausea. Like the other poster's have said--don't go cold turkey, especially with the new semester coming up. Nursing school is stressful enough w/o having to give up caffeine!

    The best advice I can give is just to try to cut down very gradually, and if you HAVE to have caffeine, just have a smaller portion than you usually would, i.e., half a can or half a glass of soda, instead of the whole thing. I'm better than I used to be; now I drink some kind of juice (grape/apple/orange) in the morning as opposed to a big glass of diet pepsi to start my day. LOL

    Good luck in your upcoming semester!

    (going into 2nd semester of ADN program!)

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