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considering nursing as a new career at age 49

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  1. annies

    Nursing school mentor?????

    Thank you, everyone for your help. To answer the question from Loubell - she failed and she is still failing "only missed the last test by one point," yet she still seems to think she is part of the faculty. She disrupts class, answers all questions that are addressed to the instructor, continues to pick on the younger inexperienced students by telling them about how hard it is to pass and how sick they will get when they get to clinicals because of sights and smells. I call this bullying, not mentoring. I am so sorry I choose this school. Again thanks for the input. I think I will eventually explode and either take it to administration or just smack her one when she is doing her threat thing. Annie
  2. My nursing class has been given a mentor. This woman has been through the first semester of classes, but "did not do as well as she would have liked" and is repeating the entire smester. On the clinical roster she has been designated as a mentor. I do not understand how (or why) the school would bestow a title on a student that failed. Is this a common practice in nursing schools? I have been told the best way to get through school is with my head down, my mouth shut and my eyes closed ( not my best talents). Would it be suicide to complain to the head of the department? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks for listening. Annie
  3. annies

    Worst teacher EVER award...

    Nursing Fundamentals - the instructor (masters degree) read the entire chapter, every class. She didn't read well, lot's of stumbling, mispronunciation of words, etc. When she wasn't reading, she was threatening the class with what she would accept in clinical and how easy it would be to fail. It was boring, boring, boring. I think her goal was to get us all to quit school. Part of the admission process was to be able to read at the colege level....why? Annies
  4. annies

    Double Masectomy Unnecessary!

    IMHO - Fire the doctor and anyone else that was responsible for the error, revoke licenses and certifications and make sure they NEVER work in health care again. I am tired of listening to the malpractice insurance blues. The insurance rates go up everytime some butcher screws up and amputates the wrong leg, or the insurance company is notified about the physician's cocaine addiction or the latest DUI charge. Sorry, just needed to vent, climbing down off my soap box now. Annie
  5. annies

    Nurse or Paramedic?

    In the near future, paramedics will be required to have an associates degree, just like RNs. So you will spend 2 - 3 years in school, be out the same amount of money for your education expense and probably make less as a paramedic. The career ladder is very short. Different areas have different systems. Here we are modeled after fire service. You become a medic, next step up is a lt. ( assistant supervisor ), then a captain. After that you will need the credentials and political backing to enter management and it has nothing to do with patient care, just budgets and billing. No adrenaline rush there. Check the pay scales in your area ( call the EMS offices and ask for starting salaries and if they have salary caps). Then check with nurse recruiters and ask the same questions. Eight 24hr shifts sounds good until you work one or two without a break. Also you need to do the math - a nurse works 40 hours a week X 4 weeks. That's 160 hours, eight 24s are 192 hours. Remember that in a paramedic's salary there is built in overtime. You take a vacation or sick day you get paid straight time and forfeit the OT. Hope this helps, Annie ( an ex-paramedic, married to a paramedic )
  6. annies

    clinical uniforms

    White, see- through polyester pants with a stitched crease, burgundy top that snaps and a gray smock jacket with snaps (optional). It's not the prettiest color combination, but not as bad as it could be. Repeat after me, it's only 2 days a week. Annie
  7. annies

    *#&$(#(#))$))#)#*%**##*(# (peeved)

    Last I heard, ER attendants did not have the right to diagnose. I agree with Vegas. Annie
  8. annies

    Woohoo! My math dilemna is taken care of

    That is terrific. I hope you celebrated! Annie
  9. annies

    R these 4 REAL????

    My experience with CISD has always been positive. The debriefings, led by a trained team, are confidential and allow you to express your feelings. Only those that are involved are allowed in the debriefing/ defusing. That means no supervisors, managers, administration or coworker that is curious but did not participate in the incident. No solutions are offered, only support. If a participant still feels the need to explore his or her feelings, he/ she will be referred for counseling. Check out http://www.icisf.org for teams in your area or call your local EMS agency, police or fire department. Annie
  10. annies

    Hospital Child Day Care

    There is a hospital run day care at KING'S DAUGHTERS HOSPITAL in Ashland KY. I do not know if it is 24 hours. I believe they have partnered with the YMCA in some capacity. Perhaps you could contact King's Daughters for more accurate information. Good luck with this project.
  11. annies

    Use of scented products

    Thanks, Betty, for bringing up this topic. A few weeks ago, my sister had a double transplant. The ONLY problem she had during her hospital stay was ans asthma attack when an SICU nurse walked into her area to pick up an extra blanket for another pt. Luckily, her nurse was there and took care of the problem with Benedryl. The hospital apologized profusely, but never mentioned if there was or wasn't a policy. The next day the nurse returned, but with no perfume. She helped with my sister's care that day and they got along great. She said she never really thought anyone would have that violent a reaction to perfume and apologized. It seems like such a no-brainer to me. The chronically ill are so compromised, why would a well educated person fail to realize the harm they could do to a patient? I would love to see all nursing schools educating students on environmental allergies. Good sites, thank you.
  12. annies

    Critical Incident

    The action was inappropriate. You are right to request a debriefing. Perhaps the disciplinary process will be defused during the debriefing and withdrawn. It should be addressed during the debriefing while you are in a protected environment. Good luck.
  13. annies

    First day in ER - very enlightening

    Brandy, I am really happy for you. I just want you to know that the adventure is just beginning....hang on and enjoy it! Annie
  14. annies

    I NEED HELP!!! With the Skeletal System..

    Way to go, angelina!! You're on your way____________ Annie
  15. annies

    What's it like in Kentucky?

    Just came back from a week in Lexington at UK Hospital. My sister received a double transplant ( kidney & pancreas). Had no contact with the ER, but the transplant and SICU nurses were unbelievable. What a TEAM. It was like a dream. One nurse said she'd been in SICU there for 14 years and wouldn't even think about leaving. Great working conditions, benefits, etc., but the attitude blew me away. All over the hospital, the nurses are so positive and upbeat. Didn't notice the slacking, back biting or carelessness that I see in my local hospitals and hear about on this board. At UK, it appears that everyone is on a team and there is only ONE team. It met and exceeded any expection I could have had. If I need a hospital, take me there. I've also been told there is a lot of nursing research being done in the Lexington area. Go for a visit, I think you'll be pleased. Annie
  16. annies

    I NEED HELP!!! With the Skeletal System..

    Have you tried touching your bones while you are studying? I always put them in an order that makes sense to me (shoulder to fingers/ hip to toes), follow the bones down my arm and repeat it as many times as I have to until I remember it. You could also try it with a study partner or a small skeleton that you can buy at the science store at most malls. When I learned the joints, I made them from sculpey clay and played with them until I learned names, actions, etc. Do you know how you learn - visual, auditory or kinesthetic? I have been labeled a kinesthetic learner. I have to have my hands on it to learn it completely. My best friend is a visual learner, she does great with diagrams. Good Luck, it will get easier.