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  1. by   Tweety
    Good luck Sarah. I had asparagus last night too. (I hate how it makes my pee stink......LOL)

    I'm still doing well.
  2. by   UM Review RN
    Hi Tweety, Zoe, Er, Blue, Sarah and all.

    You're never gonna believe this - DH went shopping last night and bought this boofoo scale that does Body Fat and Water Content along with weight, plus it weighs and saves info for up to four people!

    I was shocked & pleased. According to the BooFoo scale, I weighed 242 last night and he's showing a loss too.

    That was before supper though. I had only had about 600 calories since morning and I was quite hungry (dull headache and all) after working all day. So I might've gone overboard. We'll see in a couple of days whether it has a big impact.

    It was a very stressful shift, so I'm interested in seeing what impact that will have. I haven't been eating much after work; just coming home and having a snack (love those Breakstone Cottage Cheese Doubles) and going right to bed.

    We have to get into an exercise program. So far DH says our jobs are physical enough. Any suggestions for what to say to that?

    Have a great day, everyone!
  3. by   Bluehair
    Hey Angie!
    Check with anyone, internet or otherwise, and they will confirm you job is not enough, no matter what your job is. I suppose if your job was aerobic instructor that might work, but not much else qualifies. Try walking for 20 minutes and go from there. Every little bit counts.
    Congrats on the loss!!! Careful not to put yourself into starvation mode or the losses will stop and Lord knows THAT is discouraging!
    Good luck on getting DH moving. He is motivated for the time boing, so it may be easier for him to start than if he wasn't focused on his health.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi - I've moved on from strict Atkins to South Beach . . .. but this morning I had french toast that dh made. Ah well, you can't live on protein alone.

    Headed down to the gym to work out - I did jog/walk yesterday at the track. I hate it when I let myself stop working out and then have to start all over. That is a large mountain to climb before you start feeling strong again.

    I'd love a scale like that Angie . . .were did your dh get it?

  5. by   hikernurse
    Quote from zoeboboey
    Ok guys, carrion ... I mean, carry on.
  6. by   hikernurse
    ER, hopefully your work situation will be better. Be proud you stood up for the safety of the patients

    Sarah, nice work on your clothes fitting better. That's a much stronger indicator of health than the scale.

    Tweety and Blue--sounds like you're both doing well; I'm glad.

    Stevie, I know how you feel about having to climb the mountain again. Dumb, as this sounds, I sometimes picture activity as a mountain range, not so much a single mountain. Some days you're climbing up and some days you're sliding down, but you're still making progress. And knowing how good strong feels is a good incentive

    Angie, that scale sounds great. I've been really considering getting one, but I don't want one that stores my info--not where anybody else could access it, LOL.

    Renewed my membership at the gym this morning. Our county has some really good rec programs with a lot of locations--at a pretty good cost. I just wish the ones closest to my house had childcare
  7. by   ertravelrn
    Howdy and ......{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}} to everyone.
    I am trying to be a good child, but has been difficult, now that the stress at work is less, I am trying to focus on my stuff for a bit.
    I woke up this am in the big city and realized how much I miss home. Will be heading back home next wednesday.
    Will check in with ya'll tonight from work.
    Hope everyones day is good
  8. by   UM Review RN
    Blue, I went with him to the doc's yesterday and asked the doc about cardiac rehab for him. He's eligible, so I think that'll take a lot of the onus off me and let him decide which type of exercise to choose.

    Stevie, I think he got it at either Target or Walmart, and it was surprisingly cheap. I thought I'd see a hundred-dollar price tag, not that I would care, but it was about $40. Not bad.

    Hiker, I thought about a gym membership, but I'm afraid that we probably would use it for a couple of months, then slack off. So we'll probably try walking or something easy for awhile.

    ER, have a safe trip home and enjoy your family.

    Yesterday I had tuna sandwiches. Didn't realize it was Good Friday until one of my patients asked for a non-meat dish, so we got her some salmon.

    Anyhow, I put some relish in my tuna and some green onions, and used the no-fat mayo. I had one with soup at home and one with a cottage cheese double at work. Felt full when I got home, so I just went to bed. Woke up dry as a bone and with a dull HA so I decided to catch up here while I drank my water.

    I'm off this weekend, so I'm hoping to get some pleasant activity in with DH. I'm thinking maybe we could stroll around the Flea Market or something. It's cool here today so it'd be a good day for some walking.
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  9. by   Tweety
    Hi everyone!

    Angie, sounds like things are coming together. Do you have to watch your sodium? I wonder if you added it up in what you're eating what would it be? I'm trying to be better in that area and find it in everything and it's frustrating.

    I'm going to the gym today. But probably going to cheat and have a large lunch. I'm meeting a friend whom I'm interviewing for a class.
  10. by   UM Review RN
    GM, Tweety, I just found this fascinating article online that says that quite a lot of our dietary salt comes from..... (take a guess?)

    Bread! Surprised me too. Here's the link:
  11. by   Bluehair
    Hi everyone!
    Tweety - I know what you mean about sodium everywhere! Actually you were the inspiration for me to start watching that. It's pretty amazing, and a bit disheartening when you try to cut back. I'm hitting that 'everything tastes salty' phase lately, so I guess I'm making some progress, since NOTHING used to taste salty before.
    Angie - Cool re: cardiac rehab! Lots of places cut that out and either don't have a program or don't cover it with insurance or both. Pat on the back for you MD to encourage it, too! Our gym's here let you join on a month to month basis. It costs a few bucks more per month, but is a good way to see if you will be consistent in going. Some places don't advertise they have that, so you might ask.
    Sarah - I'm certain you are quite busy, as always. Hope you have time to enjoy Easter with your kids!
    ER - enjoy your trip home!
    It's freezing here - literally! 32 degrees and it's 11 a.m. Freezing rain off and on all morning. Poor trees, everyone's already planted gardens.... Just plain dreary to boot. Funny to think we had the AC on for the last 2 weeks! No Curves for me yesterday, they were closed when I got there at 4:30. Diet stuff has been okay overall. Enjoying cozying up on the couch and surfin today!
  12. by   Liddle Noodnik
    {{{{{{{{{{Guys}}}}}}}}}}}}} Supposed to have snow here tomorrow, EASTER! 39 degrees for a HIGH! I bought these nice shoes that are totally inappropriate for snow -- and my new outfit will look so cach er, awfule, with my bean boots!


    Not doing much special, eating leftovers at home (can you hear the violin playing?) Actually some major stores closed (funny how we have to be so pc but yet they close for "Easter"...) -- my ex MIL may go to church with me tomorrow nite.

    Hope all are well!
  13. by   ertravelrn
    Zoe.......maybe you can wear the new outfit with the your new "rollerblade" get along with your ex MIL, the one I have now is the first one I have ever gotten along with, I can't wait to see her thursday.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful EASTER, snow or not.

    I gave my grandsons their easter baskets last week and the 1 1/2 figured out if you throw the plastic eggs on the ground, they break open and you can eat the candy......not sure his mom liked that...oh well. was weird for us too, one day was 85 and the next freezing...just too big a difference in temps....