Dr Oz's show on antidepressants...your thoughts?

  1. Anyone see Dr. Oz's show last week on antidepressants? I normally do not watch his show but when I saw it was on this topic I tuned in. There is no doubt he is staunchly opposed to antidepressants - especially their use in women - and feels they are over prescribed. I personally felt this show along with he and his two doctor guests, did a disservice to the use of these medications and in some ways made too light of depression/anxiety and all that goes with it and what true depression really is. As someone who is struggling a LOT with anxiety issues I can say first hand that trying to go the natural route of herbs/breathing exercises etc. is barely, if at all, lifting the band of pressure and fear that seems to get larger with each passing day and the thought that even prescriptions if obtained would not provide any relief makes me feel like giving up.

    I certainly agree that exercise, proper nutrition and eliminating or minimizing stress plays a part but let's be realistic..when one is fearful of leaving their house or has to use all the energy they can muster to get out of bed to shower and brush their teeth, anyone with any compassion and common sense has to agree that a multivitamin and a quick walk aren't going to happen. And most people either over or under eat and gravitate toward comfort foods when stressed or upset. It seems to me his show just perpetuated the belief that depression/anxiety are not "real" or particularity serious.

    Most people I know who are on or have taken medications in the past, are glad they have access to them or are glad they did and I have seen first hand the difference meds can make and am disappointed that even within the healthcare community ignorance toward mental health is still heavily out there.
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  3. by   psu_213
    I do tend to agree that antidepressants are a bit over prescribed. Please note, this is totally anecdotal--this is just based on the sheer number of patients and friends I see who take antidepressants; there does not seem to be any other solutions offered by these individuals' doctor other than "just take another pill." However, and this is also anecdotal, I know people whose mental health has improved with SSRI treatment. In my mind (no pun intended), antidepressants definitely does have a place in an appropriate setting.

    As for Dr. Oz, he needs to get off his high horse. Offering medical information is great. However, is there any reason to make disparaging remarks about a treatment that has proven to be beneficial to so many? In addition, he (and his guests) use their education and their titles to act as if theirs is the definitive opinion on any subject. Dr. Oz would rather have guests on his show that are going to agree with him and promote his "agenda" (not sure if that is the right word there) rather than having individuals on both sides of the issue who will have an open discussion about the real problems associated with a given condition.

    Sorry, Dr. Oz, but I don't have time to listen to your malarkey on the issue of the day.
  4. by   loriangel14
    I didn't see the show but it sounds like he gave terrible advice. Depression has to be treated like any other medical condition and saying that medication should not be used is very ignorant.As the mother of a person that suffers from depression and anxiety I know first hand what a blessing medication can be. As much as we would like to be able to just "think positive" and make it go away it just doesn't work.Unfortunately without her medications by daughter cannot function or even get out of bed.With the help of a psychiatrist and her medications she is living on her own and doing well at school.
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    Ohhh, yeah. I'm sure gonna go for a run and eat my veggies when I'm so depressed I don't even bother to brush my hair or take a shower in the mornings.

    And no doubt, taking a multivitamin and singing "Kum-ba-ya" would've cured me of the acute anxiety attacks I've been having for the past couple of weeks......why, I might not have had to go on Klonopin and take a medical leave of absence! I wish Dr. Oz had told me that sooner, or I might have even sidestepped the whole manicky/panicky thing and gone on to be productive and happy in the midst of utter chaos. Dang.
  6. by   EmmaZ06
    I wouldn't let a psychiatrist operate on my heart, so it makes sense not to take mental health advice from a heart surgeon.
  7. by   SycamoreGuy
    EmmaZ06 is right on, Im sure Dr. Oz is a great heart surgeon but he seems to want to comment on things beyond his expertise for fame and money.
  8. by   That Guy
    Dr. Oz.....ha what a joke.
  9. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    Eeeeeh. What Dr. Oz does is less about medicine and more about pandering to a certain viewer base. The New Yorker did a good piece on him recently.
  10. by   joliefleur102
    I foremost cannot stand that Dr.Oz guy...I do not think he knows what he is talking about half the time. People need medication especially people who are have a mental illness. Someone very dear to me in my family suffered from a whole slew of mental illnesses and if he did not have meds, he would of been worse off. Unfortuantly he has passed away but I do agree that an in addition to taking medication, you also need to take care of your body such as eating right and execising.
  11. by   SoldierNurse22
    It's sad to see a physician of some "stature" (social, at least) contribute to the mindset that people with mental illnesses aren't really ill--they're just weak-willed.

    Most of the folks I know who take these meds desperately wish they didn't depend on them so, but they know that in order to live a productive life, they need them--whether long-term due to a chemical imbalance or short-term to stabilize themselves so they can pull themselves together mentally and deal with the issue at hand.

    Shame on Dr. Oz for perpetuating a stereotype--and on a national platform, no less!
  12. by   Irish_Mist
    Quote from EmmaZ06
    I wouldn't let a psychiatrist operate on my heart, so it makes sense not to take mental health advice from a heart surgeon.
    Well said. Couldn't agree more.
  13. by   NurseDirtyBird
    The social stigma of mental illness is bad enough, it's even worse when someone from the medical community contributes to it. It just validates the stigma in the minds of those who hold that prejudice. Ugh.
  14. by   Psychtrish39
    I didn't see the show but from prior posters and also as a person with depression as well as a psychiatric nurse he did his viewers a disservice by advocating that antidepressants are over prescribed maybe they are or maybe they are not but they save lives and they have saved mine where I can function better as a nurse and have a better quality of life.
    Where does he get off judging an area not his domain. Cardiologists over prescribe drugs and treatments sometimes but there may be a family or person that hears that bunk and quit taking their medications because some TV doc said so. He should tend to what he knows. I have never cared for him since he had the bimbo looking nurse on his show for a segment. It is insulting for a physician to do so and if a physician did that in any other area or environment they would be in deep dodo. Just my 2 cents.