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Ok. Heard through the grapevine that HCA's offer to buyout Health Midwest which consists of several of the largest facilities in the Kansas City area is going to go through. It is expected to be finalized sometime next week. They have hinted in the news that they were confident that an agreement could be reached as early as next week. Some people I know in the Health Midwest system say it's all but done already and it's more a matter of getting all the "signatures in the right place" at this point.

This is unfortunate in my opinion as the Health Midwest system has always been considered tops in the area. HCA doesn't exactly bring with it that kind of track record in many cases.

Anyway, I thought I would drop this note for anyone interested.


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There goes the neighborhood. (they will also be

taking a very small rural hospital in Iola, Ks.)


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HCA and Tenet have approximately equivalent reputations--for approximately equivalent reasons.

Yep, it is true. Employees of health midwest have even started looking at benefits that HCA has to offer. HCA will now be the hospital system where I owe my 2 year commitment after I graduate in May. IT was health midwest but now it is HCA since health midwest sold out.

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I once worked at an HCA hospital. The "care" was a joke. I was actually told by a charge nurse "You have to stop assessing your pts. You annoy them when you wake them up, and you'll fall behind on your charting if you assess all your pts."

Worst place I've ever worked.

Ended up having to be a pt there. Got absolutely no care whatsoever. Then got a bill that stated:

"We trust you found the care we provided to be of the highest caliber."

HCA makes me sick.

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I've been away from KC for several years, but just curious...which facilities will be affected?


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I worked for3 different HCA hospitals and loved it,was treated well, staffing ratio was better than local public run not for profit hospital. I think HCA reputation is all blown out of proportion


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I worked at an HCA facility for almost six years and loved it. The health insurance was awesome, and their employee stock purchase program is a great deal. Most HCA CEOs are just different incarnations of the same cardboard cutout, so a lot of their facilities really lack day-to-day leadership, but all-in-all it was a good company after Rick Scott was chased out of Nashville -- I'd work for them again.

Mark LD RN and Kitty Cat. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing your positive experiences with HCA. Many people in the healthmidwest system are actually very optimistic that HCA will bring about some much needed positive changes. Like updating many of the facilities which at some places are LONG overdue and the fact that many of the nurses have not had raises in 2 and half years. HCA has seemed to promise that they will bring in a whole new pay scale that is higher than what is being offered now as well as great benefits.



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Hellllo nurse-- not all HCA facilities are like that, every organization has its bad apple,its not good to paint with such a broad brush:). HCA has treated me well and has given me chances and support when others would not have. the HCA facilities i have worked at have treated us fair,fair nurses patient ratios, education, recognition programs for jobs well done and dedication,good benifits. while the hospital i am at now the pay is not the best in the area it is far from the worst. and the work load is lower and more managable than the other hospitals in my area.

don't let one bad experiece with a facility ruin you thoughts of the whole corporation:)

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Howdy ya'll

Ive been with HCA for a decade and a half and thens some. Ive been treated well, benefits are fine, good insurance. stock bonuses. and after all these years I have a helluva lot HCA stock. And its keeping its value while other stocks arent.

All of that hullaballoo from years past really is just a crock. from a few of those florida hospitals. And while its retained in Frists hands it will be a fine institution.

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I worked for a HCA facility and it was terrible. I was part of their AGency Staff. They start out paying you a lot then push you to take a travel contract at less money. I am resigined to NEVER working for them again...

The "benefit package" consisted of paying for your bill (whatever it was, Dr., treatment, etc) and then they reimburse you @ their percentage. I declined getting the insurance.

I was not treated with dignity but am glad many of you have had positive experiences.

I joke their Agency Company should be called "all About Understaffing" instead of their exisitng name.

I hope it does turn out to be positive for you. Good luck to you.

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