Have you ever "caught" anything from your patients?

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I mean like a staph infection, pneumonia, hep c, AIDS, or any viruses, or anything. Just wondering, as I am always nervous about this but I know that it is a risk we take everyday and we just have to be careful.


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Nope! I am a firm believer in universal precautions!


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No, I am careful. Way back when, when AIDS was first being recorded, I had a patient with AIDS. He had a herpes infection in the brain, was very demented. He would poop all over the floor, and the numbers of times he would pull his IV apart, with blood spurting everywhere, we couldn't count. As I said, this was way back when, but we were careful. I did think of him often, though, as more was learned about the disease (for example, the long time it takes to show up). After twenty years, I think I'm safe!


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I am a universal percautions buff, but with 2 toddlers its hard to tell if I am getting sick from my kiddos or work sometimes!


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Nothing other than a common cold, I believe. Universal precautions certain are mandatory and important, but nothing is guaranteed! You just have to be prudent and also hope for the best.

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:o i got pneumonia this time last year, and im very carefull, but i think i was run down, stressed, placements, exams. :(

uni was very mean cos i couldnt sit my exam, i sat it a month later and passed but wouldnt let my go to the graduation because the paper work couldnt get done it time (they had four months)

so i graduate this november and have been qualified for a year.

apart from getting slapface and nits which are unavoidable thats it comes with working with kids:rolleyes:


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I didn't personally get anything but there was an outbreak of scabies at my former place of employment that included pts and several employees. They had to elimite everyone...what a mess! I get itchy just thinking about it! :uhoh3:

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I haven't caught anything yet:o (like another poster, except maybe a cold) I'm a big believer in universal precautions myself. I deal with a lot of AIDS and Hepatitis patients daily on my floor.

I have been exposed to TB unfortunately many times unknowingly:( Luckily every TB test comes back negative every year!

Our infection control dept thinks that if you haven't been "IN THE PTS FACE" you aren't at risk.

Stayed out of CMV pt's rooms while I was pregnant on the advice of my OB also.

Like the other posters...the most we can do is BE CAREFUL and ALWAYS, ALWAYS...use UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS!!!

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yup, I had a positive ppd from a patient that no one knew had active TB, I was in and out of his room for 2 weeks. 3 nurses including myself had positive tb tests from exposure to this patient. Fortunately this was in 1999 and I have had no sign or symptoms of tb, I get a cxr every 2 years and a physical every year. I always use universal precautions but this patient was admitted with chf so you just never know.


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I am careful with universal precautions.........I currently have 1 Hep C pt, one Hep B pt who gets shingles alot....and one guy who isnt Dx'd with anything but has a prior risky sex life (as in naything free and in a skirt will do).........Never have caught anything from pts....but when I work in the church nursery I ALWAYS manage to pick up something. I guess becuase I dont have my own kids I am not reistant to the kiddie germs.....LOL



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I'm always careful, but tested positive for TB several years ago.


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I did my peds clinical during RSV season and I'm pretty sure I caught RSV. Well, had some kind of cold anyway.

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