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Hardest part of nursing program?

by AspiringRN27 AspiringRN27 (Member)

What did you find the hardest in the nursing program?

What is med/surg all about?

I believe the hardest part, for me, was med surg. Rhe information was so vast that I could hardly keep up sometimes. You have to commit to studying all the time, and understand that it will be hard to be social if you are going to make it.

Med/surg is all the procedures, skills and assessments. IVs, foleys, trachs, suture removal etc... diagnostic tests and knowing lab values are a huge part of it as well.

Med Surg was difficult and focuses on the care of adults. It brings together concepts from anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and fundamentals. You have to have a decent foundation in those classes to really understand.

It just depends on how much you love what you're doing. I loved L&D so I felt it wasn't hard for me. Other nurses tell me that its the hardest. I like stroke but it's way harder.


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Peds was tough because of the overwhelming amount of info -- vital sign ranges on all the different age groups, the developmental milestones, etc. I really liked psych -- it just clicked with me -- but a lot of my classmates loathed it and thought it was the toughest rotation.

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Ob/peds. Whole 'nother language. But it wasn't really difficult. Nursing school material isn't particularly hard to learn, there's just a lot of it.

I agree with everyone else. Med/Surg was the most information and required the most studying.