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  1. Balto

    Working While In Nursing Program

    I work a 12 hour/minimum per month. All I do is self schedule from the open shifts list. I can do anything from a 4 to a 12 hour shift depending on my schedule. Unlike twiglette, they do not cancel my shift because my unit is always in need of PCTs. ...
  2. Balto

    Nursing School Makeup (clinicals)

    Don't come with heavy makeup or outrageous colors. The bright lights of the floor can make that stand out (not in a good way). Keep it light, fresh and natural. Personally, I don't wear makeup. My skin is too sensitive.
  3. Balto

    Working While In Nursing Program

    I love the per diem option! The requirement is a minimum of 12 hours/month but I do more hours than that. Get your foot in the door now & it'll help you in the long run as a new grad.
  4. Balto

    CNA/PCT - What's the difference?

    PCTs have their CNA and even more experience. CNAs are mostly in nursing homes. PCTs are in the hospital and do more skilled tasks. (This is based on their roles in my state.)
  5. Balto

    Tech Jobs?

    I started as an extern in the ER & was then hired as a tech after the extern period was over. My ER hires people with no experience & trains them. The other staff love it because when you first start working, you are supervised & have to ...
  6. Balto

    Do you "tell" Facebook where you work?

    I did not have one until my military SO got deployed, so I created one to message him & keep in contact. I love the anonymous nature of AN. I could pass right by any of you on the street & not even know it... Facebook gets irritated with me ...
  7. Balto

    Coming To the Dark Side

    This is very encouraging, especially to me since I too am walking away from a guaranteed job. I am glad to know I am not the only one In the words of Robert Frost, "I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference".
  8. Well you aren't even dating yet, so why worry? Nursing school is only 2 years. If your relationship is meant to be, then it will be. Focus on school so you can be successful in the future & allow him to do so as well. Use technology to keep in to...
  9. Balto

    10 Study Tips that will Make Nursing School Easier

    I made my own by following the course topics/objectives for each & typing up my own "guide" from my class & textbook notes. It was time consuming though and not realistic with the amount of material covered in med surg.
  10. Balto

    Nursing Roles

    People constantly talk about the diverse career opportunities available to a licensed nurse (like educator, administrator, legal consult, etc). I love reading different opinions and anecdotes from others, so these questions are open to any nurse user...
  11. Balto

    Beyond depressed. I failed

    Before jumping the gun, I would definitely wait until you find out for sure that you failed. The trick is just that... a trick.
  12. Balto

    Ball State Online

    Anyone attend Ball State University online, specifically their Adult-Gerontology NP track? What do you think of the program?
  13. Balto

    Bsn programs are harder than Adn

    Very true, missmollie. I don't see a point to this thread. Just reading the title will put people on the defensive. It challenges people who have chosen the ADN & demand that they justify their complaints/stress because it isn't as "hard".
  14. I think they are swindling you. I have posted before on how I boycotted the university bookstore & refused to buy from them throughout pre reqs & nursing school. What started this? Originally, when I attended a community college for pre reqs...
  15. As a PP said, you should go into nursing informatics. It is an up and coming field with a blend of nursing and computer science. I would look into RN-BSN (no more tedious clinicals, just some theory courses & more gen eds) & then consider a M...