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I have to agree with Diane. Although A&P and micro are very hard, they have clear cut right and wrong answers. And once you get into the nursing program, things get a little greyer. And the questions are usually formatted as in state board language which I sometimes think of as a foreign language. So enjoy th definate yes and no questions now, because they wont stay that way for long.

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I thought it was A & P I and II until I started my nursing courses. Now I'm singing a whole different tune!
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Pre-reqs- ANP.

Nursing- pharm w/o a doubt!

Our fundamentals class is way easy. The last test average was like a 98. What's killing me is all the patient research every week! (Not hard, just "busy" work).


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Gosh, maybe I'm weird, but I'm finding A&P MUCH harder than Fundamentals of Nursing.

I don't think that's weird either.

Fundamentals, to me, seems much more like "common sense" stuff. Maybe that's not exactly what I'm trying to say, but it all sort of flows, with the getting data before assessing and planning, etc. KWIM?

I still have to take Micro and A&P 2. I've heard A&P 2 seems better than the first one - hope that's true, because I have to take it WITH Med/Surg. :stone


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Funny that I haven't seen anyone say this class yet....my hardest class is OB!! Some people seem to find it easy, but our OB class is a killer...only 6 out of 30 students passing it right now, we have 7 weeks left. It is tough, but I will definately know my stuff when I get done with it!

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I'm just in my 2nd semester of nursing school, but I've got to vote for Pharm so far!


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what makes A&P so hard? Memorization? (I'm going in next semester)

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Anatomy .. .although I loved it, especially dissection theatre. I took it my first semester in pre-reqs and it was my first science class in college since I majored in Social Work the first time. Physiology was the second semester and that was easier than Anatomy. Micro was fun, hard but I really liked it too.

I think psychology was the hardest for me -not because the material was hard but because I disagreed with so much of the theory of psychology and that was frustrating.



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I was very surprised of this, but the class I have had the most trouble with is mental health nursing. The instructor is EXTREMELY disorganized making it difficult for all of us. I really thought this class would be a breeze, but it is the class that I have done the worst in. But, my whole class is having a lot of difficulty with it. But it's very frustrating to me.

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A&P pre-req was ok. so was micro. i got A's in all. but in actual nursing school we have one large class with several units in it. the hardest for me so far has been teh Cardiac unit. not the easy heart anatomy parts, but the more indepth parts. of all the nursing specialties we've studied, cardiac has been the hardest by far


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