HARDEST classes?

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Which classes have you had the hardest time in?


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i am surprised by this also, but....


we just had our first exam and many of us left close to, or in tears!

not like we didn't study!



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I would have to say micro. and just recently A&P:rolleyes:

klone, MSN, RN

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A&P, definitely. I was just venting about it in another thread. I've got 4 more weeks left until the final exam. At this point, I'm just hoping to get 50% on the final exam and pass the class. At my lowest points, I'm actually sweating a bit, because if I don't get a C, I'll be kicked out of the nursing program (since it's a prerequisite to 2nd semester).

The cellular anatomy of muscles and the nervous system is just SO complex, and there is SO MUCH INFO to know.

Tweety, BSN, RN

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A&P was a lot of work and studying so in that respect it was the hardest. But the most difficult for me were the Englishes. English composition and term papers were tough for me.

jenrninmi, MSN, RN

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For prereq's it was BioChem. For actual nursing classes, I'd say Med/Surg, but I sure have learned a lot and have got the hang of it.


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My first semester of A&P (due to the teacher), and Microbiology.. though once I got the hang of that class I really did love it.


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Pharm....my instructor is in the military and you can tell in her class...most of us leave either cussing, in tears, or ready to drink after her classes


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I thought it was A & P I and II until I started my nursing courses. Now I'm singing a whole different tune!


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I thought it was A & P I and II until I started my nursing courses. Now I'm singing a whole different tune!

I can identify! I thought A&P II would be a bear until I began the nursing program. Now it's my "easy class." Isn't that awful!? :imbar


stressgal, RN

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Pre req, Chemistry. Right now I am taking Pharmacology, this is considered to be the next "weeding out" class. I'll keep you posted!

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