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Happy Thanksgiving Break!


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The countdown is on....3 hours 7 minutes and counting for me! :yeah::yeah:

Have a restful, relaxing, wonderful, and safe Thanksgiving break, fellow school nurses!


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Wow...you actually have off starting today. Our school district has a half day today and on the 25th for Parent/Teacher conference. They are only giving us a long weekend. Enjoy your time off!


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1 more hour!!!!


luvschoolnursing, LPN

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We go to school through next Wednesday. This discussion makes me think that one of the things I am VERY thankful for is that I am not in the hospital working the holiday! I am also thankful for my allnurses friends. Blessings to all.

Keepstanding, ASN, RN

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i'm one who has tow work through next wed. too. glad you are off early purple !

happy thanksgiving to a all ! and yes, it's good to not be working in the hospital on a holiday !

praiser :heartbeat


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Forgot to wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


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I agree with Praiser, it is so nice to be away from the hospital. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

My last day of school before the break is Tuesday.

I've been a nurse for a VERY LONG time & this is my first year not working in the hospital. First year not scrambling to find someone to work for me on my holiday. First year I have black Friday off. First year & I wouldn't trade it for anything!

I LOVE being a school nurse.

I work Monday and Tues then off. Yay. Ready for a little break and sleeping in.

Have a great Holiday.

Have to work through Tuesday also.

Everyone enjoy your holiday!


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I have to work thru Wednesday too!! Happy Thanksgiving to all the members of my School Nurse Family!! God Bless Us Everyone!!!!