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Hand dermatitis a seeking away from bedside job.

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Hi all,

I have severe hand dermatitis and its impacting my ability to work. Currently work in the NICU(lotssss of hand washing.)my question is, do you all think school nursing might be a good fit for me? I know school nurses do a lot and are quite busy. I am just wondering if anyone who currently works as a school nurse thinks that they have to wash their hands less frequently than an inpatient nurse. I hope nobody takes this the wrong way, I am not trying to say school nurses don't do as much hands on. I am just struggling and need a change. Thank you😊

I estimated washing my hands at least 60 times a day. Between seeing kids, taking a temp, before pouring meds, after using any door knob... and this was

long before any of the current viral stuff.

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I bet I wash my hands as much as an inpatient nurse, but I am certain I don't put on gloves as much. Not sure if that would help your situation or not.

BrisketRN, BSN, RN

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I used to have terrible hand dermatitis. I have always developed hives and rashes from contact with bleach, so the contact with items cleaned with bleach solutions was the cause of my dermatitis. It took me a while to figure that out. Since becoming a school nurse my hand dermatitis has improved greatly because I get to control what cleaners are used in my office, and our overnight cleaning staff is aware of my allergy and always uses non-bleach cleaners. Also if you haven't used cotton gloves for overnight ointments/prescribed steroid ointment on your hands I highly recommend. Those helped save my hands before I switched jobs.

I had an allergy to hospital grade antiseptic. First it was just my hands then with time my joints got it. When the rash started on my face, that encouraged my decision to leave the hospital. Here I can pick my sanitizer solution and wash with soap and water.

mainecoonRN92, BSN, RN

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I probably wash my hands more her, because I am in child care/preschools and am not allowed to have hand sanitizer in the building.

In the hospital, if I was just checking in on a patient or giving meds, I would use hand sanitizer before and after. Now I have no option but to wash my hands.

But my hands were always in rougher shape working at the hospital and I really think it was the hand sanitizer.

k1p1ssk, BSN, RN

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I think I wash my hands just as often, if not more, HOWEVER, I have a choice in what soap I use and almost never use hand sanitizer. This means my skin is much more supple that it ever was working bedside...