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  1. Hi all, I have severe hand dermatitis due to hand washing, I need to leave hospital nursing, I have even tried different soaps but nothing helps. I work in a NICU so its constant hand washing. Do you think working in home health, its less hand washing? Just due to the break of patient care from driving from home to home, and less machines constantly beeping .. I don't mean this in any bad way I know home health is a lot of work. Thanks, if anyone has any insight.
  2. Hi all, I have severe hand dermatitis and its impacting my ability to work. Currently work in the NICU(lotssss of hand washing.)my question is, do you all think school nursing might be a good fit for me? I know school nurses do a lot and are quite busy. I am just wondering if anyone who currently works as a school nurse thinks that they have to wash their hands less frequently than an inpatient nurse. I hope nobody takes this the wrong way, I am not trying to say school nurses don't do as much hands on. I am just struggling and need a change. Thank you

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