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mainecoonRN92 has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. mainecoonRN92

    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

  2. mainecoonRN92

    Coronavirus and Schools

    If you haven't already you may need to touch base with your local public health authority.
  3. mainecoonRN92

    FERPA violation?

    I give out a list on a quarterly basis with emails to supplement in between. I put it on the teachers. I request a read receipt on my emails and if they choose not to read it, I've done my due diligence.
  4. mainecoonRN92

    Attendance Overboard

    Does your state Department of Health or BON have any guidance on this? I know my state follows the Public Health Departments Exclusionary Guidelines in order to protect FAPE but also reduce the spread of infectious diseases.
  5. mainecoonRN92

    Doctor's Orders

    ^^^^ This! I do not accept orders that do not have all the information. It is stated in our medication policy, our parent handbook, and parents are presented the requirements during beginning of the year conferences. I am not going to lull parents into a false sense of security of me accepting the orders, or medications heaven forbid, without the proper documentation. It's a slippery slope of "well you have the medication in your office, why can't you just give it?" Lord knows in an emergency, I would give a child their rescue medication without orders, but with me being in a pre-k, we could lose our licensing for even having the medications in our building without proper doctors orders.
  6. mainecoonRN92

    Pre-K Nurses HelP!!

    I really don't have a recommendation for a different audiometer. I use an ANCIENT hand held audiometer. Unfortunately there is no way my district could afford a Pilot Test. But just putting this out there that you can be successful screening pre-K kiddos with a regular audiometer if you incorporate some "play audiometry" techniques. My preschool has 43% SPED population and I only have to refer about 12 % of my total population for further testing. Here is an example of play audiometry with a preschooler: I use counting bears from Amazon and it is a hit with the littles. I really hope you get your pilot but if you get an audiometer that is not so "little friendly" just know there are options for you to try to use!
  7. mainecoonRN92

    Stomach Pain for 3 Weeks

    I am assuming you are talking about influenza, not a stomach virus, correct? I think you've done a very thorough assessment. Were they prescribed any anti-virals such as tamiflu?
  8. mainecoonRN92

    Toileting pre-k a nursing function?

    This is the same in my state. You cannot run a public preschool without the teachers and their assistants receiving an annual training on diapering, standard precautions, etc. It's part of the child care licensing agreement.
  9. mainecoonRN92

    How do you deal with 5th disease and rashes at your school?

    Same as above!
  10. mainecoonRN92

    How to help coughing student?

    I too push for fluids. I do not give any OTC/hard candy due to district policy/DHS regulations. I will give some warm water and set a timer (preschool age students) and explain that I want them to try to drink slowly over a minute or two. Other than that, my state guidelines note that exclusion is recommended if the child is experiencing severe, uncontrolled coughing or wheezing, having difficulty breathing, etc. If the student has tried all my tricks and is still coughing after 15-20 minutes, I call home for pick up.
  11. mainecoonRN92

    Panic Attacks

    This is one of my favorite grounding exercises. And it works for most ages. I also use some guided meditation apps on my phone that help kiddos control their breathing that I find works well for my younger population who are so memorized by technology. I agree that this shouldn't be addressed solely by medical alone, I would involve the social worker, school psych, counselors, etc.
  12. mainecoonRN92

    using my personal phone instead of school provided

    I do have a district provided cell and I am not allowed to record/share any types of media of students. The reason being if the parent were questioning anything staff did, or if it turned into a CPS case, my phone and subsequently myself could be subpoenaed. I wholeheartedly agree with this. If parents need to see their child they should come into the school. If they want monitoring of seizures, first I would need a doctor's order, then the parent would need to provide the material to perform that monitoring. Just my two cents. You should look into your district's/schools policies.
  13. mainecoonRN92

    Medical room goodies?

    I'm at pre-k. I use stickers but they are the same stickers we use building wise for positive behaviors. I'm clear with the kiddos that if they are especially behaved while seeing me then they will get one.
  14. mainecoonRN92

    Chorus tips?

    "Locked Legs" were the exact reason I saw several classmates go down when I was in HS. It is a very easy position to find yourself, especially when you are nervous. As for school nursing, I have spoke to my choir directors and they have all been great about reminding the kiddos about this. That plus staying hydrated and remembering to DEEP BREATHE when the opportunity presents itself, should help a lot!!! :)
  15. mainecoonRN92

    IHP vs 504

    I agree with Wine. It kinda depends on the situation. A 504 is for classroom accommodations due to a diagnoses that affects at least one or more major life activities. If the diagnosis is more medically based, you might want to have the flexibility of a IHP (HCP) since you can change that at any time. For example: On the 504 I may have instructions about a diabetic student and that they need to be excused 5 minutes early for lunch to check their blood sugar but on the IHP have what the orders state and what a health tech should do if they are severely hypo or hyper.
  16. mainecoonRN92

    New nurse, mid year

    I do a presentation at the beginning of the year for my building staff. I include how to get in contact with me, what should and should not be sent to the health office, I very briefly explain that in my state we follow exclusionary guidelines when we send students home so if I send a little one back to class there is a reason why, I explain our BIG 4 conditions (Allergy, Asthma, Seizures, Diabetes) with an extra emphasis on allergies and anaphylaxis. That is about it! Hope this helps

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