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Group One background checks in Texas

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I have been put into group one, which is a reporting agency that allows other healthcare facilitys to see why I was terminated. I was not given a chance to resign before termination. My question is, can I request to have it changed? Is this a type of discrimination? all this is making me want to get out of healthcare all together, seems like i will allways have a disadvantage being a guy and all.

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Group One blackballs many nurses for many reasons, some pretty benign.

As far as I know, there is no way to be removed from the Group One listing, if the information on the listing is correct. If it isn't correct, I suppose that you could take legal action.

Not all facilities subscribe to the Group One listings. You could apply at a facility that does not use Group One. Be aware that many For-profit chain hospitals (Columbia HCA) use and post with Group One. Thus, another reason to avoid those facilities.

Sometimes an employee is listed with Group One, not for the "so called" error of record, but because they are viewed as a "troublemaker" or are "union active". Once listed, it is difficult to be taken off the list. It is one of those threats that For-profit facilities hold over staff heads.

How do I find out who is associated with group one? Can I still get on somewhere and explain what happened at my other job? does is fall off after so long? im so confused...

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Use this BB's "search" facility and enter "groupone" (as a single word). Several threads will come up. I believe there is a Group One link on the last couple of pages of "I was blackballed" or in the "DFW" one. If you click one the link, it takes you to their website (hard to get to by Google) and they list the facilities that use their services. Most of them are in Texas.

The threads will also tell you some about group one issues.

Information on Group One listings almost never is removed...they will keep track of criminal charges even after it has dropped off the criminal background check time frame.


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Unfortunately, many nurses in the DFW area are unaware that this organization exists until it is to late. . If they were used to solely reveal known criminal behaivior, I would be more supportive. Unfortunately, a manager can list anything regarding the reasons you were terminated and you have no ability to place a rebuttal or have false information removed. The two links below (1) are to a thread here in allnurses, (2) the other is to DFW GroupOne home page. I do think that if you are denied employment related to information in a GroupOne report, they are obligated to disclose that as the reason. Often you will be asked to sign as part of your employment application - a sheet stating that you allow permission for them to review a "consumer report". Most people think that it is a mere credit report -- unfortunately it is more. This is a quote from their website:

"All terminations are reported to GroupOne when they occur, and are added to our database. When an applicant applies for a job at one of our member hospitals, their employment history is already in the database, ready to be accessed. Because our service operates in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we are able to provide our members with factual employment references without the fear of litigation."

"GroupOne Services is a "consumer reporting agency" operating under the legal authority of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This is very important because it provides employers the ability to share information on former employees through a third party reporting agency such as GroupOne.

Under the FCRA, employers who furnish such information are immune from "any action or proceeding in the nature of defamation, invasion of privacy, or negligence . . . except as to false information furnished with malice or willful intent to injure" the former employee.

GroupOne accepts full responsibility for ensuring that all of our practices and policies are fully compliant with the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, thereby maintaining our clients' protection. We back this responsibility with professional Liability, and Errors and Omissions Insurance.

Additionally, GroupOne has an attorney on retainer whose specialty is the Fair Credit Reporting Act. He is available to complement and support our clients' employment law counsel. There is a real difference between state employment law and provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act."


What if, since I am a CNA, I decided to go another way in healthcare, not nursing, would it matter what I am applying for? I don't want to spend years getting a degree only to be shut out later by something that happend (or in my case, got blown ay out of context) years earlier. Should I just give up on healthcare?


I have never heard of Group One except on this site.

Is this something that exists only in Texas or is it elsewhere as well?

Maybe a call to a lawyer would help, at least you could probably get your questions answered that way.

Good luck.


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What if, since I am a CNA, I decided to go another way in healthcare, not nursing, would it matter what I am applying for? I don't want to spend years getting a degree only to be shut out later by something that happend (or in my case, got blown ay out of context) years earlier. Should I just give up on healthcare?


Not every healthcare facility subscribes to GroupOne. You may want to consider home health, a nursing home or agency nursing. Depending on the nature of the info in the report (is it criminal or not? ) you should be able to find a position. It just may be more difficult to find work at the larger hospitals, but I don't beleive it is not impossible. Consulting a lawyer who has worked with board of nursing review cases might be helpful (call the local bar association, they can recommend a lawyer with nursing experience or labor law experience). Also, you may want to be upfront and let the potential employer know this information is in the report and present your side at the first interview. You should be able to get a copy of the report. I would suggest doing that. Keep any copies of performance reviews and try to get recommendations from past employers.

Group One is straight up a tool of the devil, IMHO. Or at least a tool of the DFW hospitals.

I ahve posted my story about them before so I won't again. It took moving heaven and earth to get them to correct their errors on my "report".

Good luck to you.

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Wow, didn't know about these people. Looking at the client list, only one place in my area uses it and that is a small private surgical center.

How does one end up on the list? Do you have to be terminated from an employer that is a client of Group One or can just being "written up" land you on the list? How do you go about finding out if you on the list?

Luckily none of the hospitals I have worked at or would consider working at are clients. I have also never been terminated from a job. But it would be nice to know.

caroladybelle, BSN, RN

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What if, since I am a CNA, I decided to go another way in healthcare, not nursing, would it matter what I am applying for? I don't want to spend years getting a degree only to be shut out later by something that happend (or in my case, got blown ay out of context) years earlier. Should I just give up on healthcare?


If you look on the site (most unwanted listing), there are other healthcare workers such as radiology techs, pharmacists, PTs, etc. listed.

EDgreen, you are allowed to include a rebuttal attached to your group One report. That gives potential employers the opportunity to read YOUR side of the story before they judge you as unhireable. Soo...think of a professional response to the negative item in your report, keeping in mind managers will read it. Many good managers know that all it takes to get fired some places is someone in authority doesn't like you. Many managers will respond to you being upfront, admitting your deficiency (if there was one) and show how you have learned/grown from the experience. Good luck to you!

I had never heard of this group. Is it nationwide? How is it legal to have information on employees available to other employers and such if the employee did nothing illegal but maybe the HN and employee did not get alongand the employee was terminated on flimsey excuses? It happens in all at will states. Wow, Texas is covered with this group. Somebody please give me an answer, since I am a nurse who has years of employment and never knew this thing existed.


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I have a friend that was 'group one'd' -- she's an LVN and started an IV during an emergency but, though she had years of IV experience, LVNs didn't start IVs on the floor she was on. She was labeled 'insubordinate' for that event, but not till she quit on her own for other reasons 6 months later.

She did get a job at another group one facility but only because her manager was a former LVN and could relate.

Group One is a conglomerate of primarily Dallas Fort Worth Hospitals that keep private, SUBJECTIVE data on their employees, and share that information amonst themselves. It doesn't just give your dates of employment and rehire info; it gives your supervisor's opinion of you AND why you left. It also keeps criminal records (even minor ones) that never get taken off your group one record even if they are cleared up elsewhere.

It's not a national thing and I had never heard of it when my friend asked me about it, either.

Basically, if you don't work in DFW, with few exceptions, Group One doesn't apply to you.

Personally, the only reason why hospitals get away with crap like this is because nurses continue to work for them. I would never work for a group one hospital, not because i'm afraid of what data they collect, but because they have no real right to collect it (the subjective, unrebutted information from a supervisor who's writing about you at the EXACT same time you just told her to take her job and shove it - not very objective, huh?)

I just quit a job for installing an infrared tracking system -- i'm not a dog and don't need nor want a leash, thank you very much. These types of things are insulting. As the President of the Amer. Assoc. of Critical Nurses said at our conference in New Orleans in May: this kind of stuff is only tolerable if you tolerate it.


The kicker is we give our employers the right to let Group One gather financial, legal, personal hx(marriage,divorce et.) and previous employment hx.

We give them the permission do it when we sign that line giving our prospective employer permission to to contact a credit reporting agency it is stuck in the fine print.

Group One lists itself as a credit reporting agency. Its web site tells you what they really do. They do backround checks,drug test, financial and previous

employers comments. Does not seem like the actions of a credit reporting

agency. :uhoh21:


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Oh good lord.

Is this the website?:


I have NEVER heard of anything like this. Pretty positive this is illegal in CA. If a prospective employer were to call a former employer of mine all the former employer is legally able to say is Yes or No if they were asked if they would ever hire me again.

This just blows my mind.

I've said it once and I'll say it again,


Wow, no offense but Texas would never be for me. What the heck are you nurses thinking in Texas to give this agency such power? There have to be places down there that don't deal with this agency, if now, how in the world do regular, good days and bad days staff manage to keep their jobs?

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