Great - 9 months to go and I may have to quit...


So, I have 9 more months 'til I'm a nurse and can make my own $$ and very possibly leave my alcoholic husband.

I'm really excited and hoping these last 9 months will fly by & I'll be on my way to a better life for my children and myself.

Because we have 7 kids, I've been "randomly" chosen all semesters excpet for 1 by the FAFSA people to be "reviewed" before they will approve my financial aid and loans. From what I've been told, the 7 kids issue automatically triggers a review. Its getting to be a pain in the butt and I can hardly see how its random. But, its fairly easy to get through, just extra stuff that annoys me to have to waste my time to deal with.

So, again, about 3 weeks ago I get the letter from my schools financial aid dept saying that I've been chosen for review. Big surprise there.

I gather my paperwork, tax forms, ect and drive to my school 45 mins away and stand in the darned financial aid line for over an hour. Give them my papers, ect and ask for my book voucher.

I'm told to come back in 4 weeks for my voucher, thats when my review will be processed. starts in 2 days.....I have almost 400.00 in books to buy. We have assignments from day 1 of classes, I know this because we already have our day to day schedules.

Seems the school changed the way they do things and now don't give out vouchers for books (extending credit to you in the school bookstore - you sign a form saying that if financial aid doesnt come through, you owe the school $$). Thats the way its been for the 3 years I've been a student there.

So, I'm on my own. I don't have $400.00 I won't have $400.00 anytime soon.

I don't have any credit cards. I don't have family that will help. Heck, I'm getting so desperate that I would have gone and written a bad check for my books & paid the check off when my $$ came in, if my husband hadn't gotten our account closed recently. :madface:

School starts in less than 2 days!!! I have no books!!!

I called and spoke to a financial aid manager and basically, I'm just plain old S.O.L.

I'm really mad that they changed the way they handeled this with no warning at all. :angryfire

If I would have had some warning, I could have probably tucked away some money for some of the books at least.

I emailed my instructors and there isn't anything they can do to help. To make it worse, I was trying to find them used but the books I need this semester look to all be new editions, so nothing is available used at a good used price. I did find one but after shipping, it would be the same as if I got it at the bookstore.

I am soooooo discouraged. I can't think of any alternative than to drop out of the program. I can do that, but there are no guarantees that a seat will reopen for me in the program.

I know there isnt much anyone can say, I guess I just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.


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Go to the head of the nursing program and tell them your issue. Maybe they can help! I'm SO sorry you have to go through this! What classes do you have this term?


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Is there anybody in your class that might let you share their books? Maybe you could photocopy the pages you need until your money comes through. I can only speak for my class, but no way would we be willing to lose someone for something like this. We would all come together and work something out.


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Yes, I was going to suggest the same thing. And if the head of the nursing program can't help, I'd go to the director of the school. There is always someone who has the authority to use their discretion and find a way to make an exception when it is warranted, as it clearly is in this case.


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Come on now, there is no reason for you to drop out over this small issue.

Pawn the TV, just pay half the house note or something, rearrange the finances someway but DO NOT drop out.

You know you need to do this for the kids and honestly, I've read your past posts. I believe really you are a little like me and freak out needlessly over things. I can tell you from personal experiencethat if God brought you this far, he didn't do so to leave you.

You can do this, so don't let $400 little dollars stop you.

The other poster's have given good advice. If push comes to shove, just photocopy someone's book for the pages you need. You know eventually you will get your check and you can fix things.


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See if someone who has already graduated can loan you some books. We had to buy all new books, but some people had the previous editions from 2-3 years earlier and the information was almost exactly like the new edition (the chapters were arrainged differently though). Even the teacher was using older edition books.


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go to the nursing director, if that doesnt work, go to the Dean. FIND A WAY

Share a book with someone until your money comes in, call everyone you know in the program and ask if a graduate has their books you could borrow- make it happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I just wanted to add that usually college libraries carry all copies of needed textbooks for students to use...check there. Maybe you can make due until you get the $$ by using those?

I agree, talk to the nursing director. She may even have the texts to loan out for just such cases. GL!!!!


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What about getting a deferment until your loans come through? I have had to do that while doing my pre-reqs. Also try going to your local hospital and seeing if they might be able to help.

Good Luck


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oooh ! another thought.. I noticed that each one of my nursing instructors had the books in her office. Maybe you could borrow for a bit?


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DON'T quit!! See if the books are in the libary for research. Copy a class mates and use their CD from their books. Go to your teachers they may know of a way,but hang in for your sake and the children!! Did you check E-BAY? How about posting a list of books you need and maybe a user may have one to loan? If it's allowed.


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You've come way too far to quit now! What has happened to you is crappy for sure, but you're going to rise above it! In addition to the great suggestions above, here are some more:

Are you in any church groups or community organizations that might be able to help?

A long shot I know, but could you possibly get a credit card for this purpose? It might also help you get through some rough patches if/when you leave your husband.

Neighbors or friends who could lend/give you some cash? Maybe in exchange for some service you can do for them? Right, I know, Like you have time with school and 7 kids! Just brainstorming...

Have you any textbooks at home you could sell back? I know a lot of people hold onto them to study for boards, but if you have them sell them now and cross the boards bridge later.

Let your classmates know you need some help, they may be willing to share, or know of other resources that can help you.

Gosh, I hate to even bring this up because these places are total rip offs, but in an emergency, maybe a payday loan or car title loan? Not a good first option, but maybe as a last resort?

Yard sale?

Sell a kidney? (Just joking!)

I'd also be very surprised if your instructors couldn't help you find some way to manage til the money can come in, maybe lending you thier books or interceding for you? I had a prof lend me a book for a few weeks in a similar situaiton once.

I know that its a pain, but go to financial aid go to the dean/program head, go to your instructors. Sit in thier offices and don't leave! Practice these phrases: For financial aid and the bookstore: "Thank you for your time, if you can't help me, could I please speak to your supervisor?"and for instructors/dean etc: "I understand if you can't help me, who would you recommend I go to next?" Make it easier to help you than make you go away!

You are not weak if you've made it this far with 7 kids. Show them NO weakness. You WILL get these books by hook or by crook, as my grandma would say. No reason not to be polite but DO NOT take no for an answer!

I'll be keeping you in my prayers. Keep doing your part like you are, and God will do his.

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