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  1. ak127

    Best Pre-FNP RN experience

    emergency room- was the best learning experience i could have asked for
  2. ak127

    What do your patients call you?

    "I'm X, I'm a NP filling in for Dr. X today" (im currently locum tenens) "So, you're not a doctor? What do I call you?" "No, I'm not a doctor, I work for a living (Army joke- only if I think they'll get it) I answer to anything your grandma wouldn't pinch you for"
  3. ak127

    Fitzgerald FNP Cert EXam CD's

    Loved the Fitzgerald CDs and book. Passed AANP exam with no trouble.
  4. Agree with CapeCod- hell- I'm always shocked on the rare occasions my drug test is negative. My sleep disorder meds make me look like a complete junkie 9 times out of 10. Its more of a hassle than anything to go pee in the freakin cup when we all know my result doesn't mean anything. Especially since it makes them look at you differently when it was just a random test and you haven't done anything wrong. Makes me feel like a criminal.
  5. ak127

    What would you say to your patient?

    I'm on a locum tenens assignment right now, so, in my head, its more like me: "there is no doctor, just me and the students. pick your poison" them: "when's he coming back- i need my ridiculous quantity of narcotics for the ankle sprain i sustained 3 yrs ago. he always gives them to me" me: "can't do that. sorry charlie. no, i cant call him either, I dunno what country he's even in, i'm just a temp- hell today's my first day, i got lost coming here. where am i? what were we just talking about? im a penguin..." wander off
  6. ak127

    What would you say to your patient?

    "I shoved a pillow in his mouth and locked him in the closet. What can I help you with today?" LOL. Not really. "Would you like to tell me what the trouble is today? I can usually save you the inconvenience of waiting for the MD, as I can handle most primary care issues and, well, if I need him, I can pull him away for a moment to get your issues addressed."
  7. ak127

    LPN goin beyond scope of practice

    Yikes, that sounds like a tech/ nursing assistant job. I feel bad that people go to college, become an LPN, and can't get hired/get pigeonholed into nursing assistant roles. We should either let them do everything they are trained to do or get rid of LPN training programs all together. Just feels like a bait and switch.
  8. LOL- I tell my pts "I'm terribly sorry for the delay, but we had a bit of an emergency that was all hands on deck there for a minute. I'm just so glad you aren't sick enough to be five people's number one priority" I WISH I could say: "Sorry bout that, had to off the bugger before he could ring the call bell a forty-seventh time. I'm gonna go put him in a body bag, can I bring you anything on the way back?"
  9. i give meds people are "allergic" to daily- but i ALWAYS make a note such as "listed allergy to morphine clarified with patient- is experienced as nausea, no SOB/hives, discussed risk/benefit with pt, administered with zofran per order. pt tolerated well"
  10. +1 saying yes, not uncommon. have seen it enough to not be surprised anymore. Also, unknowingly came into contact with some paste once and wound up on the floor-its a way way ugly feeling. Very yucky.
  11. ak127

    Why isn't there's a Men's Health NP specialty

    BECAUSE MEN DON'T GO TO THE DOCTOR! hahahah. sorry. its late and I'm feeling slap happy. i didn't mean to belittle your question. i wish men would seek more primary healthcare. i use a drink holder at work that says "duct tape doesn't fix everything" on one side and "men's health" on the other. :-) maybe you've found your unique niche.
  12. ak127

    nclex yesteday! ahhh!

    :up:PASSED!:smiley_aa Got my results today (Monday) took the test Saturday- so, there you are. 48 hours, not necessarily two business days. Whoo hoo! Going out to dinner with all my non-nurse friends to celebrate (the nursing school friends are still studying for NCLEX!). As an aside, Happy Bastille Day everyone! Now I'll feel the need to mark the occaision with a Bastille Day party every year. :clpty:
  13. ak127

    nclex yesteday! ahhh!

    I hope you are right (I've only checked three times already.... even though its only been a day... who's crazy?! not me! I'm not going CRAZY! I'm not!) but the paperwork they gave me at the testing center said 2 *business days* in bold print. The lady at the center told me if I'm lucky it might be Monday, but probably not til Tuesday.
  14. ak127


    BECAUSE confidence on the day of testing will really help... I'd do all the questions I can if I were you. I used Lippincott's PDA review (didn't like it, it doesn't score your test, you have to keep count!) ATI tests from school, and the Saunders book/CD. I really liked the Saunders and used it a lot. I took my test yesterday and got 75 questions so I guess we'll know soon enough. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  15. ak127

    nclex yesteday! ahhh!

    I took mine yesterday too. Going more than a little crazy. I'm in Georgia- their quick results are available in 2 *business* days, so I may not have mine til Tuesday.... that won't stop me from checking tomorrow- I mean, I already checked TODAY and that's crazy so tomorrow is just hopeful.