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Hello All,

I just joined the group and wanted to suggest a book to all Nurses, Nursing Students and anyone wanting to be a Nurse. The title is: Intensive Care - The Story of Nurse. The Author is "Echo Heron". I just finished it and it's a great read.

Echo Heron was a CCU/ER Nurse for 17 years - the book takes you through her days as a nursing student and through her 17 year career. As the write-up states - she holds nothing back. All the great, bad and the ugly. She really tells it like it is, down to the most gruesome detail (not for the faint of heart).

After finishing the book I read a lot about her - really interesting woman. Since leaving the profession (after being totally burned out) - she's written several books about Nursing and has fought very hard for Nurses everywhere for better salaries, benefits, better working conditions, etc.

In the book she is often at odds with the Nursing & Hospital Administrators and surprisingly often got her way out of sheer determination. Just wanted to pass this along - I can't wait to read one of the other books she's written. SusanNC



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I read that book 5l years ago shortly after beginning my new job in the E.R. It was a very interesting and informative book. It gave you real insight about the world of nursing. She is an awesome writer, nurse, and advocate for positive changes within the nursing field.


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yep! I love her books! I have read them all, and will probably be re-reading them again shortly!


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I read her books several years ago and loved them. I keep looking to see if she has anything new out. I wasn't a big fan of her nurse/detective book though.

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I read the book you mentioned and another book called "Tending Lives" by her. I liked the book "Tending Lives: because every chapter is by a different nurse in a different speciality.:rolleyes:

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Ooooo!!!!!! I read that!

Isn't it awesome?!?!?! I just couldn't put it down till I finished!

I tried to read the2nd one and got about halfway through before I had to take it back...for some reason, I just couldn't quite get into it like I did the first, but yea, that first one.... :)

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I've read all her books as well and loved every single one of them!!


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Thanks for the book recomendation! I just ordered it off for $.99.

I look forward to reading it!

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I think I have all three of Echo Heron's books - read them and loved them. If I can find them, I'd be happy to pass them along to someone else to enjoy (maybe you could just reimburse me for the shipping)?

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Yep, she has been mentioned here before. I read her first book about nursing school the summer before I started . .almost scared me out of going back to school. :eek:

I love the nurses and docs she works with . . . I always remember the new nurse who gives each of her breasts names and has their names embroidered into her bra cups. Hilarious.



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Well, it sounded so good I ran out today and bought it. I was teary on the prologue.

I figured I better get it right away, lord knows once the semester gets going I will have no time for recreational reading...:eek:



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"Intensive Care" was the first book of hers that I read....years ago. Loved it! (Mountain reverberation....hahaaha).

I later followed it with "Condition Critical" and "Tending Lives". Loved them all.

I would LOVE to get the chance to meet Echo Heron. I once even named a pup after her! haha

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