1. Well Brother and Sisters, I started my quest to be apart of something that was bigger than myself August 20, 2008 when I contacted my AMEDD Recruiter. I had some issues like being overweight and didnt tape good, my credit, and an arrest record from my ex-spouse and no convictions, in fact I am also a part time sworn police officer. Friday 04/01/09 I met with my recruiter to finish my packet I taped good and my physical has been good to go since February 01, 2009. My recruiter thought that I would need a moral waiver because of my criminal record and although there were never any convictions and I explained everything in detail he still tried to get a waiver. I waited 2 months for this waiver and then the Battalion Lawyer said that since I didnt have any convictions I didnt need a waiver. I met and finished my packet on Friday 05/01/09 and then monday 05/04/09 my recruiter called and said that someone he spoke to someone at APMC to get my slot and he informed him that with my record of incidents with my ex-spouse that my recruiter was wasteing his time with my packet he said I wouldnt get commissioned.
    My thing is I know the Army is takeing people who have felonies on their record, yes I have had some issues with my ex-spouse but they were all ficticous and my references would verify that along with court transcripts. my references are mostly police officers and like I said earlier I am a RN and a sworn police officer.
    Does the Army Reserve all ready have their quota for RN's or what?

    So my dream will become just that a dream.

    Thanks for all your help during this journey and God Bless
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  3. by   BEDPAN76
    I'm so sorry this happened to you. You know that expression, "Everything happens for a reason". Maybe true. If you have some experience you should try for a travel nurse position. If you aren't picky about where you travel to, I am sure you will find something. Good luck and best wishes to you!
  4. by   NursePamela
    The legal thing and the credit are a big deal but I think I would keep trying. There is always going to be someone who said something. Make sure your recruiter at least submits it, don't let him stop because someone "said" it wouldn't go anywhere.

    Good luck
  5. by   caliotter3
    I, too, would make them submit it and have your packet go through due process. You have no way of knowing that it might not get through. And if it does come back disapproved, you will have the paperwork showing this to use as the basis of an appeal or a resubmit.
  6. by   Ginger's Mom
    Army does crazy things, my daughter has a hearing loss in one range in one ear. It is also very common once joining the Army this range is ruin by gun fire. It is there loss, so sad they let good people go away.
  7. by   krazykev
    I have just begun the process of applying for the AR and this article does cause me some concern. For when I was younger, about 15 years ago, I got involved into some legal trouble and I used some drugs. Plus, in order to get through nursing school, I had to let some of my bills go into collection. So, I definitely have many marks against me. Which makes me wonder if it is even worth the trouble of completing the application process.
  8. by   pattyrn376
    I would have them send it to the board, are you applying for AD or rc? I had a messy divorce (as does half the country) and I even had a municipal conviction of possession of an unlicensed chihuahua with a 150 dollar fine. (the same jurisdiction fiined another person 42.50 for 2nd degree assault) they fine sliding scale. I comissioned in january, granted I am still waiting for my orders but i did get boarded and comissioned. have them send it up and if you get denied, then you get denied. getting discouraged is not a denial.
  9. by   Staczse7
    "Does the Army Reserve all ready have their quota for RN's or what?"

    The Nurse Corps is full at the moment.

    to build on this they have even stopped accepting "age waivers" for persons older than 42 (for Active Duty only). I was planning on going AD from Reserves and am now waiting till the Fall to see if that loosens again (FY begins OCT)

    I believe in giving people second chances for the most part. People don't understand what others are going through at the time of their occurrence. That really sucks what happened to you. I also think you should persevere.... continue w/ your packet and cite everything you've done since what happened, it might mean except "dogging" (i.e. getting references, providing proof of any community work etc)... but it will all be worth it.