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ER RN, mom of kids, Runner, pack mommy to a minpin and 2 jack russell terriers.... i'm on facebook (edie cardwell)

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  1. RN to Paramedicine and Covid

    Hi there! I enrolled and completed the didactic portion of a paramedic certification program. I started clinical in the ED then covid struck. Clinical sites were Closed and we have been in a standstill. I started back in July but I still have a...
  2. Hi I have been a RN for over two decades and it never fails people in this profession disappoint! They’re always up in everybody else’s business and are the first to go and snitch, even if they don’t know what theyre Talking about! I am so disappoi...
  3. Day in the life of an Army Reserve Nurse

    what is your life like as a reserve nurse? at times it's chaotic...juggling home life, kids, work, army related stuff. As a reservist you are responsible for maintaining your own physical fitness, army training (online) and your certifications r/t y...
  4. ARMY Critical Care Nursing full?????

    Hi I have a sleeve and a few other tattoos including a small one on my neck.... its not a big deal....... i've been to OBLC...many of the cadre have ink as well.
  5. Two-Year Service Obligation for Nurses Age 42-60

    When I was investigating going AD, I was told by my recruiter that I could not, at the moment because I am 46 years old. He did say that I could do the 2-year AD option but it was unclear as to whether I would be able to stay in after that. This ma...
  6. preparation for OBLC

    we havent needed to put up any tents............ no mention of such either.... but I have black gloves in my bag just in case. PX sells a pair for about 7 bucks
  7. preparation for OBLC

    Hi So we are entering our last week here for OBLC- short course. It is still hot, the demands are greater both physically and mentally. While this course is not anywhere near what enlisted's go through for their basic training it has been tough in ...
  8. preparation for OBLC

  9. security clearance interview

    Patty I just had my interview for my security clearance a couple of weeks ago. I met the agent at a library on a college campus and it was about my credit. He had a copy of my credit report and we went through each one step by step. I dont expect...
  10. preparation for OBLC

    Hi there! this is a message coming directly from the FOB: I am presently at the June OBLC-RC down at FSH I have some suggestions for you all in order to be successful. 1.) start hydration at least a month before heading there. 2.) I would suggest go...
  11. OBLC ht/wt/body fat% questions

    I can tell you that ht/wt body fat analysis can be skewed and may be false. For example I dated a man who was 6'4" and 275 lbs. he was a body builder. he would go to use those scales like what is outside GNC etc and he would repeatedly be told by t...
  12. ID card before OBLC?

    I was considered IRR when I got my ID. HRC has been putting people into the IRR as a "holding position" so people dont get lost. I had even gotten my ID before my orders. I would suggest, if you live near an ID office, just go there w/ your two for...
  13. ID card before OBLC?

    Hi GoGreen I went to Westover AFB first and got my initial ID there, but they had gotten my email wrong and I could not use it to log on using my CAC reader. So I then went to Devens and got it replaced. You need to bring a couple of ID's and some ...
  14. OBLC ht/wt/body fat% questions

    from athena (taken from another thread here on an) from athena55 [color=#1750ff]platinum member senior member age: 53 years exp: 33+ nursing specialty: critical care oncology/trauma received 320 kudos from 201 posts join date...
  15. OBLC ht/wt/body fat% questions

    According to the paperwork we rec'd they state "It is important that you arrive prepared for both the physicaly demanding field training exercises and the Diagnostic Army Physical Fitness Test (DAPFT) you are required to take to graduate this course"...