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ER RN, mom of kids, Runner, pack mommy to a minpin and 2 jack russell terriers.... i'm on facebook (edie cardwell)

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  1. Hi there! I enrolled and completed the didactic portion of a paramedic certification program. I started clinical in the ED then covid struck. Clinical sites were Closed and we have been in a standstill. I started back in July but I still have about 150 hours to do. does anyone know if there is a RN challenge recognized by NREMT so I can move on and get this done? The required skills in the ED setting are skills I already do since I work in the ED full time. I have emailed them and am waiting a response thanks in advance. Stay safe!
  2. Hi I have been a RN for over two decades and it never fails people in this profession disappoint! They’re always up in everybody else’s business and are the first to go and snitch, even if they don’t know what theyre Talking about! I am so disappointed! Can anyone give me some tips to help me feel better about my “peers”! I love my job just some of the people I work with not so much! thanks in advance
  3. Staczse7

    Day in the life of an Army Reserve Nurse

    what is your life like as a reserve nurse? at times it's chaotic...juggling home life, kids, work, army related stuff. As a reservist you are responsible for maintaining your own physical fitness, army training (online) and your certifications r/t your MOS How does it work out with your civilian life/job? Most of the time it works out ok. My job for the most part (there have been attitude problems/ minor misunderstandings) is supportive Have you been deployed yet, and if so how many times and where as well as the length? No..havent deployed. I hear though it is 3 months CONUS training then 9 months boots on the ground over there Are you happy being a reserved nurse? for the most part......it sometimes feels like I swim upstream.. there is a lot of attitude between reservists/ active duty folk. I think we're all in the same group with supposedly the same interests..that is support the mission and defend the United States and our freedom How much longer do you have and will you re-enlist? I have 4.5 years left of my contract then 2 years IRR What made you join? wanted a change from civi nursing. I had worked with 2 Army Nurses in the ER, I liked their style. I wanted to give back and thought of the most unselfish people to be able to do that with...Our troops defending us. What don't you like about being in the reserves? the juggling....of life, army....etc..it gets very time consuming doing the online modules on our time.
  4. Staczse7

    ARMY Critical Care Nursing full?????

    Hi I have a sleeve and a few other tattoos including a small one on my neck.... its not a big deal....... i've been to OBLC...many of the cadre have ink as well.
  5. Staczse7

    Two-Year Service Obligation for Nurses Age 42-60

    When I was investigating going AD, I was told by my recruiter that I could not, at the moment because I am 46 years old. He did say that I could do the 2-year AD option but it was unclear as to whether I would be able to stay in after that. This may change in the Fall, October 09, when the new fiscal year starts and the ANC sees what their numbers are. But I am curious...... at the age of 60 you can request an age waiver, grated it you can stay in the Army until age 67. I could easily get my 20 years in................
  6. Staczse7

    preparation for OBLC

    we havent needed to put up any tents............ no mention of such either.... but I have black gloves in my bag just in case. PX sells a pair for about 7 bucks
  7. Staczse7

    preparation for OBLC

    Hi So we are entering our last week here for OBLC- short course. It is still hot, the demands are greater both physically and mentally. While this course is not anywhere near what enlisted's go through for their basic training it has been tough in spots. People have passed out from the heat, dehydration.... have had serious blisters on their feet and other physical issues. I cannot emphasize enough being in good shape and have a good pair of well-fitting boots. We have ridden on the back of convoy trucks, learned how to identify some ied's, have had numerous powerpoint lessons. The cadre have been supportive, even going so far as getting ice for the water buffalo (again no running water at the FOB). The food is less than desireable but compared to what some other people get to eat in our world it is tolerable. This coming week we are going to learn what its like to be a medic on the front line. (I have posted pics on facebook..... you can request to be a friend to me and I will let you in.... just put AN in the message) name: Edie Cardwell
  8. Staczse7

    preparation for OBLC

  9. Staczse7

    security clearance interview

    Patty I just had my interview for my security clearance a couple of weeks ago. I met the agent at a library on a college campus and it was about my credit. He had a copy of my credit report and we went through each one step by step. I dont expect to hear from him again and he stated that the reason for my faults would be d/t raising kids in a single income household. This interview he stated was to assess whether I was a risk for potential attempts by enemy forces to bribe me. As I stated to him, "I've lost my home, my car....everything trying to do the right thing... I am not a risk I have nothing for them to try to bribe me about". Anyway, good luck and let me know how it goes! Edie
  10. Staczse7

    preparation for OBLC

    Hi there! this is a message coming directly from the FOB: I am presently at the June OBLC-RC down at FSH I have some suggestions for you all in order to be successful. 1.) start hydration at least a month before heading there. 2.) I would suggest going to a sauna to acclimate to the type of air conditions that are present. steamy and hot. It was `110 degrees yesterday with 100% humidity. your acu's stick to you like a second skin 3.) be prepared for the "Marriot" you will be sharing a room with another person, you have a twin size bed, microwave and a small fridge. The commissary and the shopettes have been useful. 4.) the food is carb, carb, carb..... there isnt really much protein served at all. I would suggest bringing a protein source. 5.) be prepared to "move it", we have been on our feet, we have been marching in "full battle rattle" (kevlar, LBE, ruck). endurance is key here. If it is warm in your area, get used to it now. as previous, the temps easily reach 100+ by noon.....people were being trucked off to BAMC by EMS for heat exhaustion 6.) make sure your boots are broken in. I have blisters on both my heels. tons of other soldiers have been seeking medical treatment for their feet. List of things to bring 1.) duct tape and moleskin..... works well for "hotspots" 2.) baby wipes.....tons 3.) parachute cord..... makes a nice clothes line in your 20+ person tent at the FOB 4.) foot powder 5.) water flavoring packets 6.) sockts, tshirts, you wear your pt clothes to bed 7.) Camelbak is essential black or acu print only is allowed 8.) sunscreen, bug spray. 9.) well fitting boots 10.) protein.......you cannot bring food to the FOB but protein powder individually packed is ok. 11.) trial sizes of everything 12.) good attitude...... there are some slugs here (we are here w/ 350+ med students...... they do not integrate well with us at all "we're just reservists", however little do they realize we will deploy long before most of them get their legal license to practice. I've gotten to the point where I do not pay attention to it. and the guys are more friendly than the gals. 13.) you need to be ready to follow direction. even though the land nav a mile in each direction wide....people separatedc from their battle buddy and got lost. People that dont listen hold down the whole operation. I hope this helps all preparing for OBC. Edie
  11. Staczse7

    OBLC ht/wt/body fat% questions

    I can tell you that ht/wt body fat analysis can be skewed and may be false. For example I dated a man who was 6'4" and 275 lbs. he was a body builder. he would go to use those scales like what is outside GNC etc and he would repeatedly be told by them he was morbidly obese.
  12. Staczse7

    ID card before OBLC?

    I was considered IRR when I got my ID. HRC has been putting people into the IRR as a "holding position" so people dont get lost. I had even gotten my ID before my orders. I would suggest, if you live near an ID office, just go there w/ your two forms of ID. You dont need to only go to ARMY offices, any branch of the military will give you one.
  13. Staczse7

    ID card before OBLC?

    Hi GoGreen I went to Westover AFB first and got my initial ID there, but they had gotten my email wrong and I could not use it to log on using my CAC reader. So I then went to Devens and got it replaced. You need to bring a couple of ID's and some patience as it takes a while. Good Luck! Edie
  14. Staczse7

    OBLC ht/wt/body fat% questions

    from athena 55.......ad (taken from another thread here on an) from athena55 [color=#1750ff]platinum member senior member age: 53 years exp: 33+ nursing specialty: critical care oncology/trauma received 320 kudos from 201 posts join date: nov 2005 posts: 726 jun 13, 2009, 09:42 pm re: apft test and first drill yes arrnmy is correct: if you fail your apft you will get flagged, have mandatory pt plus you will not be allowed to attend any tdy and return. i failed my run (newly diagnosed arthritis in my bloody hip, i thought i had a wee bit of the sciatica, hehe) and my short course paperwork was tossed (i had wanted to go to fort sam for the tncc and c4 course before my deployment. sigh....) army nurse corps: "embrace the past, engage the present, envision the future" martin luther king, jr: "our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" mark twain: "of all the things that i have lost, i miss my mind the most"
  15. Staczse7

    OBLC ht/wt/body fat% questions

    According to the paperwork we rec'd they state "It is important that you arrive prepared for both the physicaly demanding field training exercises and the Diagnostic Army Physical Fitness Test (DAPFT) you are required to take to graduate this course". "Students will not be enrolled in OBLC if they have a medical or physical condition or a valid physical profile that precludes participation in the field training exercises or the DAPFT. Students that arrive and cannot meet the minimum physical requirements for the course may be disenrolled from the course, recycled to the next scheduled course after they are able to meet the minimum physical requirements or recommended for separation from the Army". According to the schedule for June they do Ht/WT the 1st full day of OBLC and the DAPFT on the 2nd. Might I suggest CrossFit..... get you fit quick and you'll lose weight. They're located all over the country
  16. Staczse7

    OBC-RC Pay

    they send you an email telling you to click on the link to register.