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  1. security clearance.

    the atty says everything should be okay. and if I cant get clearance then it would just be separation. but because I have all of the supportive documents it should be okay. it was apparently rubber stamped denied because 2004 and 2005 do look bad. b...
  2. security clearance.

    apparently when there is a 6-9 month span where a persons credit is bad and great before and after it looks like you started drinking,gambling,drugging, etc hit rock bottom got rehab and recovered although those time frames are are a little shorter t...
  3. security clearance interview

    apparently there are alot of middle age single moms that have similar issues. I know of several going through the same thing.
  4. security clearance.

    all of her bills with in the past 3-4 yrs are current. when she lost her jobs when the hurricane hit lost her home she knew she was not in the position for a loan. she bought the car for 20k put 10k down and paid it down to about 7, since she could ...
  5. security clearance.

    her commander is telling her that if she cant get clearance then she is OUT and there would be trials. having the debt regardless of reason or when is what makes it an offense. but she knew her credit was horendous and used that word in her applicat...
  6. security clearance.

    army reserves. she is drilling. apparently being deliquent on those bills was conduct unbecoming an officer and a detriment to the entire unit. she calls herself in obrien not the barbarien. they want all moneys paid to her back includin...
  7. security clearance.

    has anyone had any issues getting security clearance. I have a friend that comissioned over a yr ago they told her the background check was ok. she was from hurricane katrina and absolutely lost everything. home car jobs. during that time her credi...
  8. I am a GEEK from the word go

    with my army uniform everything so far has been velcro, patches anyway not the combat boots we still have to tie them ; )
  9. you might want to explore the BS to BSN programs, it is a condensed program usually 1 year for those without an RN but a prior BS degree. it might mean student loans but the army reserve will help you with those
  10. OBLC in feb-march

    reserve oblc is 26 days feb 25 til march 23
  11. OBLC in feb-march

    via my phone.....I am reserve component so I only do 4 weeks. I comissioned in jan 09 got orders to drill in may 1st drill june the education sgt is booking me for oblc. we set things up last weekend at drill after we went rapelling .and friday I fin...
  12. OBLC in feb-march

    I am going to OBLC in feb-march. a good time to be in texas and out of the frozen tundra of missouri
  13. pass apft before obc

    she got back to me and clarified that, she said diagnostic is done at oblc and then I to apft with the rest of my unit after I get back
  14. pass apft before obc

    I found out from training NCO that I cant go to oblc until I pass the apft. I thought we got a diagnostic apft at obc and tried to pass it then and if not when your unit does their apft
  15. All volunteer army

    I am getting ready to go to my 3rd drill, I was comissioned in january, this coming drill they expect me to jump off a 50 ft tower with a rope apparently for free! when I drill I have to move my week end work day over and lose my differential which i...