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Got into nursing school....Should I wait?!?!



So I did it. The dream that is. I got into a nursing program. I liked the school and I told them I was going. I'm suppose to start a BSN program at Caylor School of Nursing in Harrogate TN in TWO WEEKS.

BUT here's the thing. I've always always always wanted to learn Spanish. It's on my bucket list. If I go to nursing school now I'm going to be bogged down by student loans. I'm worried that I'll never actually accomplish my dream of learning Spanish. That and I'm from California I feel like it would help when coming back if I had a Spanish back ground? Maybe? Or am I just making excuses?!

But at the same time I know how hard it is to get into nursing school!!! And this seems like a really good program. Am i being dumb by not going? I only have a year before one of my prereqs expire.

What do you guys think?!?

Spanish can wait in my opinion you could always try to learn it on your own while in nursing school..... I wish I'm as lucky as you and get accepted into the program for Spring 2015 I barely put in the application! Don't make excuses though, do you not really want this???

You can learn spanish on your winter/summer breaks. You can learn it on your way to and from clinicals. You can learn it anytime before, during, or after nursing school. That's a guarantee. What's not a guarantee is you getting into a program again. Is that a risk worth taking?

That's a good point. I need to think on it and fast. I think I'm just so burned out from all the prereqs. I just finished up my last 3 last week.

I hope you get in! I'll cross my fingers for you!!

Definitely go to nursing school unless you don't want to be a nurse anymore. Buy a rosetta stone program, go on youtube and google. You can teach yourself. There are also international medical trips you go on as a nurse and you could go to somewhere that speaks spanish and immerse yourself! I know a lot of those trips will have spanish classes for you, just another idea :) good luck.

LadyFree28, BSN, RN

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There are so many apps and programs out there to learn Spanish.

Go through nursing school, learn Spanish, then find a way to immerse yourself as a nurse by working in under served areas of this country or a Latin American country and speak fluently while on those missions.

DuoLingo is an app that will teach you spanish for free. Download it and go to nursing school. ;)

This can't be a real question :confused:

It was/is. I'm just really worried about student loans and never having a break. I've been working on my prereqs for 3 years and working full time. I know everybody has the same story but sorry, I'm burnt. I'm worried that if I go to nursing school right away I will have these loans to contend with and then I'll never be able to really complete this dream I've had. But yeah. We'll see. I guess the choice is obvious.

akulahawkRN, ADN, RN, EMT-P

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In my opinion, you should not wait to go to nursing school. You're now done with all your prerequisite courses and you'll likely never have that information as fresh in your head as you do now. Also, life has a way of getting in the way of things if you wait. Unless you're somehow able to save up the entire amount you'll need for going through nursing school while you're learning Spanish, you'll still be significantly in debt after you finish nursing school, and given that the cost of your education isn't likely to go down, it will be that much more expensive when you do go to nursing school later.

So, my advice is to do the nursing school now. You can learn Spanish on your own or by later taking classes.

shan409, ASN, BSN, LPN, RN

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You need to think long and hard about why you are becoming a nurse. Many of us are adult students, with full time careers in the medical field already with families to raise. I'm sure you can learn spanish. I have a home business that provides me with language software and I'm completely lesson 3 on spanish right now.

You can do any and every thing you put your mind to. Well I know I can, I need you to know that you can too.

Best Wishes!

Don't wait. Go to nursing school! Learning Spanish can come after

Bubbly26, ASN, RN

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Go to nursing school.

NurseGirl525, ASN, RN

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Why do you want to be a nurse? This is my question because most people are thrilled when they get accepted. They don't wonder about learning a foreign language. I suspect, you do not really want to be a nurse. You just chose something that you thought would give you job security and good money. Now you are burned out from the amount of work it takes. The program itself is much harder than the prereqs. What is it you want to do with your life? What do you see yourself doing that would make you happy? Do not spend the money on something you are not going to like. Live your life for you, you only get one and it's a short one!

I'd say go for being a nurse but from what I'm reading, you are having doubts and have an interest in Spanish. If you burnt out from the pre-reqs, you may need to come to terms with yourself to either A) give yourself a break from schooling B) Continue on to Nursing School and learn Spanish on your free time or C) Rethink Nursing and go for a Spanish-related degree instead.

Just from your post, you seem so more passionate about Spanish than Nursing to me.


You do the math.

Well, now you know what to take for your open electives.

mindofmidwifery, ADN

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If you really knew you wanted to be a nurse, you would know how crazy you sound for seriously thinking about choosing Spanish over nursing... That's not a bad thing though! Just think about it.