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I took the NCLEX and got the "good pop-up" via the PVT. Honestly, I don't feel like I did well at all on the exam. My exam was cut off after 75 questions. I had at least 15 SATA questions, and 4 or 5 drop/order questions. I honestly thought I was failing the whole time. Has anyone got the "good pop-up" and still failed? I am stressing out.........

How is it? I just took the exam this afternoon and computer shut off at 76.. a lot of sata questions and I really felt unsure wd the answers I havent tried pvt yet cos I dont know how that one works or how to do it


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Log on to Pearson Vue. click on "register". Attempt to "register" for the NCLEX-RN exam. You will be prompted to answer several questions such as the school you graduated from, if you have taken the NCLEX, ect. Fill in the appropriate info. If you are redirected to the credit card verification, then you "failed" according to this Pearson Vue trick. If you get an error message stating that you cannot register because you recently took the test, than you passed. Hope this helps. Good luck.


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I just had the EXACT same experience. I got mostly SATA questions and was also cut off at 75 questions... I also felt like I didn't do that well and still got the good pop up! Stressin!!

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I'm graduating in August so NCLEX and HESI exit exam information is being pounded into our heads at the moment. Our teacher told us that the Pearson Vue trick does indeed work. She along with one of our advisors also said that when you see a lot of alternative style questions you are doing really well on the exam and are thinking on the analysis level. Hope this helps...:up:


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If you got the good pop-up, you passed. Congratulations, nurse!

I did the pvt said cant register now.. thats the good pop up ryt?:)

I got mostly sata, 3ecg, 2drug calcu, safety nd infection control, ob, pedia,1 drag nd drop bout ms and safety needs, a lot of pharma nd priority question too..


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Literally the same thing happened on mine, 75 question cut off and I felt awful but I got the good pop up! I guess only time will tell, 2 days of torture before quick results.


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I have heard of people failing even with the "good pop up" A friend of mine in school this actually happened.


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hello @anthonyray I took my test today received the good pop up too , Im in disbelief because I had very little SATA , I pray the Pearson vue trick is accurate for us too.

Hi guys! Pvt works for me quick result said pass


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Congrats crystabelle_29!! I live in CA and don't get the quick results. Fingers crossed still. I'm happy to hear that the PV trick is still holding true.

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