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Gift ideas for a newly admitted nursing student


I know I should probably know this, considering I just graduated from nursing school myself, but I'd love some insight from others too!

My very very dear friend has finally been accepted to nursing school. She has been applying for years, became a medical assistant and took over my position when I began nursing school. She re-did some of her prerequisites after being rejected a number of times and she took the teas over and over until she got a score that she and her advisor were happy with. She has worked so incredibly hard to get into nursing school and has finally done it! I couldn't be more proud or happy for her. When I was accepted she had our medical office all chip in to buy me an amazing cardiology III stethoscope. She's always been supportive, even though she's had her own difficulties. I want to get her a really spectacular congratulations gift, but I'm unsure of what. A doctor we used to work with said she would chip in and help me. We were thinking a great stethoscope like I received, but I was also thinking maybe a really great planner or a gift card for a bookstore...what would you have liked to have before starting nursing school?

Thanks for your help!

Personally I think the steth is a fantastic gift. Not many people fork out the money for a good steth while in school, for whatever reason. The difference between a cheap steth and a good one are quite noticeable. I spent the money on a Littmann prior to clinicals and am so happy I did. A couple of my classmates tried my steth on some difficult to auscultate patients and were amazed enough at the difference that they went ahead and bought a Littmann (our bookstore stocks cheapies and Littmanns).

I think the steth, a good planner (I personally like Uncalendar), or a good nclex review book like Saunders make great gifts that will be put to good use.

Congrats to your friend! And congrats to you as well since you just graduated! :)

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A steth is a good gift, so is a bookstore gift card! I personally wanted to chose my own steth, so I am hoping to receive Amazon gift cards.


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Gift card to her school's bookstore. Holy crap that first semester was expensive.

Just got into nursing school as well, and all I want now is EVERY NCLEX BOOK EVER KNOWN TO ANYONE ON THIS EARTH! I WANT IT ALL. lol Fundamental books, medsurg books. I want books. Penlight, planners, rolling backpack can be a great gift to me right now as well. For a stethoscope, I would prefer deciding for myself which one I would want. But books are pretty good gifts. :)

Thanks for all of your suggestions!! I'm going to take all of them into consideration; a lot of the things mentioned I didn't even think about!! You guys are awesome! :)

Totally agree about the steth, however...if you know her school colors and her measurements, you could also get her her first pair of scrubs. You could get her some super cute compression socks (they help with tired feet, not just veins). All the PPs suggestions are good. I know a cardio III is a great scope, but I am the kind of person who would also enjoy a gift basket (maybe a classic II, and some other goodies..plum paper student planner, clinical pocket guide, socks..). And this probably goes without saying, but I can see from your post how proud of her you are, so a card that says all that stuff should definitely accompany whatever you get.

My story is very similar to your friends, and I also start nursing school this Fall! Congrats to all of us who have stuck with our dreams! Thinking about wonderful gift ideas, I would go with a great stethoscope and a gift certificate for an Erin Condren Life Planner. You can personalize the planner online and they send it to you, I have a code for $10 off the planner pm me if you're interested- super cute :-) Your friend is blessed to have a friend like you, congrats to you both.

Thank you all for your kind words! Love the personalized tag RunBabyRN! I'm going to look into it now. I think what I am going to do is combine all of your ideas into one. I did order a classic II stethoscope and I think I am going to decorate a box and fill it with some "essentials" for clinicals: a pocket guide, a small pocket sized notepad, an NCLEX study guide, a clipboard, and some pens. I'm going to skip the planner because I, myself, am SO picky with planners and I think she will want to choose her own to be able to find one that fits her needs the best (I know I would want to at least). Thanks again, you guys are great!

Okay, so here is what I came up with. We're having dinner on Thursday to celebrate so I will give it to her then. I made kind of a clinical/nursing school survival box. I got a clipboard, stethoscope, multi colored pens, highlighters, Chapstick, hand lotion, elephant post its (her first degree was from Alabama), a pocket sized note pad, page flags, gum, a stethoscope id badge, and I also gave her three of my Davis Success books for extra study questions. I included fundamentals, pharm, and med-surg, and I'm going to give her my OB, peds, and psych when she gets to those semesters. Thanks for your help ya'll!!

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One more thing, always be by her side if she needs to bounce ideas off someone or needs a kind word to brighten her day. I can remember how stressful it was and having someone there that would pick me up when I felt down was a gift in itself.

Rob4546, that is a given! I definitely plan on being a person for her to vent to, talk to, and just be that supportive person during her time in school. I felt like a proud parent when I heard that she was accepted, haha! Thanks for your input!!


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Ohhhhh you are a fantastic gift giver!!!!