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I can't give too much info just in case someone I work with comes here and of course, I surely don't want to violate anyone's privacy. Anyway, I worked this past weekend and wasn't aware of a policy... Read More

  1. by   arelle68
    They failed to inform you. Their fault. Forgive yourself, forgive them, and go back to focusing on the needs of your residents.
  2. by   mel82
    How can you not have access to a pharmacy on the weekend?
  3. by   wooh
    If that's the worst you've done (getting them an extra couple days of payment for a new patient), then you're doing good.
  4. by   CapeCodMermaid
    First off to the poster who said the hospitals HAVE to speak to the admissions person before sending someone...NOT around here. We've gotten patients sent to us with no warning at all. The hospital does NOT care about our insurance issues -they care about getting the patient out of the hospital.
    At my last facility, before I got there, they didn't take weekend admissions because the nurses told everyone it was too much do you all think your salaries get paid?
    Do you have an ekit...a first dose kit to take meds from if the pharmacy can't deliver? I, too, am surprised that you don't have access to meds 24/7. What happens if there is an order for a new antibiotic on a Saturday? Does the patient wait till Monday? thing we do which keeps everyone informed...we have a note book at the nurses' station. Any new policy is put in the book and all the staff must sign that they've read it. We also use it for patient specific things like "Mrs Jones does not want to get out of bed before 10 am"...everyone knows the latest and if they say they were never told, I give them a copy with their signature on it.
  5. by   mondkmondk
    Thanks everyone; I am not as depressed today and can't help but think if they wanted my resignation or planned to fire me, which they haven't, then they must think I'm a decent nurse who just made a mistake. In the med room, there is a tiny piece of paper that has a name and phone number on it; it is an on-call pharmacist but the note also says to never call him, so maybe that is why they are passing surveys? They probably take the paper that says to never call him down for the surveyors.

    The DON called me off my supper break when she reamed me and now all my aides are coming up to me and asking what I got in trouble for. I can't believe how nosy people are. Of course, this facility probably has more aides than anything so naturally they can get gossipy. 2 other nurses that all of a sudden quit were the main CNA topic this weekend. I told them to go gossip on their own time too. I know I would hate to be gossiped about, which I know I am being gossiped about now since I didn't tell anyone what I got in trouble for, although I know the licensed nurses know and have probably by now already told the aides. ARGH!

    Anyway, thanks for letting me vent and for all those who allowed that they've made mistakes too....

    Blessings, M.
  6. by   Michigan
    Sorry, sounds like you were dumped on.
    Very confused. How can hospital d/c to a facility without talking with someone at the facility. How are papers signed for admission? Who calls report?
    Another warning sign- no 24 hour pharmacy? What happens with new admission meds? We have an e-box, but it is just that- emergency (a med change, prn, etc) not to fill for admission. Who is double checking these meds?
    We also use a communication book for MINOR policy changes, something like that would be a big annoucement, posted way prior to the change taking place.
    Also, agree with previous post about weekend admissions. Yes it is time consuming, but I want a paycheck. Someone for admissions is on call after normal business hours, holidays and weekends where I work.
  7. by   barefootlady
    I am glad you are not so depressed. I am concerned regarding future incidents. It would weight on my mind that no fellow co-worker informed me of such an important policy issue. I really hope nothing else comes up to cause you problems but I would not bet a hour's wage that it will not happen. Sounds like this facility has some issues that need to be addressed. Good luck to you.
  8. by   evilolive
    I'm glad you're not so depressed either. It's amazing what facilities don't tell you though, when you're a supervisor or charge. I'm a fairly new grad, one year of exp. at my facility and I'm a supervisor. I've had to check my P+P soooo many times, and often times I don't find what I'm looking for.

    I've been reamed so many times (often times for not finishing other nurses' work), and after awhile your skin becomes a bit thicker. For example, when my boss gives me "the look" now, I just stare right back at her... eventually she backs off and finds someone else to pick on.

    Best of luck, and like another poster said, if this is one of the only "mistakes" you've made, you're on a good run!
  9. by   makes needs known
    Since the patient survived this "illegal" admission and you did too, I bet your facility will make arrangements to start taking new admissions on weekends. An empty bed makes no money.
  10. by   morte
    Quote from makes needs known
    Since the patient survived this "illegal" admission and you did too, I bet your facility will make arrangements to start taking new admissions on weekends. An empty bed makes no money.
    ah yup.....
  11. by   LesMonsterRN
    How strange not to have pharmacy services on the weekend.

    As an aside, I'd love to not have admissions on the weekends. We can get meds, but sometimes it's a challenge to make sure we've got the equipment that a new resident will need.