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I work in a LTC/Rehab facility in upper NYS. I've worked there for 21 years as an CNA and now an LPN. I like the residents and my co-workers. I've been married for almost 28 years and I have 3 kids aged 19,23, and 25.

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  1. I don't have time to pee!

    Make time to use the the bathroom or leak a little urine when you sneeze, cough or laugh. The choice is yours.
  2. Three year LPN with no experience

    Do your patients like you? Are you responsive to their needs and health problems. That's what you're their for. Not your crabby complaining critical co-workers. But, it's really a good idea to get along with the people you work with. Just keep at it...
  3. fire policy

    Our old fire policy was to pull the alarm 1st, and then to rescue pts.that were at risk. The reason made sense because, if we became overcome by smoke or injury, things could become worse. No one would know there was a fire. Pulling the alarm 1st wou...
  4. Are most LTC's always low on supplies?

    We are also short on supplies, and short on people who will put them in proper place. We have all new cabinets and drawers for storing supplies. Whenever we request gloves or sterile water,etc. it is always brought to unit. It is never put away. I al...
  5. Neb treatments

    Of course not, in fact more documenatation to prove that said breathing tx was effective with VS and sats before and after. " oh wait a min dear pt, before you can have this tx that you are needing, I need to get your o2 sat level." And where the hec...
  6. Neb treatments

    We just had a pulmonary inservice. We have been told that we are to stay with the patient the whole time they are recieving their neb tx. Sorry no resp therapist. Just me giving meds to 20- to 40 pts. I always tell pt that neb will take 5-7 min depen...
  7. post mortem and dentures

    We had a elderly female patient die last night. While she was dying of course she was not wearing her dentures but her family requested that we put her dentures in after she had died. Question- put them in or give them to funeral director to put in? ...
  8. Written up.

    We have been experiencing the same lack of respect where I work. We have new management and an even newer DON that has made that threat to many of my coworkers, and she has made 'good' on that threat, too. Many of my coworkers are gone. I got into tr...
  9. Where are the supplies?

    I guess I could call and ask if there are medical supplies I could pick up at the drugstore/walmart before I come in.
  10. Where are the supplies?

    The other as night as I was working, a nurse from another floor came to me and asked if I had any extra bottles of 325mg tylenol, I went and looked I had no unopened bottles in my stock supply for my floor. I gave her my supply from one of the med ca...
  11. Why Is It That Everyone Thinks They're A Good Nurse?

    When I became a nurse, I was told by a superior that most of my days as a nurse were going to be disheartening, but every once in awhile you would go home feeling you made a difference. Be kind, be patient, and try to be the best you can be. To erro...
  12. Short staffing/call ins

    Nascar, this sounds great. I like your "Praise in public" theory. We hardly ever hear praise, and I have seen nurses crying while they were being lectured in front of others. 2-3 nurses/aides are being let go almost every month. I am a nurse and I h...
  13. My mistake?

    Thank you again for your help, I honestly thought my superviser called the family. We have paperwork that is sent to the hospital and I never saw it. The chart was taken and the transfer papers prepared somewhere else. I stayed with the patient unti...
  14. My mistake?

    I goofed up, but I did not realize it until after. I never sent a hospice patient to the hospital. I have been punished and educated. Thank you for your comments.
  15. My mistake?

    Recently a pt of mine started to severely desat (40's-50's) on 4L o2, and I notified my SV, she assessed the pt, who happened to be on hospice. She contacted the MD for orders and got an order to send to the hospital for eval. She discussed the fact ...