OMG...not again

  1. I opened up my latest copy of The Director, the official publication of the National Association of Directors of Nursing LTC...flipped through...aaarrrgggh....right there on page 42 in a headline "Nursing Home Residents Able to Keep Thier Stimulus Checks". THIER????????? What have we come to??? Apparently they don't use spell check or have a proof reader. Of course, I called them and offered to proof read the next issues.
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  3. by   cloister
    Unfortunately, the English language ain't what it used to be. My favorite misspelling? Seeing "Acheive Excellence" in a poster at my kid's school. THAT seemed to send a mixed message!
  4. by   shugrr22107NA
    oh, no....not today....don't even go their!

  5. by   VICEDRN
    From my son's teacher: absense (instead of absence) and tendancy instead of tendency.

    This woman made me cringe every time I saw correspondence from her.
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Deer friends,
    How are ewe today? My kids say high two.
    anti spell cheque
  7. by   vashtee
    I h8 wen ppl rite liek dis!! lern 2 spell, dumeez!
  8. by   Nurse_Diane
    I saw this one time:

    "I was so excited, I expected their job offer right away..."

    Hee Hee!
  9. by   Midwest4me
    A recent news story discussed (and videoed)the misspelling of school ON THE PAVEMENT in a school zone. It looked like this: SCOHOL
    What idiots.
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  10. by   UM Review RN
    My eyeballs clanged together when I visited a 4th grade classroom and saw the neatly printed "Messengar of the Week" sign.

    Teach actually insisted it was correct till I could prove it to her.
  11. by   Kellacan
    Many people also use this.........
    Let me give you some advise.
    Its advice people!!! Makes me nuts.
  12. by   plaza
    In this world of instant messaging, texting, emails, and other forms of "communicating," grammar and spelling just aren't important. These are simply more examples of the dumbing down in America that is so prevalent, and worse, accepted.

    With that said, in professional publications and other communiques, there is absolutely no excuse.
  13. by   achot chavi
    O.k., I am not above a spelling mistake or two but today we have spell checks!!! Life should be easy and better!!
    There is no question that today's kids have no idea how to spell- remember Dan Quayle and the tomatoes? and who was it with the e at the end of potato?
    Whaddaya expect!!
  14. by   bluegeegoo2
    The one that irks me the most of all? "I am afraid I'll LOOSE my job." It's LOSE!!! L-O-S-E FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!!!!!!!!! You LOSE something, and something is LOOSE!!!!! I see it EVERYWHERE. I actually whimper when I see it. I am not Captain-Fantasic-Speller-Of-The-Universe, but c'mon! Please?