New Grad..start LTC in a week. Any advice? :)

  1. Hi there,

    I graduated last month from a 15 month LPN program. Previously I was a CNA at a LTC for a year on 3rd shift. Halfway through nursing school I quit, so I could focus on school. I was just rehired by the same Long term facility. I start in a week.

    I was hoping maybe I could get advice from experienced nurses, since I am a new grad. I will be training on first shift for 4 weeks, because of the fact I just finished school. Then I will be going to nights(Baylor shift) Saturday and Sunday nights 7pm-7am.

    I do know I will probably be looking at some problems with the CNA's I previously worked with. Especially since some of the same CNA's trained me when I first got my CNA certification. I am hoping they will not feel resentment to me...I know when I was working as a CNA, I worked with this guy Mike, do I put this..He was a bit of a dope. He seemed pretty jealous I was going to school and when we went to change someone one night, he called me a know-it-all..The reason being was a pt was wet...and he said, "lets wait till next rounds, shes not totally soaked yet." I said, "Mike, we should really change her, because it could cause skin break down and the urine will irritate her skin..". In a way I can understand why some may show resentment..but if they want to be a nurse, all they have to do is apply to a program and apply for financial aid..I know I will be paying out the heiny for 10 yrs. Hahaha...

    Ok so that will probably be an obstacle. And the combative pts could be a little bit of an obstacle..(I am 22 wks pregnant.) Any other things I should look forward to as a new nurse or any advice to give me?

    I honestly would appreciate it immensely. I am actually pretty scared about finally going out into the "real world".
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  3. by   bargainhound
    Iif you want to work in hospital nursing at any time, now is the time to do it. Once you work in NH, some hospitals consider you "not hospital material".

    It would be a good idea to get some hospital experience, and it usually pays beter.

    Just my thoughts, in case you had never heard this.
  4. by   Fiona59
    I used to think that way, that acute care wouldn't want me because I went to LTC. I was wrong.

    Turns out, that I had more medication and wound care experience than some that were hired the same time as me at a very busy regional hospital.

    After a few months, a CNE told me that they liked LPN's who came over to Acute because LTC makes sure you can organize your time and work load. After medicating upto 35 people in LTC, five in Active treatment was a breeze, wound care and teaching to five functional (well, whose normal) adults was like a holiday after having upto ten patients with wounds, am care for five (three total care) and always having enough staff to do transfers.

    LTC is definitely the unloved stepchild of the nurses world. But the skills you hone there are invaluable.

    Good Luck. You'll know in a couple of months if its for you and if the NA's give you grief, document it all. Besides, being pregnant you have the perfect excuse to leave if you want to...
  5. by   renerian
    I have been a nurse a long time but not done LTC/subacute as an employee/contractor so I cannot give you any advise. I am considering that employment option to start next week as well. I will read other people who have worked in that venue.

  6. by   burger914
    Hi Missy.
    I do agree that hospital exp. is great to have. I went straight into Long Term Care and wish I did some hospital. On the other hand I LOVE LTC and really don't want to do anything else. I have not seen any problems with getting a job at a hospital after working only LTC. Several nurses that I work with are now working part-time at the hospitals. We make more $ per hour..but the hosps. blow us away with bennies.
    Now, I will try to answer your question. The CNA's have been the biggest challenge for me. Fortunately, I have a fantastic "Head CNA" and she takes care of making sure they do their jobs,so it doesn't seem like I am always "on them". We also have a very bad lack of communication between staff nurses. We are working to correct it, but it will take time.
  7. by   lovingtheunloved
    I'm a CNA, and two of my coworkers are waiting to take the NCLEX-PN. I trained one. I don't anticipate any problems. They are exellent aides, so I have the utmost confidence in them as nurses If the guy is resentful that you're a "know it all," perhaps he should be informed that you DO know more than HIM. That's why you went to nursing school. It will probably be awkward. That's where the whole mutual respect thing comes into play.
  8. by   ibmissy
    Originally I was looking into hospital jobs. I was hoping to work on the med surg floor or something, but I noticed most hospitals will not hire LPN's anymore. Especially inexperienced ones. The hospitals that do hire LPN's are about 50 miles away...

    The facility I will be working in, does have a rehab floor. I will definitely get experience with post-surgical pts there. I also plan on enrolling for college and bridging to RN eventually.
  9. by   Abbys
    I too went from co-worker to supervisor. I have found
    that it is good to let your staff know what you expect
    from them, i.e. residents kept clean and dry, good oral
    care and re-positioning, rooms tidy, etc. Be consistent.
    Keep your interactions professional at all times.
    You have the advantage of understanding their position
    and becoming a supervisor that they can respect.
    If you want hospital experience, you should do that first.
    Many hospitals hire new grads and provide training so there is
    no need to be afraid. Either way, you have a solid beginning. Good luck.
  10. by   renerian
    Some still hire LPNs. Getting rid of them was very stupid.........

  11. by   CoffeeRTC
    Started as an aid while going to school. The CNAs who trained me knew I was going to be their supervisor in a few months. Was difficult at first,but I totally soaked up thier teaching and respected them for teaching me everything. Being a CNA you are already a step ahead.
    Now that you are a nurse, they might have some problems with you. Just be confident in your nursing abilities. Never let them see you sweat. Be fair,consistant, and helpful (as much as you can at 22 weeks :chuckle )
    You will do fine!
  12. by   Kandee Roses
    I too was a CNA in the LTC facility I am now working as a LPN. At first, I did have a few problems with some of the other aides working under me as their LPN. I felt they did not take me serious and tried to take advantage ( like taking extra breaks when their work was faltering). I took those aides aside and we talked out our "differences." I explained to those aides that yes I am still their friend but when we are at work, I am their nurse first and then their friend. Now I only occasionally have a bit of trouble, but it is getting better each day. I felt so terrible one time when I had to "write up" a good friend for being insuboridinate and not doing her job they way I knew she could. I explained to her that I felt she was trying to take advantage of me since we are friends and I will not stand for her not giving the great care to a resident that I knew that she could just because she thought she could get "away" with it. I take my job seriously and now those CNAs know that I do. I wish you go luck in your position and remember to take it one day at a time.
    Peace love and harmony.
  13. by   mandykal

    Keep us posted on how well you're doing....

    Until Later, your former coworker
  14. by   ibmissy
    Quote from mandykal

    Keep us posted on how well you're doing....

    Until Later, your former coworker
    I will..Tomorrow is my first day and I am scared..More so now, because of the snow and sleet that will make getting up the hill to work almost impossible.. Not to mention they don't know I am pregnant yet, but they will figure that out tomorrow.

    Took nclex today..Not sure how I did. It shut off at 85 questions...Will find that out in two days.