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  1. mandykal

    Ebola and CPR

    Student here doing my research and looking for opinions for those who work or have worked in a hospital settings. What was your policy on Ebola virus and CPR? Was there a special personal protective equipment required or is it just basic goggles, ca...
  2. mandykal

    Osteoporosis and a hormone?

    I need some assistance to a question from the orthopedics nursing. I am not asking for a direct answer, I am asking if you can lead me to a rational to this question. A 70 year old woman with low vitamin D levels who recently broke a hip. She has o...
  3. Hi ladies, I figured it has been 5 years and what is the outcome of you all with your reciprocity and landing a good job in California??? I worked in two areas in California as an LVN in a VENT/SUB Acute.... It was great, but the work placed sucked, ...
  4. mandykal

    staff teaching

    much appreciated!!! you're right about the "job security" buying your own. that's how i feel now.... i will look into fuzzard's.. : )
  5. mandykal

    staff teaching

    i need some help. i found my weakness! i can't built a foundation to freaking teach! i started at a new work place at an assisted living in california. each month i am required to do some continuing education. i am in charge of doing all the teaching...
  6. license took longer than i anticipated. november of 2010 i sent paperwork: money order, passport picture, copy of current license & fingerprints. i know they hold your paperwork for x amount of wks prior to review which was up for review on feb. ...
  7. mandykal

    LVN jobs in Elk Grove

    License for endorsement is in progress. I am planning on relocating from CT to CA. coming June of '11. What are the odds of getting a job for LVN position in Elk Grove to Sac area?
  8. mandykal

    is nursing supposed to be sad?

    Nursing is everything you can think of, and yes it can be very sad in many cases. I agree with many comments. Perhaps you can direct your friend to maybe she herself can post. I've recommended many people to check this site out. I rem...
  9. mandykal

    IF you WEREN'Ta nurse, what would you be???

    a police officer......... i may be heading that route in a year or two... sometimes it's not about the money, but the passion and i still feel drivin despite it'll be thousands of dollars less annually. my wife says "hell no!"
  10. mandykal

    Estrace cream application?

    i have recently had a pt who was schedule estrace cream 3xweek. i've questioned myself if i'm doing it right. i thought that i'm only suppose to insert at the tip where the meatus is located, does anyone know the true application? according to drugs...
  11. mandykal

    New Grad Dilemma

    what is your title? rn or lpn?? yes, it makes a difference esp your location. new grads are difficult b/c of the amount of time training can be costly. remember, we are in economic crisis. and it can also depend on what type of job you are looking f...
  12. mandykal

    Flu shot

    this year(july), we took a road trip from ct.-->florida. visited many parks, then visited family members in n.c. my wife ended up in the er. my dtr who is 3 was firing a temp that was difficult to break (apap alter with motrin), my son who is 7 an...
  13. mandykal

    Things you don't want to hear your Aide say

    one comment i do hear is when they tell me a confused pt "refused." i have to hear the how exactly did a confuse pt "refused." i had this one aide last night, right at the beginning of the shift, she was calling the supervisor b/c this pt was "off t...
  14. mandykal

    My question is, can I still be a nurse?

    if you ever really take the nursing route for a career, don't let it stop you. what you need to do is go to your doc and get a ppd mantoux test done. if it is positive, the next step will be a chest xray as what the above poster posted. i've know peo...
  15. i would consult with two people in this case. one is your supervisor, and the other is the pharmacy. remember you not only need to follow docs orders, but also facility policy and the pharm should have it down pad. sometimes if i see an order like th...