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mandykal has 16 years experience as a ADN, RN.

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  1. mandykal

    Ebola and CPR

    Student here doing my research and looking for opinions for those who work or have worked in a hospital settings. What was your policy on Ebola virus and CPR? Was there a special personal protective equipment required or is it just basic goggles, caps, double gloves and gown? or is it something special that resembles a hazmat suit? Thanks.
  2. mandykal

    Osteoporosis and a hormone?

    I need some assistance to a question from the orthopedics nursing. I am not asking for a direct answer, I am asking if you can lead me to a rational to this question. A 70 year old woman with low vitamin D levels who recently broke a hip. She has osteoporosis. She was given several medications to try to improve bone density, however, they were unsuccessful as she could not tolerate the medications. What hormone might she be given to treat the osteoporosis? How does this medication help? How would this be effected by a low TSH? The only hormone I can think of is estrogen. I know she needs VIT. D. supplement for calcitonin which in turn would increase the reabsorption of calcium from blood to bone to increase matrix. Her calcium level might be slightly elevated because of the osteoclast. Your thoughts?
  3. Hi ladies, I figured it has been 5 years and what is the outcome of you all with your reciprocity and landing a good job in California??? I worked in two areas in California as an LVN in a VENT/SUB Acute.... It was great, but the work placed sucked, so left there for after 4 months. Then went and worked at an Assisted Living as a Generations Director...basically a dementia unit coordinator for about a year. While it was fun and great.... I left California and moved back to east coast, CT... It was nice to be with family, it was just too much of a cultural shock... The worst was the pay rate offered at many places. You would think with the high cost of living employers would pay well, nope.... In norcal most high pay jobs were in the bay area. Commuting is just a normal routine for many. The benefits were not better compared to where I use to work in CT. Got my old job back and I even love it more.
  4. mandykal

    staff teaching

    much appreciated!!! you're right about the "job security" buying your own. that's how i feel now.... i will look into fuzzard's.. : )
  5. mandykal

    staff teaching

    i need some help. i found my weakness! i can't built a foundation to freaking teach! i started at a new work place at an assisted living in california. each month i am required to do some continuing education. i am in charge of doing all the teaching since i am the only nurse in the bldg. so many nurses had their hands in the training books it is disorganized. this month i have to do bloodborne pathogens. there is so many resources online i don't know where to start. i was thinking about simplifying it into a couple of pages and do a short quiz at the end. i cannot purchase any training kits because of budgets issues, so for now i'm on my own. any recommendations? can anyone email me some attachments? thanks, rick mandykal@gmail.com
  6. mandykal

    Jobs for LVN'S in California

    P.S. Please don't get offended when I wrote "New Bee," it was a figure-of-speech. :) Also, to answer the prior post's question the area is in Sacramento.
  7. mandykal

    Jobs for LVN'S in California

    I did get one right away. I think mainly it's because of experience. I also notice here in Ca. most employers are looking for "Experience," and I understand the rationale. It's all about $$$. "New Bees" with no experience cost alot. You have to mentor them longer, and Companies cannot afford to have extra staffing these days. With my new job all I need to know is polices & protocol along with usual routine and paperwork. Where's this and where's that etc........ I just completed my 3rd day of orientation, and I feel like I'm ready to roll....
  8. mandykal

    Can an LPN function as an RT?

    "can an lpn function as an rt?" no. a nurse can never "function" as an rt. however, a nurse can "function" within their scope that includes training, agency/facility polices, and within state regulations. and yes there are nurse out there depending on specialty are trained to do tasks that rrt's do. i'm an lpn/lvn, i work with vents/trachs, i can do neb tx's, trach care, lung assessments, suctions, basically everything with respiratory except adjust vent settings which is beyond my scope. of course rt is present to adjust 02 when needed for suctioning. yesterday, a patient pulled out his trach. me and the rt initiated protocol which is to reinsert one. we are both trained, we both can reinsert in which i would let the rt reinsert while i assist.... in addition to your question, i do know an lpn who is an rt., but is hired for rt., and can only function for what he was hired for....
  9. mandykal

    Jobs for LVN'S in California

    i did have "plan b." live with a relative with no financial obligations except use my savings (which i saved for a year) to pay for my cars. after a week of filling out applications, i've had 5 interviews (1/day) with 3 on the spot offers. i turned down home care. of course i took the one w/most benefits; lesser pay, but that doesn't matter. what matters is i have a job :-) (vent/respiratory). my hardest part was trying to figure out when offered on the spot how could i tell them "i'll let them know by...." without losing the offer. i used my "transition of moving" still in process as excuse, but i gave notice the next day when the another job was offered. i've sent professional letters declining those i didn't want, so they'll atleast keep my application in file (i hope). i'm just excited.... have a nice day : )
  10. mandykal

    Jobs for LVN'S in California

    i just relocated from east coast to sac county, and i am having difficultly finding a job. 10 yrs in the field with 6 years as an lpn (lvn)here. going on two weeks unemployed!!!
  11. license took longer than i anticipated. november of 2010 i sent paperwork: money order, passport picture, copy of current license & fingerprints. i know they hold your paperwork for x amount of wks prior to review which was up for review on feb. 15th (as i was informed). the fee (application process) increased from $75.00 to $150.00., so i had to submit difference. march i got response i need passport photo, and a copy of current license (i know how to read, and i know i have sent this in nov.) i can't argue, i just resent it without question. my expired license from a previous state was giving me a hard time because they no longer verify by mail. verification is now by http://www.nursys.com. verificaton was sent. end of april i got my approval, now all i had to do was send $150.00 of initial license fee. i sent that this past week (5/3/11). now i am looking for a job in sacramento area awaiting my license by mail (at the same time i'm checking online). i hope i can get a job because i am relocating from ct to ca at the end of june of this year. i have callled a couple of times. i remember an automated answer had informed me i had to wait "72 minutes for the next representative due to high volume." i got an answering machine and left a message (yes, i hooked my cell on a charger on speaker and waited!). they did respond later that day. i figure the state board must be short staffed too.... drama!
  12. mandykal

    The Roll of a LVN in California Hospitals.

    I am moving to Ca this summer, and I would like to know what Hospitals' in Ca is hiring LVN's?
  13. mandykal

    Tired of floor nursing

    I know how you feel being tired....... Everyone expects you as a nurse to solve the world problems in 8 hours! I remind myself when I start a new shift "I'm not running around like a chicken with no head." I wonder if this is the point when it's time to start another specialty....
  14. mandykal

    Low diastolic = 911?

    I carrier around my little portable cuff just in case I can't hear DBP. I also have the pt take a little walk to the BR and assess after activity then recheck later. Another thing about LTC, most Companies have CNA's take vital signs perhaps asking a peer to check it. Recheck your method. Sometimes placement of the diaphagm, and how slow you release the pressure makes a whole difference. In addition to the previous posters, I would question and follow up on unethical practices....was your note edited with a false information?
  15. mandykal

    2010 LPN/LVN hourly wage

    CT. 5yrs. LTC/SUBACUTE/Circus Jobs #1 $28.82 (fulltime) #2 $ 25.00 (Part time) #3 $ 23.00 (Per diem) There was #4 30.00 Per diem (agency) There was # 5 $25.00 (Per diem) There was # 6 $ 18.00 (mail man) Then I realize I'm not 25 yrs old anymore, so I quit the last 3
  16. mandykal

    Frontline: Facing Death

    I meant a few "don't get it."