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How much does any LPN who works in upstate New York make an hour working in a nursing home passing meds?... Read More

  1. by   papergirlRN
    Be careful, guys! This is an OLD thread - I would hope things have changed in the last 5 years :-)
  2. by   kejmq5
    I work in Indiana and have been an LPN for 14 years. I am a unit manager and make 19.32hr. Been at that facility for 3 yrs.
  3. by   huganurse1203
    I live in Massachusetts and right now I make $24.00 per hour with 2 years experience, made 56k last year !
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from papergirl
    Be careful, guys! This is an OLD thread - I would hope things have changed in the last 5 years :-)
    Actually this thread is six years old! :roll
  5. by   jab3da
    Wow. I'm just amazed at the difference in pay across the country. It makes me curious at what the cost of living is at each place. As a GPN on evening shift at a LTCF in Missouri I am making 12.40/hr and I will get another $1 once I get my license.
  6. by   anaknisupernurse
    In 1999, I was making $8.50/hr at a small town hospital in Alabama. I went to visit a friend in Maryland and applied for a job. I was offered $18/hr. As soon as I heard it, I did not know how to act. I guess my face changed or something because the DON asked me if it was too low. Hehehehe.
  7. by   lovingtheunloved
    Quote from Jo_deye_yuh
    On your way through South Dakota...keep going, don't exit off the Interstate! I am an LPN of 2 years, working for an Orthopedic Surgeon, as his clinic nurse and scrub in and assist him in surgery such as; Totat Joint Replacements, ORIF/CRIF, amputations, Carpal Tunnel Releases, etc. I earn $10.91/hr no benefits (after raise). I have also worked in a LTC and made about $1.50 less. New grad LPN's make approx $9.30/hr. Options of change are extremely limited in this rural western part of South Dakota. The cost of living does not reflect upon the wage either. Average mid-west cost of living on peanuts for pay. I want to get my ASN but when other RN's with 20+ yr experience make $13/hr and fresh RN grads are starting out at $12/hr...where is the reward in going back to school and adding another school loan to my list of bills? This is a great place to raise my son, and my husband has a secure good job, that he would not want to leave. So my options stagnate.

    I'm a CNA (in Arizona) and I make $10. It's absurd that an RN with so much education and experience would only make $2 an hour more than me. That's terrible.
  8. by   msnursekim
    This topic has been so educational to me...I never knew there was such a difference in pay scales across the country for LPN's. I live in Mississippi and work in a small community LTC facility and have found that my facility is in the mid section of pay scale which pleased me no end. Having lived and worked in MS for a while, you get used to being low on the totum pole so to speak. My facility has a base pay of $13.00/hr with 10 cents added to base per year of experience plus $1.50/hr more for diff on 3-ll hours and $1.75/hr more for diff on 11-7 hours. We work 12 hour shifts and everyone recieves some part of the diff agreement. Even if you work 7a-7p, you still get the diff rate for 4 hours . Also, there is a sign on bonus of $1000.00. Anyone interested in a small friendly community with good working environment, come on down to Mississippi!
  9. by   carolbear
    In the Greater Seattle area we all make at least 20.00/hr with bennies, in LTC. I love it!
  10. by   Ashera
    Work agency in San Antonio, TX - steady rate per hour is $23 - however I could make up to $29 if I was willing to commute an hour. Right now - at an inner city hospital - Tele and step down and acute med/surg - make 22 an hour -no benifits on any of this - but the pay is good. Make more than staff RN's in many of these areas.
  11. by   Lulupalooza
    I'm in NYC, currently working as a CNA instructor and making $25/hr with benefits. I also work PT for an Urgent Care Clinic @ 20.25/hr... need to keep those skills up
  12. by   gomedina
    I'm still in the Phils earning my credits. Anyway, is the rate good enough, barely respectable? or it's not worth it?
  13. by   doris66
    I work at a facility that the LPNs make $21.75 an hour and a $3.00 shift diff for evenings and nights. We also have a baylor program where you work 24 hours and get paid for 40 hours every weekend 12 hour shifts. That comes to 33.50 per hour