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  1. I do have some peds experience, but I have yet to give a toddler or baby a IM injection. What are the landmarks and how do you locate them? I mean, is it two finger widths from above the knee, or what? Any help would be greatly appreciated!:spin:
  2. Questions????

    I am not going to tell you how good you have it. It will only serve to make you possibly feel more insecure. The beauty of LTC is that within a month or two, as long as you work the same shift with the same patients, the medications really don't ch...
  3. ? regarding Non-stated mandated residental resident

    I understand how difficult this must be for you. I have been in LTC for several years and have been in LTC management for most of the time. Resident's have RIGHTS. Be it a nursing home or private care home(often referred to as Adult Family Home), ...
  4. Have you thought of a specialty you might want to go in? If you have thought about LTC as an area you might go into, then I probably can help you. I live in Seattle and have lived here for several years. Just drop me a line if you are interested. ...
  5. to give pain meds or not to give meds?

    The docs I work with are almost always happy to write for pain meds to be given routinely. That way you can be assured the resident is getting something for pain, especially if they are demented. Just be careful about being the only one who passes ...
  6. Help! Acute care exp in long term care a nightmare

    Going from acute care to long term care is hard enough, but to go from acute care to AGENCY Long term care has to be a nightmare. I can tell you from having experience in both settings, that the bet option would be to just do full-time LTC care at o...
  7. Hourly Rate For LPNS

    In the Greater Seattle area we all make at least 20.00/hr with bennies, in LTC. I love it!
  8. Nursing Home Nightmare

    Oh my gawd. You need to move to the Northwest! At least we make 20.00 - 22.00/hr depending upon experience and only have 25 residents at the most. I would not survive in your facility and I have many years experience! Why don't you talk to your U...
  9. Hospital Reputations in Phoenix

    St. Joseph's HANDS DOWN. Non-profit and the bennies are good. Only problem is if you come from the West or East Coast, the pay is much less than the W/E coast. It is also a Right-to-Work State. Good thing is that they do hire qualified LPN's if y...
  10. Problem with coworker (long)

    Dear Mean Bird, Consider me a 'mean bird' also. I have worked with many a co-worker who behaves in similar manners. I refuse to be their doormat or excuse. If it were me in your shoes, I would speak softly and carry a big stick. The next time Mr...
  11. LPN salaries in Puget Sound area?

    Hi there! Welcome "Home"! I am a LPN who works in Puget Sound. I found myself laid off from Correction Nursing. Unfortunately if you have Corrections Experience (jail) you can work in Snohomish County or Pierce County. Benefits are great but the hour...
  12. Diversity in the Workplace

    I work in a LTC facility but I feel this could apply to nurses in all lines of work. As RN's and LPN's we often find ourselves responsible for the CNA's or Patient Technicians who work under us. I would like to hear from nurses, CNA's, etc. from diff...
  13. Roll Call all Staff Developers Sign In Please

    I am a new Staff Developer, LPN (!Imagine). I am so glad to see there is a forum for Staff Developers. I am very lucky. I work in a 165 bed, non-profit facility. Our Nurse consultant was very wise when she separated the infection control/supply o...
  14. Information

    The one thing I absolutley love about this site is, if you put an issue/problem forward, people will respond with advice. I, too am a new Staff Developer. Just think of a topic you would like advice on and put it out there. I would even visit the ...
  15. ethical problem... need opinions

    If you feel in your professional opinion that a decision about a patient's life has been made by the POA, was made strictly for the benefit of the family/POA, you should report this to the proper authorities, ie; the state you work in, the Ombudsman ...