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Does your LTC facility do employee drug screening? If so, what are the employers responsibilities if someone is found positive for illegal drug use. My facility doesn't screen. I'm tempted to... Read More

  1. by   VivaLasViejas
    My facility started a screening program last year when we changed management companies. While I personally believe that what an employee does on his/her own time is NONE of the employer's business, I do enforce the policy for all new hires and OTJ injuries, plus I've been known to pull the random UA on a couple of staff members who once came into the building, drunk, in the middle of the night (they weren't even on duty).

    I'm intrigued by the OP, however. It simply has never occurred to me that one would NOT report a suspected chemically impaired co=worker to his/her immediate supervisor..........starting rumors is childish, not to mention unprofessional. Very strange, IMO.
  2. by   gt4everpn
    yes my facility does screen!! i didn't bother me cause i don't do drugs!!, you're worried some people might be offended, but in my opinion if they're clean then there's nothing to worry about!
  3. by   Mrs. M.
    We do pre-employment drug screens, but no random screens after hire. However, we have a good "suspected substance abuse" policy which outlines exactly what to do if you think someone is impaired. I suggest that you see if your facility has a similar policy. If so, read it carefully, and if you think someone is impaired, follow the policy exactly. Rumors and "anonymous tips" are for children - have the courage of your convictions.

    I often refer to "The State" as well - I had never though about the fact that it sounds Communist, but it sure does! I have always thought that employment in general is the perfect example of "Freedom is Slavery".
  4. by   LibertyBellPN
    I gotta tell ya, I think it's a total violation to have to pee in a cup for an employer, or give a hair/saliva sample. Ugg.
    I might also add upfront that I have nothing to hide..However, think for a sec all the nurses you know, or even yourself, that take prescription meds for anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, etc.

    Do you really want your job to have that information? I know it's supposed to be confidential, but in the 15 yrs I've been working, everything is fodder for the rumor mills. The gossip is awful!

    We know people judge us--there is a thread on the main forum about nurses with mental illness; the stigma can be awful, and I'd not volunteer that info unless it was absolutely necessary.

    I see no reason for an employer to test people unless they have good reason.i.e.impairment, narcotics missing, all those red flags.Then absolutely.. as far as rumors---don't we have enough of that and the drama at work to last a lifetime??
  5. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I've worked at several places and only 2 of them had a pre-employment drug test. Cripes...you can't work at Home Depot without a drug screen but we let people care for elders without one?!?
    At the hospital the procedure is unbelievable....you have to take off any coat or sweater or anything in which you could hide urine. They stand out side the door to listen to you pee, then they stick a thermometer in it to make sure you somehow didn't get passed the strip search and the eavesdropping and were able to bring in ringer urine.
    The facility I work for now does not require preemployment testing but the policy is there for drug testing if an employee is thought to be 'altered or impaired'.
  6. by   autumleaves
    Quote from catlady5
    I just got back from orientation... I have to take a Hair Drug Test prior to starting my nursing program. Has anyone ever had to do this?? I thought most, if not all, nursing programs required urine screening? What did yall have to do for school?
    Hair test shows up longer drug usage in the past. In a urine test some drugs usage cannot be detected
    do to half life of the drug. Hair testing can tell it all!!
  7. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    The facility where I work does not perform drug screens on current employees. I think this is fixing to change, though. I have overheard some talk about some of the CNA's using. But, I try to keep my nose out of it if it doesn't concern me.
  8. by   Mrs. M.
    I have had soooo many applicants fail drug tests. If it comes back positive for a prescription drug, all they have to do is show the current prescription and there is no problem at all. As for the others, it is so much easier to not hire them than to have to go through the suspected substance abuse process and fire them.