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  1. Mrs. M.

    Unit Manager Salaries

    I will be posting a position for a subacute manager soon. Salary will be $90,00-98,000 DOE.
  2. Mrs. M.

    Artificial Fingernails and Direct Care Staff

    I sent a CNA home just last week because she was wearing artificial nails. I gave her a copy of the policy, explained why we had such a policy, and told her not to come back until they had been removed. She came back the next day with the nails gone, and not another word was said.
  3. Mrs. M.

    New Grad to TCU..

    That sounds about right. We run 8:1 on day shift and 12:1 at night (24 beds). Our unit is somewhat unique in that we do have a lot of wounds that come from other hospitals and SNFs (as secondary diagnoses), and we have a dedicated treatment nurse for that purpose on days.
  4. Mrs. M.

    Hourly rate for RN's, LPN's, CNA's in Your State

    Central California - we start our new RN grads at $34.00/hr.
  5. Mrs. M.

    New Grad to TCU..

    Congratulations on your new position! At our facility, the TCU is very much like the med/surg units that many of us use to work on. The acuity can be quite high, and the diagnoses are all over the board. It's a great unit to start with, because the length of stay is a little longer so you can learn more from your patients. You will most certainly see diabetes, heart disease, chronic infections, etc. You are likely to have people admitted with significant pressure ulcers, and people who have been non-compliant with their care at home resulting in re-hospitalization.
  6. Mrs. M.

    I need help managing a very difficult resident!

    If you are going to leave anyway, that's all the more reason to go to the DNS. Your co-workers will appreciate you, and the DNS needs to know that she has an ineffective manager. The manager is putting the facility at risk.
  7. Mrs. M.

    Help How to keep pts IN Bed

    Four months ago we began q 2 hour rounds for the 3 P's - Pain, Potty and Position. Both our fall rate and restraint use have decreased significantly. We are also have very few issues with skin integrity.
  8. Mrs. M.

    Pornographic movies

    We have a chaplain who comes through to visit, of course. This resident chooses not to engage in discussions about spirituality. Our Activity Coordinator spends a lot of time with him. He likes trivia games - he's quite intelligent. He watches other movies in addition to the pornographic movies. He is learning Spanish using Rosetta Stone software. We have a facility pet that visits him, and some of our staff enjoy going in to talk with him. He is actually more content with his life than a lot of able-bodied people that I know. The only problem is with a few staff members who have major issues with the pornography. Even though I've made it clear that they don't have to be involved in putting the films on for him, it bothers them that it is allowed at our facility. Their most recent argument is that if an emergency were to occur in his room they would be exposed to the pornography. He has never expressed any interest in child pornography. He likes women. A lot.
  9. Exactly. They will be looking for how you have handled things in the past rather than how you would handle a situation in the future. My advice is to think of several situations from you past where you handled very challenging situations with doctors, co-workers, and patients, and reflect on how you handled the situations. This will help you to be able to come up with your example more quickly.
  10. Mrs. M.

    Roles of DON/Nurse Manager

    What you are describing sounds pretty much like what our managers do. Don't ever let someone else do your budget if you can avoid it - you are the one who is going to be held accountable for it, so you want to be the one to create and control it!
  11. Mrs. M.

    Drug Screening

    I have had soooo many applicants fail drug tests. If it comes back positive for a prescription drug, all they have to do is show the current prescription and there is no problem at all. As for the others, it is so much easier to not hire them than to have to go through the suspected substance abuse process and fire them.
  12. Mrs. M.

    Drug Screening

    We do pre-employment drug screens, but no random screens after hire. However, we have a good "suspected substance abuse" policy which outlines exactly what to do if you think someone is impaired. I suggest that you see if your facility has a similar policy. If so, read it carefully, and if you think someone is impaired, follow the policy exactly. Rumors and "anonymous tips" are for children - have the courage of your convictions. I often refer to "The State" as well - I had never though about the fact that it sounds Communist, but it sure does! I have always thought that employment in general is the perfect example of "Freedom is Slavery".
  13. Mrs. M.

    What is better and why - Salary or hourly?

    I love the flexibility of my salaried (exempt) position. Financially I would be better off if I was punching a time clock, but I like not having to worry about about coming and going at exact times, and if I need to leave a little early I don't have to use combo time. It's true that I almost always end up working more than 40 hours a week, but it's nice being responsible for my own time.
  14. Mrs. M.

    What's the dumbest remark you've heard yourself make...

    Several years ago I worked at a hospital in a rough area of town. We often had drug deals going on in the parking lot, sometimes the "customers" were our patients. Our security officer was a petite woman who was well endowed. One day she saw something going down and was able to get the police there in time to make the arrest. When I saw her later on the unit I said "so I hear you had a big bust today!" You really can't recover from a statement like that.
  15. Mrs. M.

    Pornographic movies

    Great advice, thanks. I've been in nursing leadership for many, many years, but I'm only a year into my LTC experience. It's a whole new ballgame.
  16. Mrs. M.

    Pornographic movies

    Thanks - those are some good suggestions. He is vent dependent and a high quad. He can actually only turn his head in one direction, and only about 45 degrees. The TV is turned so that the back of it is facing the door. The nurses who are supportive of his rights tell me that there is enough lead time on the disc that they can easily leave the room before the movie actually starts. Covering the jackets and numbering the movies would take away one more opportunity for people to be offended. I'm afraid you are right though. What really bothers the staff is just that he is watching the movies, and everything else is just an excuse for not allowing him to do that. The hardest part of this is that I feel like a hypocrite - there is no way I would go into that room while the movie is playing unless it was an emergency. He's very gracious about that towards me - he'll say "Stop!" when he sees me near his room. I think I will take CT Pixie's advice and try to separate the issues. If the staff will document the actual incidents where they feel he is being lewd, then I can deal with those incidents separately from the movie issue. I think that's where we are most vulnerable at this point.