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Hey, Just wanted to see how everyone's semester went at GPC. Just finished my 3rd and rolling into the 4th, thank Goodness!... Read More

  1. by   rollie
    dmarie - I am so sorry to hear you're having such a hard semester.I know how it feels. I struggled very hard with the 1st sem., did better my 2nd. Here I am in my 4th sem., struggling so much! I am sitting on a 75 before the final and need to make a 76 on the final to pass. I also have to retake the ERI as I failed it the first time. I have never had a problem with the ERI before and always passed it on the 1st attempt.

    It is so frustrating but just hang in there for the rest of the sem. and see what happens with the final. What do you need to pass?

    Honestly, if I failed 2nd sem (and this is just one person giving advice)...I would apply to go somewhere else. I have a friend who failed 3rd sem and went on to go to NGA and has an A in all her classes.

    As far as success stories go, I have one friend who failed Fundamentals, came back and took all 4 sem. straight thru and passed! Now she's an RN. So it can be done. But I would say you need to save your 1 failure for 3rd or 4th sem. 2nd year is 10x as hard as 1st year. Good luck to you on your final.

    We've all worked so hard to even GET into the program it's disappointing to get in and then not do well.
  2. by   dmarie (GA)
    I've already begun applying to different schools and exploring different options. I don't know if I can stand the GPC program for another semester.

    The thing is: Med-Surg. content isn't impossible. Yes, you have to apply yourself and study constantly, but I really enjoy the subject and love nursing! I always feel very prepared for the exams and test myself with Saunders and other NCLEX books. I don't have a problem with those questions. But the GPC exams are unnecessarily tricky. I understand the idea of critically thinking and preparing students for the NCLEX test format, and I understand the importance of choosing the "most right" answer, but often the GPC exam questions are poorly written, and the answers are needlessly unclear with rationales that are unreasonable.

    Instructors say "Study A, B, and C." and then test you on "D, E, and F." Connecting the dots is important, yes, I understand that, but what's the big secret? Can't they give us a clue or a hint to prepare us? Sometimes the lecture content is based almost entirely on physiological aspects, which I admit is nice to review, but we've already taken anatomy! Lecture on what you're going to test us on and leave the physiological review to us. Hello!

    Yes, a 100% NCLEX pass rate is important, especially if a school wants to avoid probation. But when you're only graduating 10% of the original class, and the original class is filled with bright, motivated, independent learners, then there is something seriously wrong with the school.

    Hang in there and good luck with your final. You've made it this far!!! I have the utmost admiration and respect for you! In fact, I'm in total amazement!!! Rock on with your bad-self girlfriend! And thanks for the advice. :spin:
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  3. by   Boe
    I graduated in Dec. in a class of 18. More than half of my class had failed a previous semester. IF you fail, you can use your time off going over what you didn't grasp the first time. ALOT of the test questions are used again (or the same concepts) so go to the test reviews. You can graduate from GPC. I had no choice, I didn't have the resources to transfer to another college, but if you can, look at all your options. I had one classmate (that had failed a previous semester) during 4th semester that was already regeistered for class at Athens Tech. That way if she failed again she could start class there in Jan. and not have to sit out a semester for the application process.
    Also, 2nd year was easier for me. We had quizzes and they helped to bring my grade up.
    Good Luck.
  4. by   rollie
    Boe - How was the sem.? Was everyone nearly borderline passing going into the final?
  5. by   Boe
    Nobody was really safe for the final. Everybody I knew needed at least a 65 on the final to pass, some needed 80's. We lost a few during the semester, but two people failed because they did not score high enough on the final.
  6. by   rollie
    Thanks Boe - how was the final? Did most everyone get at least a 75 on it?
  7. by   nursinginga
    Hello everyone:
    Congrats to all who are about to graduate. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting to see if I am going to get accepted for the fall semester. They are supposed to be sending the letters out for Clarkston this week. Most have said I have a good chance, but I am still worried out of my mind. I have a 3.4 GPA and I made a composite of 84% on the NET. I am praying for this. I have also heard many negative things about GPC, but I know that you do have to keep a positive attitude to make it through anything. I hope that everyone will continue to try their best, that is all any of us can do. Good luck everyone and any advice will be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance. God bless
  8. by   Boe
    I know a few that got over 75. One girl needed 77.5 to pass & thats exactly what she got. All I can say is try your hardest, review the material, and pray.
    I really feel for you.
  9. by   rollie
    Thanks...I'm so stressed. Only a few got over a 75? THat's really discouraging. Ugh.
  10. by   lakemommy24
    I am also waiting on a letter for GPC, but the L'ville campus. I just got my results too...77%. My math was very high, but my reading comp brought my total score down.
    I was not accepted at NGCSU, so this is my last chance for Fall '07.
    I am hoping GPC sends them soon!
  11. by   BEANURSE
    Quote from BEANURSE
    Hopefully in a few weeks I will be glad I made the decision to got to GPC! Either way there is going to be one HUGE party.....its either going to be a pitty party or a all out Celebration!!!
    Just wanted to update everyone.......Final exam grades were just posted!!!!
    and its an ALL OUT CELEBRATION FOR ME!!!

  12. by   malarwen
    Quote from BEANURSE
    Just wanted to update everyone.......Final exam grades were just posted!!!!
    and its an ALL OUT CELEBRATION FOR ME!!!

    Congratulations !
  13. by   rollie
    I Passed! I Am Graduating From Gpc!!!!!