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  1. rollie

    Need help with a dillema

    Just out of curiosity - why does KSU send out letters so late?
  2. I graduated 3 yrs ago and could pretty much get a job at any hospital. Now it's affecting everyone because people are getting laid off and have no insurance but they still get sick. They go to the hospital but the hospital can't get paid because ther...
  3. rollie

    Is it difficult to find a job in ATL?

    I graduated 2 years ago and got 3 offers right away. I think there are plenty of jobs for RN's as long as you're flexible as to what area you enter. For example it will be extremely difficult to get into the ICU as a new grad or sometimes something l...
  4. rollie

    Hey I Need Help Im A New Grad

    You will have NO problem getting a job at Grady. When I was a new grad and interviewed there they offered me the job at the 1st interview. Same with several of my fellow graduates.
  5. rollie

    Is Emory A Good Hospital?

    Hey there - Chloe is a bit off. I started at Emory in August of 06 and THEN they were starting new grads at $21.20. The pay at all metro atlanta hospitals is about the same for new grads. When I was interviewing back then Piedmont was $20.99 and St. ...
  6. rollie

    Getting into GPC

    I think you're being paranoid. They get so many applications they're not having time to look at your dropping history. I think they only look at gpa, science gpa and net score. I graduated from gpc last year and had not great grades or gpa. My net s...
  7. rollie

    Just wondering what kind of pay rate to expect

    Most Atlanta hospitals start you from 21/hr to 22/hr.
  8. rollie

    Looking for a job in the Atlanta area?

    I work at Emory and they have a great new grad program. Piedmont also has a good one. Grady will hire you AT your interview and say they have a new grad program but I don't know how good it is.
  9. rollie

    Looking for flexible Atlanta Georgia School

    Definitely don't go to GPC. I graduated from there in May and it was the worst 2 years of my life and you definitely CAN NOT keep your job if you go there. YOu are expected to be available Monday -Fri 7-5 or so. I don't know of any programs on li...
  10. rollie

    Georgia Perimeter College

    She's right. There is no test bank. They make up their own questions. Remember they'll all be application. Like you need to know lab values but they won't ask you straight out, it will be like you need to know the lab value to answer the patient scen...
  11. rollie

    Georgia Perimeter College

    I graduated from GPC in May of this year. It was the worst 2 years of my life and I would strongly suggest getting out now while you don't have too much time invested. It's better than getting to the 3rd semester, failing out and then having to wait ...
  12. rollie

    Grady Pay for New RN's

    Does anyone work at Grady? I was wondering how much they pay for new graduate nurses. Thanks!
  13. rollie

    GPC Students - how was your semester?

    The # of tests isthe same for 3rd and 4th semester. 4 regular exams and 1 final. Plus in 3rd semester you have 10 pop quizzes in class that count like 10 % of your grade and in 4th semester you have 3 take home quizzes that are worth 15% of your grad...
  14. rollie

    GPC Students - how was your semester?

    Wow! congrats to you on thinking your 1st semester was not that hard! How many classmates have you lost so far? I have to say this program has been a million times harder than I ever thought it was going to be. I only have one month left and I...
  15. rollie

    New Grad Hourly Wages

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how much Atlanta Medical Center pays new grads? I know Piedmont pays $20.99 and St. Joesph's is $21.35. Thanks!