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Does anyone work at GRADY MEMORIAL? I am moving to Atlanta the end of next year and am hoping to get a job at Grady because I know the learning there is priceless. I have been doing research about... Read More

  1. by   Mikel3113
    Its not exact but it's a little after regular schools graduate so May-June ish and again in dec-Jan ish. they like all new grads to go through 3 month residency program so they bring everyone on at once so they can collaborate the training and classes. call up there or go up and ask to talk to the person in charge of nurse residency or nurse Extern program. I dont want to name people on here but All these head ladies are good and helpful. They'll tell you when to call back or start looking for openings
  2. by   JFarrow
    Hey can you please send me the HESE review pdf please? I saw in another post that you had email is thank you
  3. by   Lucky724
    If I lived closer I'd work there in a heartbeat! LOVED it when we went through nursing clinicals there
  4. by   nguyenhnic
    I think Grady is a great hospital for new nurses. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere! It's a great teaching hospital.
  5. by   joshow
    Does anyone know what the pay is during the Residency program? And how much studying is required outside of work? Thanks...
  6. by   meeep
    If you don't mind me asking, Mike, why is the learning curve so steep?
  7. by   Mikel3113
    Well first off I was a new grad going into it, so I can't speak for how an experienced nurse feels about our unit. However nursing school doesn't do much but skim the surface of icu knowledge. Once you start you will realize there's alot of advanced skills and things that i felt like some of my instructors at school couldn't even fully explain. For instance how to run a CRRT machine, knowing how different modes affect the body, understanding how it affects electrolytes, fluid status, hemodynamics, and what to do in an emergency. These patients are just really sick and challenging and it was stressful sometimes I felt overwhelmed at times too during my first 4-6 months. Just so much equipment and its just like starting an iv or something is the least of your worries. Now this type of patient isnt given to you until you are ready but you might have a patient where your titrating levo, epi, dobutamine, running bicarb, vaso, insulin drip, multiple fluid bolus's, while giving 5-10 blood products in your shift, giving tons of push meds, assisting with putting in an aline, and triple lumen central on one side and introducer and floating a swan-ganz catheter on the other, setting up the cco, shooting oxycalcs, hemocalcs using a fluid warmer and warming blanket and you might have a second pt thats stable but has 2 pressors and has an evd on a vent as well. yea its work for sure not just sick people but people trying to die and you and the md's are saving them all night long. Not suprising to go through 2 crash carts on the same pt in 12 hrs but its so rewarding to all of us nurses to see our patients walk out of there after being in the worst possible shape you could ever imagine. good luck haha
  8. by   sokouture
    Could you please email me at Thanks in advance
  9. by   sokouture
    @Mikel3113…I desperately would like to become a part of the Grady Critical Care Team. I would like to work in any ICU, preferable SICU though. I have 2 years of Med-Surg experience but no ICU experience, which is my challenge. I'm quite sure that I won't receive a call for an interview because of my lack of experience. I know that I could win a manager over if I was only able to meet with them face-to-face. How could I meet with one of the managers? I don't want to be abrasive and just go down to Grady and fight my way past security Please help!
  10. by   Mikel3113
    Some areas really need people you might get a call just by submitting an application. If not though I'm pretty aggressive when it come s to job seeking but i would try and call the grady main line see if you can get the unit number your applying to see if you could talk to manager to just ask them if you could email them your resume that u filled out an appl. f manager wont speak toyou see if secratary will give u email
  11. by   sokouture
    I spoke with someone today and they said that I will just have to wait to for a call . My bf works in the MICU and he went down there and they pretty much hired him on the spot! This may be what I have to do. I know that some managers don't like when you do that but I know that I will be a great asset to their team. I will see what I can do in this upcoming week! I am expecting no less than an interview! I want this too badly! Maybe you can help me with interview questions (I never really had a nursing interview because I transitioned from a nurse extern position to my RN position without an interview). Thank you so much! You are so very helpful.
  12. by   Mikel3113
    Yea wish i could give u some insight on micu manager but shes new i dont know her well from the times ive talked to her seemed like a nice woman she was very accommodating when i floated over there to help out she thanked me many times and offered to take care of me any time in the future i floated over to help
  13. by   sokouture
    Yea I would prefer not to work in the MICU though since he works there. At this point, I'd take anything that I can get.