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meg816 specializes in Labor/Delivery/Postpartum/GYN.

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  1. meg816

    GA traveler nursing pay

    I am thinking about taking a traveling nursing job in ATL next year and am wondering what traveling pay for an RN is. I live in Alaska right now and make good money. I specialize in OB. Any insight to help me make decision would be great.
  2. meg816

    CA travel nursing pay

    I was thinking about taking a travel nursing job in CA next year and was wondering what the average pay is. I live in Alaska now and make decent money but I heard CA RNs make alot more. I specialize in OB. Any insight to help me would be awesome. Thanks!
  3. meg816

    Just resigned from RN Supervisor - right reason?

    I work in a 160 bed facility and the nursing supergiants are responsible for only nursing. They would never dream of floating.... There is too much for them to do as it is!! You are worth so much more! You can find a job anywhere that will be less stressful. Good luck super nurse:)
  4. meg816

    UAA nursing through Fairbanks

    I was 4th on the alternate list and it just means that if someone who was accepted can't go then they start going down the alternate list in order and accept people on that list. The year I got accepted 6 alternates got into the program because so many people couldn't accept their spot. If you don't get in by the time classes start you have to wait till the next year. We did have two LPN"s come into the program at the beginning of the 2nd semester because 2 people dropped out, but it was only because they were LPN's that they were able to come in late. I know it changes year to year, but my score on the NET test and GPA weren't nearly as good as yours and I still got in a really good alternate spot. And if you don't get in, just take classes towards your BSN so you don't feel like you are just wasting time while waiting to get into the program.
  5. meg816

    UAA nursing through Fairbanks

    I think you have an excellent chance of getting in! They don't start going through applications until the end of summer semester because they count summer courses into their consideration, so you should get an extra point for your CNA if you put that on your application. And they don't start sending out acceptance/denial letters until September or October. Good luck and let us know what happens!
  6. meg816

    Looking for a job in the Atlanta area?

    This sticky is wayyyyy out of date. There are no jobs in Atlanta as far as I can tell.
  7. Hello, I will be moving to The Decatur part of Atlanta from Alaska in June. I just recently graduated and will only have a few months experience. After many hours of researching ALL the acute care hospitals in the Atlanta area, I have found very few job descriptions that don't require a minimum of a year experience. I know across the country new grads can't get jobs. I have heard new grads in Atlanta look for about 6 months before getting a job. Is this still the case? If I won't be there until June, should I start looking now and make a note on my resume that I can start in June? This is a huge move for myself and family and not knowing if/when I will get a job is adding to an already stressful situation. I will die if I have to go back to waiting tables while waiting for my dream job ( not really, but I would think about it:))Any thoughts or advice will be sooooo welcomed!! Also.... My top two choices are Dekalb medical center north (for the location) or Grady Memorial (for the experience). Any thoughts on those locations. I know people either HATE or LOVE Grady, but I think I would get alot from the experience...I have a heart for poor and indigent people!:)
  8. I just graduated from the UAA RN program in the outreach site of Fairbanks. I am relocating to Palmer next month. I am wondering if new grads are being hired at Matsu Regional or any of the Acute care hospitals in Anchorage as I am willing to commute. I, like many, will be desperate for a job on any floor that will give me a chance and am wondering what kind of competition I am looking at. Thanks ahead of time for any replies!!
  9. meg816

    UAA nursing through Fairbanks

    I happen to be graduating with akkat. This is an amazing program and if you truly have a passion for nursing, you will get so much out it. It is super intense and the distance part can be challenging, but not nearly as bad as I originally thought it would be. They tell you upfront you are responsible for your learning. Instructors are not going to read the material and do the assignments for you. They are there to facilitate your learning. This is a program for adults and I suspects most programs have this expectation from students. The first year instructors are super amazing. They are current ICU nurses and have a passion for nursing as well as teaching nursing. They know there stuff and challenge your thinking as well as demand excellence in nursing in a respectful,nurturing, motherly hen sort of way. I could not have asked for a better foundation for the rest of my career. And let this first year keep your head straight for the hell of a second year. This program is very competetive and the amount of pre requs you have done and the score of the NET (nurse entrance test) will mostly determine whether or not you get in. I graduate next week and I know this program was high quality and prepared me to go be a new grad which is when I really learn how to be a nurse (so I hear). Good luck, the end prize is so worth it.
  10. meg816

    Pay at Grady

    Hey, I was wondering how much a nurse with about 6 months experience would be looking at for pay at Grady Memorial. From what I can find online GA RN's make about $21-22 to start. Is this the case? Also, I asked about a year ago... Are nurses having as hard a time getting jobs at Grady as they did a year ago and how is the new management. I have heard both neg's and pos's about Grady and would really love to work there and welcome a challenge. I live in Alaska now and am wondering how there relocation program works. Any info on Grady would be awesome. Thanks ahead of time. meg
  11. meg816

    Anyone work at GRADY MEMORIAL in Atlanta?

    Congrats on passing NCLEX! That's so exciting. If you have time, do you mind elaborating on what kind's of things you saw in the ICU. Do you know how hard it would be to get a job in the ICU with about 1 year's experience on a med-surg floor? My plan is to go to nurse anesthetist school and I need some ICU experience It takes years to get in the ICU at my hospital and we send the most critical patients down south (I live in Alaska). Thanks a bunch.
  12. Does anyone work at GRADY MEMORIAL? I am moving to Atlanta the end of next year and am hoping to get a job at Grady because I know the learning there is priceless. I have been doing research about the hospital and realize the past 10-13 years have been difficult and they are undergoing some serious changes. I was wondering what it is like to work there and if any change is noticeable yet. I will be looking for RN work in the ICU or their awesome trauma/ER with only about 1 year experience in med-surg. Any information anyone is willing to offer up would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. meg816

    fairbanks memorial as a new grad????

    Fairbanks just graduated 16 students and 15 got a job at FMH. They did however go through the program in Fairbanks and received their clinical experience at FMH which probably gives them a hand up over out of state new grads. Fairbanks is not suffering the RN job shortage as bad a Anchorage though. I know right now that the women's center could probably use some post partum RN's.
  14. meg816

    new grad moving to AK

    I failed to mention Alaska Regional Hospital serves Anchorage
  15. meg816

    new grad moving to AK

    Hi all, I live in Alaska and am graduating from nursing school in December in FAIRBANKS. From what I have heard, Anchorage nurses are having trouble finding jobs in the hospitals. The problem with Alaska is that we are sparsely populated with only 4 major hospitals in the state: Fairbanks Memorial Hospital-Fairbanks, Providence Hospital(largest)-Anchorage, Alaska Native Medical Center-Anchorage, Providence of the Matanuska Valley-serving Wasilla, Palmer, and surrounding areas. And, many Fairbanks patients get sent to Anchorage, while many Anchorage patients get sent to Seattle. Anchorage graduates close to 100 RN's a year, while Fairbanks only graduates maximum 16/year and another, probably, 25 students in other outreach sites (Juneau, Matanuska-Valley, Ketchikan, Kotzebue to name a few). That is quite a few new grads every year and most want an acute setting job for the experience. With so few hospitals to choose from, I can see it could be hard to find a job now. And a lot of residents go outside for college and come home to work. Being from Fairbanks and just having watched the previous class pass NCLEX and get jobs, I know Fairbanks RN's are not having trouble getting jobs. 15 of the 16 new grads secured jobs at our local hospital on many floors including medical, surgical, pediatrics, and ER. That was everyone who applied. However, in Alaska and most places, the NICU is reserved for experienced nurses and those units have a very low turnover. In Fairbanks, the last nursery/NICU nurse was hired 2 year ago and the one before that was 6 years ago. But fairbanks sends its most critacal newborns to Anchorage or Seattle. Also, the ICU is next to impossible to get in to as a new grad. So hard, I will spend one year at my local hospital for experience, and then I will be moving outside to look for an ICU position as I want to pursue anesthesia and it requires ICU experience. The highest turnover units are med-surg. Long term care and clinics are also options and there are many of those. Also, Alaska RN's make a decent wage almost anywhere they work. The average for a new grad is about $26-$28/hr and the schedules vary from working 3 12 hr shifts to 5 8 hr shifts and everything in between. Keep in mind that Alaska does have a higher cost of living than most other states. I hope at least some of this information has been helpful and good luck to all of you coming to this great state. Hope you're ready to freeze (was between 30 below and 50 below for 2 months this winter in Fairbanks!)
  16. meg816

    New grad jobs anywhere?

    Hi, I am in the Nursing program in Fairbanks, AK through UAA and will graduate in December. OMG Alaska needs nurses. We only graduate maximum 16 RN's per year in Fairbanks. 15 out of the 16 students who just graduated got hired at FMH and there is still a shortage. And they were hired in all units-ER, PEDI, MED/SURG- with the exception of ICU (they don't make it a point to hire new grads). The medical floor is almost always hiring because it has a fairly high turn over. Alot of new grads go to that unit for the experience and move on to something else after six months or a year. The women's center is struggling for good help right now too. I can't speak for Anchorage, because they graduate alot more RN's a year because they have a BSN program as well as the AAS RN, but all I have been hearing for the past year and a half is how desperate Alaska is for nurses. The only unfortunate thing is that there are only 4 major hospitals in the entire state and depending on where you go, you may be limited to what you get see. Fairbanks sends alot of people to Anchorage and Anchorage sends alot of people to Seattle. Alaska is a unique and amazing place and I don't think you will have a hard time finding a job at all. Nurses are truly in demand wherever you go. Good Luck!