RN to BSN or RN to MSN prigram


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Hey everyone, I am currently an AAS RN and am eager to advance my degree. I have been a labor/delivery since I became a nurse 4 years ago. I recently became a school nurse because my family needed a consistent schedule, but still work PRN at the hospital. I am looking for a school that is, most importantly, inexpensive since I will be paying out of pocket. My two top choices are Western Governors University and Aspen University. They are both financially feasible and it looks like they will both provide my educational goals. I'm leaning towards WGU because I can move through the program quickly and it's quite inexpensive. My only hesitation is that if I go for the RN to MSN, I would not be awarded a BSN. And, it's a pass/fail system with a GPA a 3.0. My ultimate goal is to be a FNP and CNM. My concern is being able to get into an accredited school with only a 3.0 GPA after getting my BSN/MSN. I was also wondering, if going through WGU, if getting my BSN first and then getting my MSN would be the way to go so I have the BSN in my hands in case life happens and I am unable to complete the RN to MSN in a timely fashion. I would love your thoughts about my plan and how I am thinking about fulfilling it.

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You are very smart to continue working in a hospital on a PRN basis. This really keeps all your options open & ensures that your acute care skills remain proficient.

If Advanced Practice nursing (CNM or NP) is your ultimate goal, you will not be able to get there via either Aspen or WGU - they do not offer any clinical masters programs. It just is not possible with a 100% online program due to the clinical practicum requirements. Here is a website with a comprehensive listing of options for CNM education ( Midwifery Education Programs ) I believe that there are a few hybrid programs (didactic online) that support 100% distance education by allowing students to arrange for clinical practicums in their own area.

Best of luck to you!!