Yup, I look like a frigging dentist.

  1. In the poll, multiple boxes can be selected. I made it three polls in one that way.

    My clinical instructor,with a straight face,told me the zip-up "jackets" the uniform place gave us to wear, were in fact our only option for the "white top" in the student guidebook.

    It's hard enough being a newbie,but a newbie dressed in one of those dentist outfits has got to be the worst:imbar

    Makes me wonder what other embarrassments they have in store for the 3 students out of 100 that have no school colors on and look like total idiots!

    The instructor asked us today if we had any prior experience in healthcare.

    I thought:Yea,enough to know to keep my mouth shut now!! No way am I gonna invite them to single me out some more

    GPA =power of what little a student can exert. By this time next semester we'll see if that policy will change.
    I'm glad I'm not stuck in this unit for 2 years.

    Very important lesson for those students still considering thier school options. Seriously,find out what they wear to clinicals. You will be in it every time people see you in a professional setting. It's very difficult to not feel like a fool if you're dressed as one, and it's my opinnion that that's what they think of us if they make it mandatory.

    All that's missing are the poofy hats with the little bells. :chuckle

    I've posted a poll to explore this topic. It has multiple choices activated so we can cover the usual gender issue.

    Thanks for participating!!

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  2. Poll: Does your school uniform reflect pofessionalism?

    • Yes,for the women,but the men's uniforms are a joke.

      5.00% 1
    • Both men's an women's uniforms are embarassing.

      45.00% 9
    • The men's look professional,but the women's are trash.

      5.00% 1
    • Both men and women's uniforms reflect thoughtful selection of style and project professionalism.

      15.00% 3
    • Men's uniforms have school colors

      5.00% 1
    • Men's uniforms are an afterthought and have no school colors

      5.00% 1
    • There seems to be gender bias in my program.

      5.00% 1
    • Both genders seem treated equaly and all are just nursing students.

      35.00% 7
    20 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   Whisper
    The usually female first bias to unifroms is the other way around at my school. The female uniform has just been changed to match the male... with very little notice, after most people have bought what they thought was going to be their second year uniform.

    Our unifroms are very dentist like, the only difference is we get to were epillettes(SP) with the colours to denote which year we are in, and thnakfully you don't see many dentist wearing those.

    But just think the uniforms could be worse, you could wear a baseball cap, and ask "do you want fries with that?"
  5. by   Mkue
    Purp, we will stick out like a sore thumb !!

    I know how you feel,, guess I can't complain, ours don't have zippers just snaps on the lab coat. I swear these are the cheapest looking uniforms but they COST a bunch !
  6. by   subec
    I sure lucked out. Our uniforms are navy scrubs---navy top, navy bottoms. Both males and females wear exactly the same thing.

    I will admit that my school's choice of uniforms had a lot to do with me applying to go here.
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    since clinical rotation does not start until late sept., i haven't seen the men uniforms as of yet. i do like the way the ladies look and it changed from the last school year.
  8. by   ashse
    Other than having to wear white pants , I guess our uniforms aren't bad. There isn't an actual "official" uniform. Just white pants and white shirt (of the same fabric) and white leather shoes. So that gives you a little bit of choice. And of course there is the obligatory white lab coat too. I almost forgot that.

    I hope this white fabric is fairly stain resistant!
  9. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Just clicked in to see how the poll was going.

    At my school the uniforms for women are decent, and show a little thought........very little, but I still hesitate to call them an embarassment.

    I'm going to go collapse from exhaustion now.

    Thanks for voting.

    Those whites are most definitely not stain resistant.

    Coffee and iodine both turn a suspicious yellow..........so try not to spill them in your lap!:imbar
  10. by   babynursewannab
    Our school has identical uniforms for both male and female: White scrubs, white socks, white shoes, white lab coat, white underwear (yup, they went there). We then have to get our school patches (only $6.00 -- heard some of you have to pay through the teeth for yours) and name tags -- another $6.00.

    Third semester, everything changes to Navy. I don't think they can tell what color underwear we're wearing then --- HOT PINK here i come!!! :chuckle:

    I'm going to go pass out now, too.

    'night y'all.
  11. by   Lausana
    Geesh, does ANYONE like their uniforms??

    Sorry peeps, it won't let me vote...but I think our uniforms, though all white, make us look like nurses...kinda retro-nurse looking style for us girls. Sorry that probably doesn't make any sense They're button down front. And guys are also white/white shirt/slacks w/ school patch. Althought the guys cost a few bucks more

    Simple & looks professional.
  12. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    At my school we are all the same - navy scrub - cargoish pants w/ lots of pockets...white polo w/ school insignia embroiderd. If we want a jacket it's just white snap down w/ school patch on sleeve...

    i just wish we could wear regular scrubs...white embroiderd polo shirts are not conducive to stains (can't bleach)