Your Spring Schedule

  1. What classes are you taking next term? How many credit hours? And what does your clinical schedule look like?

    I am taking Peds for the first seven weeks and OB in the second seven weeks, and I plan to take a neonatal class. So a total of 10 credit hours, though really only 6 at a time. Unfortunately, my clinical hours suck. Because of the NICU class, I can only have clinicals for Thursday and Friday 3-930 (Peds). Thankfully, it is only seven weeks, and I will be able to take daytime clinicals 7-1:30 TThrs for OB.

    What about you? And for those of you who have already taken Peds/OB, how was your rotation?
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  3. by   ambitiousBSN
    I register at the end of this month for spring, but I know I have:

    - Pathopharmacology
    - Professional Nursing Care of the Adult I (Med-Surg I)
    - Nursing Care of Children and Families
    - Nursing Research

    I'm not sure about my clinical times, but I know if I start Peds in the first half, the second half will be Med-Surg.
  4. by   cmccauley1
    I have the same schedule as Corrine! She just introduced this site to me! Glad to get going on this website!
  5. by   203bravo
    NUR 305 Nursing the Adult Client I
    NUR 335 Nursing the Adult Client I Practicum
    NUR 314 Health Policy & Ethical Decision Making
    NUR 304 Pharmacology

    total of 12 hours
  6. by   applesxoranges
    None! I graduate and can't start a BSN program till I have my license so I suppose working and studying! Plus working out! And possible a martial arts class.
  7. by   christina731
    I will be taking L&D and Peds. Each has lecture, lab and clinical. Not sure of the times yet, the schedule isn't up yet.
  8. by   Jenngirl34RN
    My program has a set list of classes for each quarter, comprised of a theory class, a lab class, and clinicals, for a total of 12 credits per quarter.
  9. by   Mandy0728
    I actually find out this week if I get accepted for spring or not! However I'm such a nerd, that I already know the schedule. (I'm being extremely optimistic)

    -nursing concepts
    -nursing interventions
    -nursing research
    -nursing assessment
  10. by   smoup
    This winter (Jan 2-22) I take Gerontology online.

    Then, Spring semester starts on Jan 23 and I take
    Psych Nursing
    Adult Health Nursing
    Science and Research

    Total of 18 credit hours in the Spring.
  11. by   ThePrincessBride
    18 credit hours? That is insane!
  12. by   Mandy0728
    I got accepted! My classes were posted above, and we also have 3 labs per week plus clinicals which are both not assigned yet
  13. by   Kuriin
    NURS 320 Community and Mental Health Nursing
    (fulfills Cultural Diversity requirement)
    4 units
    NURS 321 Health Care Systems I: Nursing Leadership Within
    Complex Adaptive Systems
    2 units
    NURS 325 Clinical Lab III: Community and Mental Health Nursing
    (fulfills Service Learning requirement)
    4 units
    NURS 322 Evidence-Based Inquiry and Informatics 4 units
  14. by   ellaballet
    My first semester of nursing school! Eeek!

    Nursing History, Knowledge, and Narrative - 3 credits
    Essential Concepts of Nursing - 3 credits
    Nursing Skills and Technologies (class and lab) - 4 credits
    Pathophysiologic and Pharmacologic Approach to Nursing Practice -6 credits

    Sixteen credits overall, no clinicals! I took both patho and pharm in undergrad so hopefully it wont be too bad of a semester!