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Lets start a fun thread that describes a nursing students way of life. For examply always broke but gotta have those drug cards. stuff like that You know you are in nursing school when ....... Read More

  1. by   shippoRN
    okay here's another one....not sure if this one was mentioned

    You know you are a nursing student when
    you get home from working 9 hrs at your job you hate, eat pasta for the umpheifth time because its the quickest thing to cook in your apartment, and then proceed to lie down to study, to which you wake up at 3 in the morning to find all your text book, drug guide, medical dictionary, pages and pages of powerpoints, and more pages from notes you were taking AND your macbook all sharing the bed with you, with every single light you own is on, and you just wake up, put your glasses back on and continue studying like you weren't just passed out a minute ago!!!
  2. by   SunshineRN79
    Quote from Sunshine12879
    You know your in nursing school when....
    -You spend 5 days studying for a test, take all the practice exams and get a 75%
    -Youcome on these boards to make sure what your going through is normal nursing student stuff!
    -You areWondering what the heck you have done to your self!!
  3. by   catzy5
    Quote from Sunshine12879

    How funny I read that and didn't think anything abnormal about 5 days. We have literally only 5 days to learn all material for two courses have to study 24/7 then start new topics right after the exam.

    you know your in nursing school when every appointment is made during your one week spring break, I have 2 doctors appts for the kids, 4 dentest appointments and hope to get everyones hair cut. Not to mention study for the next unit, and work on my Paper.
  4. by   BethT
    i am starting nursing in jan and you guys are so hilarious!! i am a little nervous tho...
  5. by   NewPICURN
    My girlfriend is an education major so she took the Praxis and paid 20 bucks to get in to her major program

    So.. you know you are in nursing school, when you go to apply and they want a TB skin test, proof of CPR certification, shot record, the results of your physical, application, $20 dollars, and you have to take an entrance exam.
  6. by   nurse_to _be
    You know you are in nursing school:
    When at 4:30 am you had checked and double checked, read as much as you could find on the diagnosis in every single nursing book you own for your care plan that is due at 8:00 am.
    When the miserable vacation you had before school now seems like heaven on earth or just a beautiful midnight's dream you had after starting your meds, fluid balance unit.
    And finally, when your clinical instructor tells the whole group after collecting our first care plan: "you all look like hell, welcome to nursing school!"
    Its obvious, I just did my first care plan.
  7. by   GeauxNursing
    you ask all your friends, coworkers, family members what meds they are taking...then run and look them up!
  8. by   CallieAnne
    You know you are in nursing school when you start to wonder why you match all of the mental disorder characteristics....:chuckle
  9. by   pnut0911
    These are great and cannot wait until next semester when I can put my own little.... you know your in nursing school when....
    Keep it up, it's fun to read!!!!!
  10. by   shippoRN
    You stare at everyone's neck to see if they have a goiter, or tell you friends who have gas to ambulate ambulate ambulate!
  11. by   mb1949
    You know you in nursing school, when you stay up studying for a pysch test, to finish your case study in med-surg, practice injections every spare moment in clinical lab and had a brain freeze when practicum came and put the wrong size needle on the syringe, have to redo the practicum, are so exhausted you can see straight and am still up at 4am trying to figure out how you could be so dumb, stressed, to blow a skill you knew like the back of your hand

    God help us all I don't know if I am going to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS I haven't brought my self any new clothes, except nursing shoes or scrub pants since I don't know when
  12. by   Wondergirl0905
    When you stay up so late studying that you skip taking a shower just to sleep another 15 minutes!
  13. by   lilbean
    You and another student are hiding in a pt. bathroom squeezing urine out of your shoe for an I&O because the urinal was knocked off of the bed rail. The instructor catches you, informs you the results will not be accurate. By the way, she walked out of the room laughing and shaking her head.

    Now THAT'S funny!!! I can just picture it!