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hello all.... okay, can you tell me if this is normal.... i only have two classes this semester, intro to nursing and a sociology class. i browsed the schools bookstore website and books alone... Read More

  1. by   Saysfaa
    Several people have said never go to the school's bookstore, it is always overpriced compared to online options. That is not so at my school. Quite often the difference is less than the cost of shipping.
  2. by   HCollier
    I spent $725 on my 1st quarter(3 months) and that was for 5 books, and then i spent another $720 for my 2nd quarter(3 months, currently in) and that was for 10 books. I like new books bc i dont like people that get highlighter crazy, i like a clean slate with no marks so i can mark the crap out of my books. Ill be selling most of my books to my sister whoe is 1 quarter behind me though.
  3. by   snkristen3689

    i bought ALL MY BOOKS online and saved a lot of $$$$ profs kept telling us to buy the books in a "bundle" our bookstore provided ( it cost 400-500 dollars)...go online it's way better. you will probably use most of these books for the next 2 years
  4. by   amymina
    An idea is to check different websites, which many others have mentioned. I'm not sure of the ones that have been mentioned, but I have used barnes and noble (they had 30% off all new textbooks last summer with free shipped!),,, and Checked these out and compare before you buy, especially if you are able to pay out of pocket and don't have to go to the college bookstore. Another idea is using previous editions. The book by Brunner and Suddarth at the top I also own, and you can get it for $10 on some used websites if you are willing to get the 11th edition, which was just replaced less than a year ago. The only disadvantage is the page numbers don't perfectly match. But you do what you have to do.
  5. by   snkristen3689
    if you use you can get a comparison of a book's price at different websites
  6. by   CherryRed23
    I didn't take the time to read all the replies. Here is my 2 cents--I worried about buying older edition books. The medical field is changing everyday. I don't want to be even a few pages off from everyone else when it comes to my nursing program. I have a friend who just grauated and gave me what books she still had that were on my list. I get them from ebay, craigslist, and amazon. My first year first semester books are $1000...but for the rest of the PROGRAM they will only be $600--So $1600 total. By purchasing my books elsewhere and getting what I can from the friend (which isn't a lot because of newer editions) I'll spend less than half of that. Even my medical bag (which was $185) only cost me $60 by purchasing it all elsewhere and sometimes used. Hope that helps! Good luck!
  7. by   Samantha79
    If I bought my books from the bookstore they would have been $1000+. I ordered mine online (little by little) from various sites and will end up spending $580 or so. gives a list of online sites that are currently selling the book and it's current price. I've bought from amazon,, eBay, and Borders so far the past two months. I've bought new and used. I always make sure on the USED books that the description says no highlighting (that bugs me) and CD included if there is suppose to be one.