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  1. CherryRed23

    Nursing and sexual orientation

    I have a great friend who, when I first met her, for the longest time just talked about her "sweetie". Then she said her sweetie's name...which is a name that could be either a girl or boy name. It was when she refered to her as her partner that I figured it out. It really shouldn't matter and if it does matter to someone...they're not worth talking to anyway :)
  2. CherryRed23

    Is anyone commuting really far away?

    Ditto! Except I have to be at clinicals at 6 am! It'll be worth it in the end! :)
  3. CherryRed23

    Anyone get away with a "questionable" hair shade?

    This is just my two cents--getting into the nursing program is a BIG deal. I see all kinds of threads saying "should I get a third piercing before classes start?" should I dye my hair?" "Should I get the tattoo?"....I know your asking something different. It's two years (or four if BSN)....just try doing something that is NOT questionable. Why take the risk or being told that you have to change it? You have the whole rest of your life to play with your hair color.
  4. CherryRed23

    I just ordered a Zuca bag for school

    It was in a store in Middleton, Wisconsin. It's by Madison. They were listed on the Zuca website, so I called and they had one. They took payment over the phone and mailed it to me. Right after I ordered it, a local store called me and said that they were able to get me one if I wanted. I told him, sorry, already got it elsewhere. It's such a cool insert!!!!
  5. CherryRed23

    lecture notes or nclex review book?

    Wait though! Saunders is coming out with a new edition that is set to release on Oct 15, 2010. They just changed over the nclex test, so it's probably not a bad idea to have the new edition. If you don't mind paying the price of the new one, then go that way. Once that edition comes out, I'm sure the 4th will drop in price too.
  6. CherryRed23

    How did you react when you were accepted into nursing school?

    It was the morning of May 22 2010. I got a call from a friend that applied. I answered the phone and said hello and she said "I'm so ******". She got accepted however, she found out a week prior that she was pregnant with twins. So although she got accepted, she had to turn it down. My mail hadn't ran yet. I continued to get myself ready for the day. My Grandpa died May 31, 2009 and this was the day that we were burying his ashes. It was a small ceremony (mainly because everyone assumed he was already buried....long story). So as I was getting in the car the mail was delivered and there was my envelope. I put it in the car and left. I called my husband and said that I got the letter. He said "OPEN IT!" I was torn though cause it was a sad day...how was I going to open the letter and possibly celebrate and then bury Grandpa (the man who raised me)? I opened it and read Congratulation.....yay me! Then at the gravesite I silently told Grandpa. Before we left the cemetary, I told my Aunt (the only other person there) about the letter and she cried and cried. She said "Thank you for telling me this TODAY." "Luther (grandpa) is behind this." My Grandpa was totally behind me getting the letter the same day we buried him. He would have been so proud of me! He never wanted anyone to fuss over him. So go figure that on the day we said goodbye and were "fussing" over him...he'd somehow put the focus elsewhere.
  7. CherryRed23

    I just ordered a Zuca bag for school

    I am NOW the proud owner of a black frame, hawaiian insert that I got for $75!!!! Then I found an insert that I really loved that is retired. Well I called tje company first and they told me "Good luck finding one cause we discontinued that awhile ago." Well I found one in a store, so I bought the STORM insert...YAY!
  8. CherryRed23

    "Compression only" resuscitation supported by new studies

    I carry a mask in my car at all times. I have one in hubbys car too. I came across a car accident two years ago and the guy had all kinds of stuff coming out his mouth, so I chose not to do mouth to mouth. (I was unaware of the compression only option) I felt awful afterward. THat's when I decided to have a mask with me. Now I have an option to do compressions only...yay!
  9. CherryRed23

    Immunization Records

    My doctor knew which ones needed to be updated based on when I got them. Just take your paperwork in, they'll know.
  10. CherryRed23

    Name issues--legal issue?

    Hmm....good point!
  11. CherryRed23

    Name issues--legal issue?

    Thank you!
  12. CherryRed23

    Name issues--legal issue?

    Oh and Jane is just an example...:)
  13. CherryRed23

    Name issues--legal issue?

    Everyone calls me Jane but that's not my real name. It's not short for anything. In fact it's not even close to my real name. It's also not my legal name. So how will this work after I become a nurse? Will I be able to go by the name everyone calls me and then sign everything with my legal name. Or should I just go by my real name at work?
  14. CherryRed23

    Do you have children?

    I didn't take the time to read all the replies, so I'm sorry if I repeat something. I have a almost four year old who is autistic. It's tough helping him through his day without being in school. So I don't know how it's going to work when I start school in August. All I can tell you, is that it's all about attitude. Just think to yourself...this HAS to work. It's going to be tough, but my kids and I NEED this to work. Going in with a can-do attitude will make all the difference in the world! Good luck!
  15. CherryRed23

    1st semester book costs

    I've bought from amazon, craigslist, and ebay. Ebay and amazon protect you...craigslist, well you have to use your best judgement. I have no choice though...I HAVE to buy at lower prices!
  16. CherryRed23

    1st semester book costs

    here is a list of the books i need...first price is price i paid and the second is the amazon price. i'll never buy from the book store unless i have no other option! pharmacology:nursing proc.appr.-std $17.99/$24.01 pharmacology:nursing process appr.- $63.99/$73.91 dosage calculations-w/cd $30/$75.89 essentials of psych.mental hlth $47.75/$50.74 pathophys.for health professions-study guide. $20/$25 nursing care plans free/$50.23 [color=#ae0eba]lippincott's photo atlas of med.adm $5.03/$13.37 fundamentals of nursing-study guide free/$24.01 fundamentals of nursing-w/cd free/$89.06 mosby's dict.of med.,nurs.+hlth $28.01/$31.83 rnotes:nurse's clinical pocket guid $17.95/$23.12 toward healthy aging free/$51.51 davis's drug guide for nurses-w/cd--still have to get pathophys.for health professions--still have to get quick+easy med.terminology-w/3 cds--still have to get mosby's manual of diagnostic+lab--still have to get evolve: evolve online patient reviews – user guide & access code--bookstore online documentation software program to buy, price is approx $125.00.--from bookstore