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amymina specializes in telemetry.

New graduate starting on telemetry floor!

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  1. how long till' I get my license!?

    Not sure about NJ, but in NY, three days after the test I showed as active in the online system and had my license about two weeks after taking the test in my hand.
  2. New Grad Freaking Out!!!!!!!!!!!

    I took a job after graduating a few months ago on the 11-7 shift passing meds on 52 patients thru the night, chart on them, keep on eye on all of them, and then pass meds again at 6 am. I trained for one night - I quit the next day. I was afraid wo...
  3. How long was/is your orientation?

    One week in a classroom, and 12 weeks with a preceptor on a telemetry floor. 12 weeks seems to be pretty standard with the hospitals in this part of the country (western NY).
  4. nursing career without touching people

    It would still involve some patient contact, but perhaps a position in a doctors office where u have contact, but it is a different environment may be better? My friend was hired right from school to an office as a teaching nurse in a cardiologist of...
  5. Need more confidence or look confident for interviews

    Also, would you be willing to branch out of Rochester some? I live in between Rochester and Buffalo, and was doing shadow interviews at Rochester as well, but wasn't offered a job there. I have recently been offered a job in the buffalo area, and i...
  6. Would you call?

    Try to be patient - from experience I know how tough that is. A few Fridays ago, I went into for two interviews to the same hospital systems, and the nurse managers got together and asked to make it a double interview at once. I was told by them, t...
  7. how do I find a job ???

    First thing I did for the last semester was contact the nurse recruiters at the major hospitals in the area and see about when I should be applying for a position. They all told me to start about the middle of the semester, and one even had open int...
  8. Passed NCLEX, updated bites. HELP!!

    I totally understand how you feel and what you are going through. I graduated in May, started applying in March, and was just offered a position last week after months of looking. The market is tough right now. Unfortunately, I would not be able t...
  9. I want that "RN" title :)

    I know how you feel, scheduled my exam for about four weeks after I graduated, hoping that if I had passed already it would help with my job search. I was terrified, and walking into the office was a little intimidating. It didn't help that I was ha...
  10. I have until morning to reschedule...

    The other posters are right. You aren't going to feel ready. I was in the same boat and was sure I wasn't going to pass. But I did on the first try with the 75 questions. I have been told the longer you wait after you graduate, the hard it can be...
  11. frustrated

    I am enrolled in a 2 year program for my RN degree and am almost there - due to graduate in May. I am so excited to be almost done. But there is something going on that I can't get off my mind. In the last few weeks I have had clinical with anothe...
  12. Job dilemma! Just looking for advice

    I would call and put out feelers, however, something to keep in mind is that they may not want to hire you due to the fact that you will be graduating shortly and then move on to be a nurse. I had that problem last semester. I will also be graduati...
  13. May 2011 graduates..nervous for last semester?

    I am getting more worried everyday - the third semester of our two year program had me the most worried, we went from 56 to 30 people which I saw in earlier semesters, but now that it is over, our last semester has me scared! It will be 3.5 years fo...
  14. it true what they say?

    I'm in my 3rd semester of an ADN program and actually asked a nurse on our telemetry floor that question cause I have heard the same thing. She has been a nurse for 34 years and said that you actually use everything in one way or another, maybe not ...
  15. Question about Drug Cards

    I'll admit I cheated - I bought a already made flash card box at barnes and nobles for drugs. The box even came with some blank cards to add your own if you wanted to.