working while in nursing school

  1. Is anyone who is in a 2 year nursing program also working?
    I am curious as to your experince with work and studying.
    I will be starting a 2 year nursing program in Aug of 07 and will gradulate in May, 09. I will be taking about 8 credits per semester to complete this program. I will have all the other classes completed.
    For some of us we need to work to pay tuition. Others of us must work because we need the health insurance benefits. I am in both categories and have no choice but to work. I currently am a nursing assistant in a hospital setting working 72 hours a pay period with 6 12 hour shifts in 7 days and then 7 days off. The schedule is the same all the time..and 7am to 7pm.
    I have enough time off coming to get the days off I would need for clinicals etc and can switch my schedule with others to accomodate needs.
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  3. by   BSNRNBC
    Hello. I am first semester/first year student currently working 30 hours a week. Mainly to keep my health insurance. I have tranferred in most general classes for the first year which is the only way I am able to work. However, we're only half way through the first semester and it is already becoming tough to balance both. Most people in my class are currently taking 2 or 3 other classes along with nursing and most already had to quit their jobs. I would try to find out your class schedule in advance and work around that. Also make plenty of room for reading and studying. I try to do about 45 min a day(well most days) and thats been working out so far. The more classes you have out of the way the better.

    Good Luck.
  4. by   karma482

    I am currently 3/4 of the way done in an accelerated BSN 16 month program. Throughout the program, I have worked 28 hours a week while taking a full-time course load (18 credits/semester).I need to make money to pay on student loans that companies refuse to defer, and to pay for my upcoming wedding next year. Trust me, not everyone can work this much and still do well in school. You have to really be self-disciplined and be able to wisely manage your time. I am pretty proud that I have kept up over a 3.0 GPA but trust me, I wish I didn't have to work while in school. It's so stressful!!!
    If you can manage to go to school and put work on hold, I highly recommend it! I am going and going 7 days a week!!! It sux!
  5. by   AfloydRN
    You can do anything to get what you want. Do not ley your instructors tell you that you cannot work while in school. Thats not realistic. I was a cna on 3-11 while in nursing school. I supported my self, worked 80 hour payperiods and went to school fulltime. If you want it bad enough, you can do it.
  6. by   WDWpixieRN
    I'd say at least 25% of the students my first semester ASN program work....primarily in some field of healthcare, mostly as aides or techs....I'm sure my hair stands on end when they tell me the hours they work in addition to school, but most seem to be more than holding their own.

    I don't know how they're doing it, but I'll be finding out soon enough as I need to find something pretty soon to fill in the gaps in my checking account!!

    There have been plenty of posters on these boards who are working while in school and succeeding...I'm sure if you're determined enough, you can too!

    Good luck!
  7. by   81ke83
    I am in my first semester of nursing school. I really suggest if at all possible save your vacation and sick days for the first month. The first month is very stressful and demanding. Once you get use to the load it is easier to work and organize your time to study on your off hours. It doesn't leave much time for anything else but school and work. We have to pass with a 75 and have to take two math tests during the semester. If you fail the math you are out. So make sure you stay on top of things.
  8. by   not now
    I'm an LVN in a LVN-RN program. While I was in LVN school I worked three days a week (3-11PM) at a LTC. Towards the end of school I worked extra days and was physically tired all the time but it was physical job.

    Now I work in the same facility, same shift and go to school full-time. I work about three to four days a week, sometimes 12 hour shifts because I need to pay my bills and we are short a nurse. I have a small loan but all that does is cover me for emergency's and the bills that can't get covered with my paycheck. It is so hard and I wish I could quit working but I can't so I do my best. I'm tired all the TIME but I made it through LVN school this way I can make it to May....
  9. by   Joanne1033
    Hi. I am a new nurse....Graduated June 2006. I was in a 22 month ADN program and worked full time (40 hours).... However, my nursing program was evening weekend. I was exhausted! But was able to work all the way through.
  10. by   Nurseintraining77
    I was just browsing and glad to read this post. I start nursing school in Janurary and was wondering if I'd be able to manage. I'm actually quitting my full-time job and going down to part-time. My family could use the money, but I know that I need to be able to study so we have to make the sacrifice. Luckily my part-time job will be pretty flexible so that will help me alot. Good luck to all of you.

  11. by   Jules A
    Quote from AfloydRN
    You can do anything to get what you want. Do not ley your instructors tell you that you cannot work while in school. Thats not realistic. If you want it bad enough, you can do it.
  12. by   Duncan3178
    i am level 3 of 4, graduating in may. so far, i managed to work 36 hrs a week. but my schedule at work was fri, sat, sun nights. so i was free during the week for school. the first day of general nursing school orientation, the faculty spent atleast an hour discussing how we should all quit our jobs, and focus on our "#1 priority" now, which was nursing school. not quite sure how they think that a single person, almost 30, is going to pay her bills while she isnt working!! just not feasible for some of us!! several times in the last year we have all gotten the reminders about our jobs. i just zone out and think about something else! so i say, just try it and see how things work out for you. i work at a hospital that is sensitive to nursing students and will work with my schedule. hopefully yours is also!!!