Why does life SUCK Sometimes???

  1. Ok, so the last few weeks have been hard, to say the least!!! Is it just me who feels like there is a phenomenon in life that says the harder your try, the more crud gets dumped on your head? I just feel like bad things (out of my control) are happening to me while I'm struggling to keep my head above water . Mentally I realize, "this too shall pass", but jeez:smackingf, what do you do in the meantime when it's raining bad luck all around? My, oh so anticipated and excited beginning of nursing school this year began with me getting sick as a dog the weekend before the first class started, which was diagnosed as pneumonia two days later. OK.....not an auspicious start, but doable. Crappy, but doable. School has gone ok, but then BAM!!! A month ago I unexpectedly found a large half dollar sized abcess on my left breast. OMG?? What is this?? I go to doc who has no clue but prescribes an antibiotic....scary, but doable. Two weeks ago I get sick as a dog with a head cold of some sort.....brain fuzzy, continuous snotty nose, face hurts SO BAD in the sinus areas....sucks to be me because I'm still a mommy with mommy responsibilities, and school doesn't slow down just because my brain is malfunctioning at the moment. Ok, so my grades drop cause I cant think, study, function for about a week (but it's alright because i had room to drop a little. Get over that....then Friday and Saturday of this past week I start having spells of incapacitating weakness where I'd have to lay down 40min to an hour before feeling better. I'd get up for a while only to have to lay down again....finally went to the ER on Saturday where they got a BP on me of 199/70 (I'd actually been on an upswing at that point feeling a little better). Got an EKG, blood work up and a referal to my primary, started feeling "normal" on Monday. Yesterday my 5 year old son starts complaining of a headache (he's never complained of a headache) which continued up until he feel asleep, even with motrin. He woke me up at 0100 crying inconsolably that his head hurt so bad, I held him gave motrin and laid beside him, the next thing I know he's retching and throwing up all over me (Eewww!! But it's ok cause my baby is in pain), after vomiting his headache subsides and he falls asleep....thank you Lord!! Only to be woken at 0500 with the same scenario, he wakes up crying, head hurts so bad.....so I freak and take him to ER where he continues wailing, where just before the doc arrives, he throws up again and his headache disappears. Doc has no clue, gave us prednisone. I'm still scared because we have no known reason for the intense headaches (he just now came and told me his head is starting to hurt again). WHY, oh, WHY??? Does life suck sometimes? I don't know !!! What I do know, is that I'm extremely grateful to have a place like allnurses, where I can vent to people I know have weathered the same storm. Thanks for letting me rant.
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  3. by   zahryia
    Hi Siam,

    I've been having a yucky week too, but no where as nealy bad as yours. You're in my prayers. There's only a few more weeks left to this semester. Pray and stick it out.
  4. by   PurrRN
    Thanks, zahryia. I certainly appreciate the prayer. Hope your week gets better.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    I sure hope your week gets better sweetie - this one stinks.
  6. by   Achoo!
    And it is so awful when your kids are sick because you feel guilty for even thinking about school ( at least I do)- your baby needs all of your attention. Try your best to hang in there. The semester is almost over. Hopefully you can all get well over the holiday break. * Hugs*
  7. by   delta32
    Do you have a CO2 detector in your house? it kinda sounds like CO2 poisoning with the severe Headaches, Nausia, and lethargy.

  8. by   WDWpixieRN
    I've been battling a head cold/sinus thing that I've had almost 3 weeks now...thought it was gone after the first few days, only to have it attack me again last W a.m. before clinicals...think it's actually a sinus infection at this time and I'm feeling better, BUT, I haven't had the wherewithal to do much in-depth studying or thinking for that matter and with the holidays and all the distractions everywhere, I almost don't care (almost)...

    However, nothing's worse than a sick child...I do hope you get his situation figured out and quickly...you'll be in my thoughts also!

    I see you're in MO, too...I know that strep, the stomach flu, and sinusitis has been going around like crazy...students at school and their kids have been sick like crazy...
  9. by   LanaBanana
    Not trying to diagnose or anything here, but could it be early onset migraines - my migraines usually get better after I puke.

    I've also had a rough time lately - passed out at work a few weeks ago and had to spend several hours in the ER where they told me to go eat a good lunch. THanksgiving night I had a house fire and ended up at the ER again for smoke inhalation and asthma attack. At least I don't have any kids to take care of though - it's just me and my cat!
  10. by   JentheRN05
    Try this one on (it always made me feel better to hear about someone elses problems, made mine seem trivial).

    In my senior year of nursing school, the week before finals my beautiful 18 year old neice was killed in a nasty car accident, leaving behind a 1 year old baby girl. My other neice was in the car as well, suffering a double fractured vertebre, broken ankle, ocular fracture, and broken ankle. But she survived. 1 month before that my first family member died. My grandpa. He had only been sick for about a month. I had my heart broken when I had to tell him, that surgery wouldn't help him at his age (I was thinking quality of life, not quanity - he had gastroparesis d/t diabetes). The look on his face will haunt me for the rest of my life. One of shear defeat. Like he was counting on me to be the one that would fight for him to live. Which I so wanted to do. But he was living with my parents, and my father would daily redicule him and degrade him. I wouldn't want anyone to live like that, and then not be able to eat anything. I had thought long and hard about this before I said what I did. But it didn't change the fact that the surgery wouldn't have completely corrected the problem and he would've had a miserable existance.
    Right before (I mean in the 2 weeks before) my grandpa got sick, I suddenly developed blood stopping anxiety. It was so bad that immediately after my grandpa was diagnosed I was put on clinical probation d/t anxiety. And told to go directly to the doctor and get on anti-anxiety meds (up to this point i had been using meditation to get past the anxiety - it quit working).
    This happened right after I lost my best friend I had ever had in nursing school. I was present when she started beating the heck out of her son. I had to intervene and take him to my house to let her cool off, only to find out that she had been doing this for years, and he thought that was normal punishment. *No it's not punishment to throw your son into a wall and throw phones at him and whip him on the back with belts* After it was all said and done, she never forgave me for interfering, and she has never hit her son again (heard that directly from him when she wasn't around).
    Last but not least, my brother was diagnosed in my junior year with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. He is only 31 years old right now. He's already had 6 heart attacks, and 5 of them were induced with cardiac ablation.
    Your senior year is supposed to be the best one. One that you look back on and have wonderful memories. Mine sucked. The ENTIRE year really.

    I hope this helps you feel better. I will keep you in my thoughts.
  11. by   EricJRN
    Just a gentle reminder:

    We do not offer medical advice on these forums. I read the OP's post as one that was just seeking some support from us, not a diagnosis.
  12. by   PurrRN
    traumaRUs- Thanks for the kind words. I'm just overwhelmed at the moment, even though I know it will at some point get better.

    Achoo- You are right about the holiday break coming soon. I'm hoping to attain some much needed inner peace somehow. Thank you so much.

    Delta32- Thank you for the suggestion, but we do have the CO2 detectors in the house, plus I have another 5 year old (twin to the sick one) and a 4 year old, who are not affected in any way. I appreciate the concern though.

    wdwpixie- So sorry to hear about YOUR bad cold! You know I can so relate, the fogginess that accompanies a head cold makes it so hard to study. I hope you are on your way to recovery and feel better soon. Are you getting the ice that we are? I guess it's supposed to snow all night long.. ICK. Plus as an additional thump on the head, my DH came home tonight and let me know that the back windshield on his car shattered while he was scrapping the ice off! NICE........It's SO not funny, but I feel like laughing anyway.:roll

    LanaBanana- The doc did mention the possibility of a migraine problem, it's just too soon to tell. We have a follow up to see what's going on. It's just that motherly feeling of "but that's my baby". I feel so bad that he hurts so much. My sympathies for YOUR problems too. My goodness, a fire on Thanksgiving? {{HUGS}}. May the good luck fairy sprinkle her fairy dust on you!! By the way, I think cats RULE, (my siamese is sleeping right in front of me as I type).

    JentheRN05- You are so right to remind me that it's not as bad as it could be. I am greatful that (so far) nothing has been life threatening. I hope that things have gotten significantly better for you. Best wishes winging your way!

    EricEnfermero- You are right on target. No diagnosing requested....just loving support.
  13. by   jaywolves
    If life didn't suck sometimes, how would we be able to tell if it was really going good?

    Keep your head up. God won't ever give you more than you can handle. That's not to say he/she doesn't potentially have a wicked sick sense of humor and a penchant for pushing you right to the very edge of your sanity.