why do you care if a student misses class? - page 4

Just trying to understand why some of my classmates are so upset about a student who's been missing class. To me it just seems like it's none of their business and has no effect on them, but maybe... Read More

  1. by   Rylee2008
    If another student is missing class, that's her problem. I have enough other stuff on my plate then to worry about other students' missing class. I have never missed a day of school in 2 years, but there have been days I should have stayed home due to illness. As long as she is learning the material needed I don't think it should be an issue.
  2. by   TinkerNurse
    80% of the time I teach myself better than instructors in my class can, unless it involves hands on clinical skills where I need to SEE them do it or a particularly advanced subject, id rather learn on my own.